Friday, July 6, 2018

Stay Crispy and Stay Humble....

SaSon talks about Croton and 'THE BODY"....they go to the bar to 'check the foundation".  :eyeroll: They find nothing. 

Ava and Jules talks about the trail and Scotty walks in.  Nelle wants to have brunch with Ava. Shows her the ring...they talk about Ava having the blanket. Nelle thinks Michael really loves her so she's not going to kill him..supposedly. Ava says marry him asap! 

Alexis asks Griffin about the hugging photo. Griffin wants to tell Alexis about sleeping together---Ava's like NOPE! NOPE!  they don't tell her. You know it will come out in court. 

The UNDERCOVER Nelle Operation is in full force. This is just HILARIOUS. Jordan and Chase act like she's some serial killer. She made a BOATING ACCIDENT-- she didn't poison him LOL. And for Jordan to OK this when Nelle was found innocent--and she's done nothing so far to warrant this? It's just stupid. 
They want Michael to DIE and NOT TELL HIS FAMILY he's not really DEAD!! I mean WTF!! Not even Sonny or Jason? Nelle is 9 months pregnant!!!! Oh My GOD.  What could possibly go wrong?? 

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BUT....IT'S ALL ABOUT THE COLONEL!! I see George Hamilton and his tan from a mile away. See, Maxie KNOWS the Colonel-- because KFC's mainframe was being hacked. I guess.  He's afraid someone is going to steal the recipe so he has Maxie HIDE IT in a 'Safe Place"--which is a fake BOOK Spinelli made her. It's in an ENVELOPE. 
I am not making this up.
Ok, George was cute.  Glad they made some money.  

END: Wyatt starts to untie Peter (peter looks hella pervy at Wyatt, I swear to god) 

Jason and Sonny find out Julian is going to expand. 


  1. Maxie's home:

    Lulu, Maxie, and Colonel Sanders: Uh okay this was stupid and boring. I am still not sure how Maxie knows Colonel Sanders. I mean Lulu asked the question, but ummm huh?!?!!?! All he was doing was talking about Spinny! Okay.. But how did Maxie meet you!?!?!!? Did Spinny introduce you to Maxie?!!?! I don't get it. Oh and now the syndicate wants to kill him over his recipe?!?!?!!?! HUH?!!?! Dumb dumb.

    Kidnapped cabin: Okay SERIOUSLY!!?!?! The little boy yells at Hiney because he can't find his bugle?!!?!?! I mean he can see that he is gagged right?! I mean he isn't blind!!!!!! And he still won't ask for help because nobody will believe him?!?!?!! Okay you know what? This is just making me mad. I am out again.

    Police station/Jordan's office:

    Chase, Jordan, and Michael: Ohhhhh they want Michael to fake his death!!! Me love it!!!! Finally something interesting today!!

    The hospital:

    Griffin and Kiwi: Gee Kiwi can you BE any louder? UGH!

    Carson home:

    Jason and Sonny: Recap people!! ALERT ALERT! Recap!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant: Boy! Julian, Nelle, and Scotty all want to talk to her today! ROFL! She is popular!!! :)

    Ava and Jullian: Yeah Julian! Squish Dr. Scum pig like a bug!!!! :)

    Ava and Nelle: Oh Nelle! You better be careful! Don't be messing with Ava!!! She will destroy you!

    Ava and Scotty: Tell her Scotty!!! Tell her before court!!! I mean you two are friends.. She has a right to know! The quicker you tell her, the quicker she breaks up with Griffin!

    Sason and Julian: Maybe the body is in the office walls?!!?!?!?!

  2. Maxie puts the bucket of chicken on the table then turns it towards the camera - so lame.Please put an end to these crappy story lines. No more Hiney Hiney - No more Croton - Put wooden Jason and sappy Sam together. The Nelle story is ok but trying to frame a legally innocent woman I think is entrapment at best.If Kiki goes to court and the Griffin sex thing gets out any jury would find Dr Creepy innocent!!

  3. FF thru the Croton and KFC crap. Give me Lulu and Maxie, yes, but not like this.


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