Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Maintaining the WUBS

Oh today is EYEBALL and TEETH day for me!! SO.... please leave your responses/review and recaps in the COMMENTS!!

We finally got rain here, btw--thank goodness--but now it's humid. Oy. One thing or the other!!


  1. I haven't watched but I wish someone would tell me exactly when is Nelle's last day...PARTY time --- not the actress' fault - just annoying character...

    and Peter - please go byebye

    and for the love of everything good and kind - STOP this ridiculous Carly in the mental institution storyline----I can't even watch it....

    1. LOL! I believe Nelle is outie around Aug 7th or 8th? Party is right girl!

  2. Carly shouldn't be found guilty of an offense against Nelle because she gas-lighted poor Carly. Now Michael is doing the same thing to Nelle but it's ok even though Nelle has never been found guilty of anything!! Carly looks good in a Straight Jacket and she threatened the Orderly that there would be repercussions because Sonny never forgets. For a former murderer and adulteress ,she is such a sweet woman.She will leave Ferncliff one day and Nelle will be gone because tha's the way it works on GH.

  3. It looks like the new DA is stalking Drew, I find it really annoying . . . And, as someone else said, squirted mustard can't travel several feet in the air . . .

  4. I don't find the new DA very appealing or interesting yet. We will see. I also agree, LETS END THIS CARLY STORY. HORRIBLE! And lets get rid of Peter. It is not that I can't stand the character or actor, it's just that I can't stand that they rewrote Anna's history, and the history we've known/believed for like 35 years just got flushed down the toilet. Just ugh. And I can't stand it. It's like a slap in the face for longtime viewers. And for what?

  5. They LOVE to rewrite history. So wrong for the loyal fans of 40 years. Just like them giving Luke that son Ethan. He was a stupid character too IMO. Never once did they say or show Luke cheating on Laura and then all of a sudden they give him a son, and made him a husband who cheated all the time on Laura.

    Just leave the history ALONE.

  6. Yes, ITA, I can't stand that they rewrite history, it is so disturbing to long-time fans. With the rich array of characters that GH has, and the stupendous actors, if they were good writers they could weave new interesting stories out of the history they already have. For instance, they could have rich, rewarding stores of women like Bobbie and Monica growing older and maintaining their friendships, having adventures, etc. They could go to a spa, meet men, etc. Remember, soap audiences largely are skewing older, and would love to see stories like these (well, I think so anyway).

    Instead, they come up with dead characters returning to life, and long-lost children. I can see men having children they/we didn't know about, but women like Anna and Alexis retroactively having children strains the imagination.

    1. Unfortunately it's what all soaps do though, rewrite history. It sucks, as does aging kids. But gotta keep the stories moving, some not fast enough. LOL!!

  7. i agree about the da and peter get rid of them along with others.

  8. I agree about the DA and she is rather frumpy looking, too. Almost all the stories are horrible. As I was watching Nelle yesterday she looked like Chuckie from the movie,to me. They should pair Chase up with Felix. And get rid of Peter. Why on earth would they want to keep this character? I hate seeing history rewritten - can't even trust any character to be what they seem.

  9. Agreeing with most here that I don't like the new DA. And this whole thing of her now having the flash drive is eye-roll worthy. I will not discuss the entire Hinney and Anna situation because it's infuriating. I was liking the Chase/Nell scenes as I'm curious how this will all play out. She cries quite well! :)

    Looking forward to Robert Scorpio's return, I heart him!

  10. "Oh today is EYEBALL and TEETH day for me!!"

    ROFL! Does that mean you went to the dentist and had an eye exam? :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Drew and Margot: Oh they are so playful together! :) I know I am spelling her name wrong. I don't care! ROFL! I don't know how to spell it, and I don't want to keep looking at how to spell it.

    Griffin and Ava: Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The hospital:

    Nina and Hiney: Love how he is protecting her. Awwwww! :)

    Nina, Hiney, and V.C.: V.C. is right!!!! Don't talk to loud! GEEZ!

    V.C. and Hiney: Yikes! Hiney hates V.C. with a passion!!!!!

    Margot and Hiney: Oh come on!!!! Seriously Margot? Shut up! You have no right!!!!

    Drew and Hiney: Yeah too bad Hiney doesn't have the flash drive. :(

    Metrocourt restaurant part 2:

    Margot and lost and found box: Man the look on her face!!! What is she going to do with the flash drive? And why did she take it?

    Flash drive: I CAN BREATH AGAIN! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Now if you will excuse me, I have to pee badly!

  11. "AntJoan said.. And, as someone else said, squirted mustard can't travel several feet in the air . ."

    That someone, is me. :) And I also said that she wasn't even pointing the mustard bottle at him!! Gee the mustard must have had wings!



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