Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Root Cellar

Carly is playing cards with Kevin. She feels like her 'old self again'.  She just blabbers on and on and onnnnnnnnnn. The thing she FINALLY realizes is that she was vulnerable to Nelle's wiley wavs due to Morgan's Death. Morgan death talk goes on for--evvvvv--errrrr. 

Jason and Sonny try to tell Michael not to marry Nelle.  Jason is against...then Sonny says Michael can do it--he has faith in him. A bunch of weird stuff about AJ? (no idea why). Jason is SO upset that Michael is doing this. 

Todd and McBain going to save Peter.  They get to the cabin--in 2 mins and find Dr. O. They break down the door...Peter's gone. Must be Nina let him go.  There are restraints on the bed so they want to know where Peter is.  Dr O says she was having Kinky Sex lol!!!  They leave (Franco kinda bought it??) Nina comes out and says: Are they gone? She said Peter's in the root cellar and they have to carry him out.  They get him up out of the root cellar... and it was so weird. Then, they decide to move them. Not sure where. 

Finn left a message for Anna. 

Nelle and Chase in Metro... Chase is trying to convince her not to marry Michael.  Chase says he wants Nelle to leave Michael for him. (part of the plan). He says he loves her.  Then, Michael walks back in. Nelle says "I'm so glad you're here'!! Chase leaves. Michael wants her to sign a pre-nup. 

Sonny goes to Ferncliff after Kevin leaves and tells Carly that Michael is getting married "tomorrow".  They TALK ABOUT MORGAN.  Aaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahahahah

Sam and Curtis sat there the entire time looking at Video footage to figure out the person is wearing heels. 


  1. I didn't watch. What were Sam and Curtis doing looking at video footage? Of who?

  2. when peter was moved to the root cellar, did he have bed sores from being in bed for so many days and motionless?

  3. Franco knows Liesel was lying. He hid the bugle. Have no idea why he's going to cover for her. LOL @ Liesel saying she was having kinky sex!!!

  4. I loved the look on Nelles face when Michael gave her the prenup.

  5. Is Michael going to be killed? Does Chad want to leave the show?

  6. Haven't watched yet, but I just realized that Franco and Liesel used to be very close friends. I guess I forgot about that because they have not shown them together since Liesel came back to the show, at least not that I can remember.

    1. I remembered that today too. Guess that's why he won't tell.

  7. Just read that GH ratings are way down. Due to Nell and Peter I guess.

  8. Anyone else bothered by how flippant Sonny was when he said "when I killed AJ"? Jason didn't even bat an eye and Michael didn't care. I'm so sick of him!

  9. i dont see how it can be kevin in the room next to carly. if that is the case, then we are led to believe that laura married kevin and they havent spoken or seen each other since the wedding. give or take a day or two. at some point, wouldnt laura, who is away (whereever) would eventually get suspicious as to why Kevin is not answering his phone? i mean, isnt that what married people do? talk to each other?

  10. maybe its olivia jerome in the room next to carly

  11. Good grief!! Now he's in a root cellar!! Liesl says "I didn't know this place had a root cellar"! And Nina responds "well if you read the rental brochure you would've known! This story is waaaay out of control! It's starting to take on a life of it's own! I really hope Nina is held accountable for this too! She had her chance to redeem herself and short of stopping Aunty Liesle from smothering Peter she hasn't done so. I also think Maxie may be greatly disturbed by what they've done in spite of their grief. Nutty Nelles baby is going to be heading off to college as soon as it's born @ this rate! And cmon with Sam & Curtis! They're supposed to be two of the best PI'S in PC and they have missed SOOO many clues and leads! I just Can't! It's getting too painful!

    1. Lol! I'm getting very close to that! I don't sit glued to the t.v.while watching the way I used to. I don't DVR it so I can't FF but I don't have a problem with doing other things while watching. Way back in the day people knew to not call me while my story was on! Lol! Have a blessed day!

  12. GH is on life support. When Tristan rotated off the screen after his last visit, I switched it off and haven't looked back even with my homie SCOTTY BALDWIN shown some. Look, if this is the way GH is going to be for the forseeable future, time to cancel. These storylines and writing some monumentally stupid. This is easily as bad as it has been since the worst of the Guza days.

  13. Yes, BeaArthur, I was struck by Sonny's comment of "when I killed AJ." That is just such a strange thing to say, and the way he said it . . . AJ was Jason's brother and Michael's FATHER . . . Just HORRIBLE . . .

