Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Possible Melanoma Alert

Look Lulu! He matches all my Target accessories!! 

SO Many fried chicken many. I mean, twitter was just awash in them! Let's just take a moment to say, the show needs money and PR-- so-- ?? It didn't hurt to have George Hamilton on, reading off cue cards and Maxie and Lulu chowing some KFC. Did it? Nah, didn't a bit. Someone did suggest that TIDE Sponsor Peter when he gets untied because you KNOW that mess is stinky!! 

Ok, you realize we are all eating leftover KFC, correct?  Sorry but I did finish the gravy. 

Short week due to the 4th of July. We were treated to the Ava-centric episode -again. :eyeroll: Why they don't put on a classic picnic that GH used to have is beyond me. Can you imagine if they promoted that like they do the JaSam highlights? *sigh*

Hey, girl...'member me? 

Well...I do...but not like this.... um.. nope. Not. Like. This...are those tan-lines? 

Wait.. you didn't use your sunscreen? Oh, you'll regret that when you're older Cam Webber!!

We had a nice talk about how to address those that have been gender-reassigned. On the plus side of this story, I LOVE the actress; very natural and it didn't feel like a newbie. I like that Liz was just: Meh, that's Terry! Franco was pretty cool and asked the right questions without seeming like a jerk. I'm glad she's working at the hospital because that way "Terry" can be recurring in a capacity where we would naturally see her. Downside: Yep- why this character--why now? Seems random and out of no where. We had that other Joss/Oscar incident at the prom with a transgender student. I really wish Oscar was having a gender identity crisis. It would do so much for his story and get a lot of the other characters involved and Terry could be someone that could help him. But, that's just me. Trying to get things to fit together on this show!!

Well, howdy there, Maxie!! Long time no see!! You like my chicken? I have a new pickle burger out. It's jest plain finger lickin' good! 

GIGGLE...Oh My God! You're so funny!!
And just adorable!! You light up the room! 
Yeah, and that's just your suit and teeth! 

H-E-L-L-O  I am FIVE. I just got my MOM's PHONE. Don't tell. 

I have to make a few notes on this: First of all ...if you've got a person on your phone, do you type out "Detective Chase" in your contacts or just Chase?? Secondly-- does your phone say who's texting you? Like it says: DETECTIVE CHASE:  before the text?  Third of all, he typed out Commissioners? and the whole PS Don't tell Nelle is HILARIOUS.  I mean, if they are trying to make this real life --yeah for the text but WTF with the whole message. I don't know about you, but when someone texts me, you can see it on the front screen for a bit so anyone picking up the phone could see it, even if it's locked. 
Ugh.. just a FAIL FAIL FAIL 

Ok, so here's the plan... you are going to be dead. 
Dead? You mean like my brother Morgan is dead-dead? 
Well, not really dead but everyone will think you are dead. 
Is that a good idea? I mean, Nelle is 9 months pregnant and since we aren't legally married yet she can't "kill" me to get my money so...
There's NO TIME TO WASTE, MAN!! She's devious--look how she lured me into bed in one fell swoop! I didn't even know what hit me!
Michael, you must do this for the sake of the PCPD, I need a win. 
Can I at least tell Jason and Sonny? They'll shoot her! 
Now, why would we do that? Wouldn't it be more sensible to just do this like it's a Lifetime Movie and move on? 
Well, ok... If you think it will stop her diabolical plan!
We need code names. And maybe a burner phone...
You think the PCPD can afford a burner phone? No! We do this the dangerous way. All old-school. Now get out there and for GOD SAKES be careful! 

Note: this is the stupidest plan ever. I know Chloe is leaving the show and you have to speed things up but--really? THIS is your answer? If you're going to have a plan-- have a plan that at least a 3rd grader couldn't find holes in! 

So, ya see...dere's a body UNDER JULIAN'S BAR!
No way. We have to case the joint. 
Yeah..I'll keep the mug busy while you poke around. 
By "poke" you mean see if I can find any lumps where a body would be after 30 years? 
Yah.. or smell stuff. 
You know...dead body stuff! Now go! 

PSA ANNOUNCEMENT: "If you see a man looking at you like this while you're untying him, Scouts--RUN! Run like the wind!" ---Troop Master of 405 division

THE GOOD:  I like Terry, wish she was connected in a different way.  LOVE SORA'd Cam. He's wooden now but the potential is there people.  Make him a good-bad-boy.  Kiki/Griffin. No I don't like "them" but having Scotty know they were in bed together right before the trial and knowing Griffin won't lie under oath is Sooooo soapy! Only Kiki being pregnant would be more soapy.  Brucas is always a plus and did anyone else besides me totally forget he and Sam were siblings? I mean... :handsup:  I know that the Nello baby will be involved in this somehow because she's ready to pop and they all of a sudden "pop" up! 

THE BAD:   Stupid PCPD texts. Come on...Please for the love of GOD just try to make things a bit intriguing. I think it would have been way better if they would have executed "the plan" and we weren't in on it!! Like Michael dies..we see him fall off a cliff or something--and we are shocked. We'd probably know something was going on but him showing up at his funeral and Nelle getting caught while wailing on the coffin would have been soap GOLD!! 
**Not showing more (or any) of Felix and Mike and instead, focusing on that stupid dead Croton body. So much could be taught and great scenes could be made out of these two going through the journey. *sigh*
**Introducing a new character like Finn/Chases' Dad...then... what? I mean, it would be ok if we didn't know he was going to pop up again just when we'd forgotten all about him. 
**Anna's missing and no one knows.  wow..exciting. 
**Little things that bug me: Alexis not having an office. All of her convos are taking place in restaurants or the damn hallway at GH.  Not showing Avery even once since Ava fought so hard to get her.  Having Carly's 'guests' see her in her room. Um, that's not how things work. 

THE UGLY:  Peter. STILL TIED UP.   It's gone on exactly 44 days too long. Fun that we get old Sam from OLTL and Obrect being a schemer but other than that? Cabin Fever. 

I have so many story ideas my head is swimming. Someone really needs to tell Frank to stop hiring new people and to get rid of at least 1/3 of the cast.  Things are just too choppy and have zero flow. Curtis/Jordan's wedding?  Where are Molly and TJ living, the lake house? Bobby should have visited Carly now and they should have been the ones scheming to bring ol' Nello down. I could go on and on but ---?? HOW'S DREW'S MEMORY COMING ALONG?


Dead body under bar...must dig up
Dead Michael...fool Nelle
Find out who person is next to Carly
Mike's Alzheimer's 
Where's the disco ball memory stick?
Where's Anna? 

Nelle about to give birth 
Josslyn 'bad-girl' phase
Sexual assault suit
Kiki/Griffin zexcapade
Brucas Baby 
Peter Kidnapping
Carly in Ferncliff 
Friz Wedding
Doctor Terry
Finn/Chase/ Daddy Issues
Curtis/Jordan wedding??
Baby James coming home 
AND...oh yeah, WE HAVE A NEW DA that was introduced... how did that go? -__-


Recasting... but may not be who you think 
Julexis is still a go-- but how long will it take? 
Kiki is humiliated and will leave town (actress is working on a primetime show --not sure status yet!) Will Griffin stay to repair his relation with Ava or follow her? 
People are hoping Stephen Nichols is coming over from Days
People are STILL hoping Genie comes back

WACKY WUBS IDEAS: (See if you can guess the theme)
**Nina and Dr. O both live at Wyndemere and Charlotte turns into bratty von bratterson. Valentin goes away to "do some business". They become Ladies of Spoon Island. 
**Alexis, Curtis, Spinelli and Sam all get an office together-- Sonny gifts them Bob the Badger 
**Dr Terry is Kim's cousin and she moves in with her and Oscar. Drew finds his memory in the bottom desk drawer, plugs it in and falls for Kim all over again. He moves in as well. 
**Maxie can't keep up with the new baby and Lulu is all alone so they move in together to Lulu's. Cate and Allie Style 
**Carly's old house is Bobbie's new boarding house. Everyone moves in that's currently at the Metro or Charles' Street homeless.  

One more thing: Do we have a pool going yet on when JaSam will FINALLY do it? Not that I care--that moment has passed for me so...whenever. 

 I have to go. Hope you are keeping cool. We had humidity that was unbearable last week! 


  1. Excellent SS! Maybe if they stopped hiring and cut the cast we wouldn’t have to be subjected to Col. Sanders. I thought it was just ridiculous. Why would anyone tie a dead body from so many years ago to Sonny? There could hardly be anything incriminating in that find. Agonizing to still see Peter tied up. Is no one going to notice Anna is missing until Sept.? Wouldn’t break my heart to see Oscar gone either. Current ratings are so low I can’t believe FV still has a job.