    HOW can no one know that Anna is missing? All I can think of (and why should I have to think of these things?) is that Anna hadn't told Robin she was coming to visit, it was a surprise, so Robin is not expecting her. Otherwise, of COURSE Robin would be hysterical wondering why she didn't show up.

    Also, was it me, or was Carly's hair way blonder yesterday? Guess they have a nice hair salon in that facility . . . Also, she is STILL in that room for the criminally insane? I don't think her lawyers or doctor would allow that, it is like solitary confinement. There is no bathroom that I can see, and nothing for her to do, yet she seems calm and OK sitting there . . .

  14. After watching a brief clip of "The Colonel" scenes, this is WORSE than the Guza days. The worst it has ever been IMO.

    We know Nelle is ending soon, but Peter will be onscreen forever I am sure

  15. Yes, I don't know WHAT to think about "The Colonel" scenes. Had I not been briefed by reading the blog before I watched, I'm sure I would have thought that I had accidentally entered an alternative universe. However, I WAS expecting it, which I'm sure caused me to have a totally different reaction.

    What I DO think is that Maxie and Lulu did such a GREAT job (the actors, that is), that they made the whole thing almost believable and pleasant. The actors on GH are SO great that they can carry the show despite all the craziness with the writing. The way that they overcome bad SLs and other material and manage to soar anyway is one of the reasons that I keep watching.

    Also, I think that the fans likely have wanted Maxie and Lulu to reconnect, I'm sure most of us have enjoyed their close friendship through the years, and with them both losing their husbands it is doubly enjoyable to watch them reconnect. So the idea of sweetening the "Colonel" scenes with their reunion of sorts was, I think, a good one.

  16. Yes, I too really, really like Maxie and Lulu's friendship. They should leave the 2 of them "single" for awhile and focus on the 2 of them raising kids while single and have them bond over that. That is so real to life and believable. They can show problems of raising kids alone. I like that idea

  17. Anon said...
    GH is on life support. These storylines and writing some monumentally stupid.

    *** The writers seem to be more interested in bringing in new characters than in writing for the ones that are already there. And they all seem to be writing as single units rather than a part of a team. It's a mess.

  18. Di, except for Carly, Sonny, Sam and Jason, that is . . .

    Lindie, yes, I'm sure most of us enjoy watching close female friendships (and having them). Too bad there are not more of them on the show. Monica and Bobbie used to be sooo close . . . it is a shame how these relationships are dropped . . .

  19. The hospital:

    Todd and McBain: SO MUCH FUN!!! :) Yes Hiney has a LOT of names hahahaha!

    The cabin: Man!!! How did Nina get Hiney out? She is strong like bull!!!

    Todd, McBain, and Dr O: Dr. O wins the line of the day!

    Dr. O: I looked for relief. One of them being, sex. of the kinky variety. With a willing and adventurous partner.

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! I laughed hard!!! Oh sure.. Lose a son, have kinky sex! ROFL! Todd is SO trying to protect his BFF! :)


    YES IT WAS!!! The only thing that made it better, was Todd, McBain, and Dr. O!! :)

    Carson home:

    Jason, Michael, and Sonny: Hmmm. Sonny is calm, and Jason is upset! Jason and Sonny changed personalities!!!! We are in the twilight zone!!!


    Janey and Chase: At first, I wasn't sure what Chase is doing, then I realized this is the plan. :)

    Michael and Janey: A prenup!!! HAHAHAHA! She is gonna wanna kill you now! :)

    Sam and Curtis: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Jason and Sam: Hmmmmmmm. What is with Jason?!!?! Did the pod people grab him?! He is not acting like himself. Does he have a fever?

  20. Yes, I noticed that also, Jason is acting waaaayy too emotional . . .

  21. "AntJoan said...Yes, I noticed that also, Jason is acting waaaayy too emotional . . ."

    YES!!!! It's strange!!!

  22. Yes the show isn't nearly as great as it used to be but geeze who cares about going to the bathroom or her hair, it's a character. We aren't supposed to care about her hair, now if she cut 10" off that is different. Or if someone arrives somewhere 5 minutes after a scene, it's a soap good grief. If we followed real time they'd be off the show forever. Hate it, turn it it off.

  23. I only watched the first half of the show. What in the heck is a root cellar?

    1. It's a cellar where they would store food and such in the days before refridgeration & ice storage. I think because it's cooler in cellars.

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