  2. Maybe when Nelle goes into labor she can deliver at the medical clinic Michael was helping build....oh what happened to that? Or the house Morgan was living in/renovating?

  3. So many dropped story lines. Did I miss what happened to the conundrum box? Was that what it was called that they found in the vault? It will take a year for them to find the flash drive that is in the lost and found at Metrocourt. I don't even care any more if Drew gets his own memories back.

    Your Sunday Surgery is great. We should go with your ideas.

  4. P.S. This thing with Colonel Sanders and KFC is even stupider than Casey the Alien story line from the 90's. Think it was the 90's or maybe late 80's.

  5. Thanks for another great surgery. (The gravy is my

    I don't know why they're worried about that body. It's the gun that would have contained the fingerprints. What did he do with the gun? Would "Charlie" have been stupid enough to rebury it?

    As for the scout I'm p***d that they hired a child actor when the show has closets full that we never see. But, you know....writers get money for new characters.(in residuals.)

    And a lawyer meeting clients and talking about cases in public is beyond ridiculous.

  6. Karen, ITA w/what you, and others said, about the beyond ridiculous SLs. I was ready to do a rant, but you all pretty much covered it. Plus, Karen, your SL ideas are SOOOO much better than the current clunkers we are now stuck with.

    NO ONE would connect Sonny to the body, UNLESS he starts digging around to try to find it . . .

    NO ONE ever says/shows how the kidnapped victims of Port Charles ever go to the bathroom . . .

    NO ONE cares that Anna is missing, even Finn?

    NO ONE thinks that Michael playing dead is a good idea, it is a horrible idea on so many levels . . .

  7. BRAVO Wubby!!!!

    SO Michael the CEO of a Fortune 500, NASDAQ company is going to "Play Dead" Oh, sure that won't drop the stock or illicit a FRAUD investigation from the FEDS. Maybe Jax can raid the company and come home to get Joss... if he;'s done being Bold and Beautiful. Or Skye can come run the company since Nedly is now the Mayor, u killed AJ again and oh yeah Jason has ZERO interest in anything Quartermaine including his own mother

    ONE of the memory flash drives are in the MC lost and found. So Where is the Disco Ball one? Why is NO ONE looking for it anymore INCLUDING DREW and yeah what was that Cassadine Box that JaSpinSam stole from that Swiss Bank? PLUS the Accounts that SPIN hacked and depleted aren't looking for SPINELLI and revenge, SWISS banks aren't for the every day personal use.

    Original Recipe FRANCO was bi and had a transgender friend who sang at Jake's and dropped clues around town for Jason and Dante. NOW Franco didn't know how to talk or behave around Terry?

    Nu Cam has oodles of potential and is already 10ximes better the Oscar Nero Whiner.

    So Robin hasn't called Mac, Finn or Felicia that Anna never arrived. She hasn't been doing her transfusions so is whoever kidnapped her aware she needs them? Finn and Chase storyline while UNNECESSARY should at least be soapy, like Finn is mad at Dad since he diddled the babysitter and married her or that Step Mom is his ex girlfriend and there was a MAURY moment about Chase's paternity?

    GLAD we are FINALLY using Scotty more with Franco and others WISH AVA would interact with Kevin (JL and MW had great chemistry on ATWT), Scott and Julian and stop playing Romper Room with Griffin. He should've been with Kiki or Nelle all along Griffin needs Spice since he's all Suger Substitute.

    So Jordan how's the wedding planning? Stella still plotting to stop the wedding? Curtis don't you wonder why "AUNT" Stella is all up in your business like a... MOM. And how dead is Tommy? Can something DRAMATIC happen to this pairing, they are so UGH!!!! (Still say Jordan should've been brought on as Keisha Ward and TJ would be the son of AJ and Keisha>>> Still soapy connects them to the canvas and still gives you a Cassadine dating a Quartermaine "fixed it")

    GH is now more PLOT HOSPITAL then anything else. They open up all these stories then leave them open with huge holes and move on to the next. IF TIIC would stay out of storytelling and be the show runner, director, editor, finance, advertising and marketing persons NV AND FV are supposed to be then maybe we could get back on track

    1. Spot on with PLOT HOSPITAL! It's like they just throw things at us to see what sticks. Then when nothing does, they pick one plot from a bag blindfolded and go with it! And YES, Franco is like a whole different guy now, lol.

    2. Probably with Anna if Valentin had a hand in her kidnapping I'm sure she is being taken care of with her transfusions. He knows about them, he knows she needs them and just like people going potty, etc these are little things that aren't going to be addressed. I'm sure Peter aka Heine has a catheter or she went to a drug store and got one of things for him to pee pee in.

  8. Not just Avery - WHERE is CHarlotte? Nina and Lulu should be bonding over making her feel special - no mention of her.

    and WHO exactly KEEPS Scout???????? Doesn't Danny want to live all the time at the Quartermaine's because of his dog?

    can we not have Sonny and Olivia acknowledge their son is gone?

    We dropped Franco wanting Sarah at the wedding? WHY? and the Terry thing - we don't care because we have no vested interest...

    seriously I have headaches thinking how much better GH could be.

    1. The actress who plays Charlotte broke her collarbone so it'll be awhile til we see her. But I agree about Scout. I don't stress the little things, except for the bloated cast. Sadly GH of old is gone....

  9. Not my ph, privacy settings. When my ph is locked or just sleeping, whatever I have a blue light blinking I ff thru all the KFC and croton crap. I agree about how keeping us surprised that Michael "dies". Hope next wk is better. Ready for people to go.

  10. Wonderful Surgery, Karen! I could not have been more irritated by that stupid text either! It looked like it was written by a five-year-old, and what idiot would put detective Chase as a contact? I wouldn't even have put Chase, I would've given him an alias if he was a contact. One look at your phone and Nello knows somethings up!

    Speaking of her, she wasn't married to her fiancé either, but didn't they say she murdered him for his money? He had changed the will, and she was beneficiary? I was thinking what would happen is she would get Michael to do that through trickery, kill him BEFORE the wedding (he'd have no claim to the baby who probably isn't his anyway), then give the baby to Brucas before leaving--I think she truly likes Brad. Oh well, or we can just do this stupid PCPD thing.

    I like Oscar, he's soooo goody goody, it will break my heart when Jocelyn breaks his. Well, until that turns him into the next serial murderer and we never see it coming. Great way to get rid of that 1/3 of the cast, at least!

    Lastly, I loved the Colonel's visit, simply because it was fun playing with the #ColonelHospital Twitter game. And it worked, made the hubs bring home some KFC that night!!

  11. So, James Franco's Franco was bisexual with a transgender friend? Did I read that correctly? I must have missed that. Don't think I've ever watched the show EVERY day in a very long time

    1. I missed that too but James F was as weird and couldn't stand him. I ff thru him.

  12. Looked up GH's LGBT characters and Franco is not on the list. Faith Roscoe is. Didn't realize she was LGBT

  13. I'd like to see Andre get a new storyline. Remember him? Anyone? Lol

  14. Great SS Karen. Whenever I see you tweet some of your ideas I really wish you would tag Frank in them maybe they would get a clue....geez. As for KFC, I get the money part but couldn't they have written something better than that

  15. I like Andre too. Seems though that if you are not the "select" few favorites, you don't get much in the way of story line. It's so sad.

  16. Is it just me or should FV go? He's made a mess of GH and I don't see things getting better anytime soon. The show is just awfully boring...I remember years ago when every episode ended in suspense and you couldn't wait to see what happened the next day.

  17. I have been watching for 40 years. I am trying to hang on but some days it is so boring that I'd rather be doing my chores or reading a boring book. Never used to be like that.

  18. I can't remember the ratings ever being this low and I can't believe no one is concerned about it. The Chew was cancelled for low ratings, so is GH next? I think Laura W. has a big part in the blame for having them hire her boyfriend (and he must be on contract) for one of the most boring and disgusting storylines ever. Not one original concept with these writers, too. FV should go.

  19. I find it very sad. I am wondering if ABC wants to tank the show and have it cancelled. Then they can put on another cheap show. They keep cancelling all my night time shows in favor of stupid reality shows like The Proposal and such stupid stuff.

    1. Exactly. Sick of it. Seems all that reality show crap started with that writer strike many yrs ago and it's way out of hand!

  20. lindie said...

    I find it very sad. I am wondering if ABC wants to tank the show and have it cancelled. Then they can put on another cheap show. They keep cancelling all my night time shows in favor of stupid reality shows like The Proposal and such stupid stuff.

    I think you are on to something...they may be deliberately sabotaging the show because it just doesn't make sense. Too many things are wrong with this show and nothing is being done to fix it.


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