Monday, July 30, 2018

Wandering the Woods

OMG Guess who Nelle and Michael hit? OBRECT and her police escorts!!!!!!! she escapes! No one guessed that. NO ONE.  How perfect!! She runs into the woods with a giant gun and she will be off grid until the next time!! 
Nelle and Michael fight, he tells her they were framing her. She gets mad--"you'd do that to me"?? Then she gets angry enough she gets out of the car-- Michael is stuck tho. He can't get out !! AHAHAA. WHOOPS.  Nelle says "Hmm, I smell gas--oh there it is, pouring out of the car" She tells Michael if she smoked, she'd chuck a cig right on it...but now she'll leave it to fate and she walks into the woods. 

Jason gets Carly out--- Franco's waiting. He ties up the doctor and nurse. Carly's hair? FLAWLESS. Franco decides he's going to leave in the car but can't find the keys "That blue eyed-bastard took them" . Carly and Jason go through the back lot on set-- and there's music playing and it's slo-mo and hair is flying in the wind. They make it to the car. Jason makes Franco get in the back seat. LOL. Franco's like? HUH? Back seat!!  They pull up to GH and Jason tells him to get out. Franco says "Nothing says friendship like helping someone break out of the looney bin" ..pfffffffffffffft!!! 

Jason takes her to a safe house I think.  She asks how he did it. He said...Um Franco. :) heh

Kim and Liz try to figure out where Nelle and Franco are-- I liked their scenes. Cute --nice to have them interact. Julian shows them the baby photo. They awwwww all over it. 

So, Sonny and Chase were watching the whole thing on the computer when it went blank. Sonny goes to find Michael. Jordan and Chase just sit and blab blab (never sending out cops lol)--and they find out Dr. O's prison van got hit too. They run out.  They go to a safe house. 

Sonny finds Michael and cuts him out with the Bowie knife --OF COURSE he did! 

Dr. O and Nelle are both wandering the woods. Nelle is like: HELP! Dr. O says : Nina said you're a sneak. then Nelle says she's in labor...Dr. O is all ...oh DAMN IT!!  She tells Nelle "Spread those scrawny legs and PUSH"!!! 

OMG!! THE END OF THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like Wiley dies from crib death--tomorrow Brad is giving him CPR. OH NO. That's what will happen with the switch. 


  1. Actually, a really great twist would be that Nelle gives birth to a girl. And then brad and Lucas swipe her and raise her as a boy, just like the the movie Sleepaway Camp.

    What, too much? That was a classic movie!

  2. THIS is why I don't pay attention to other sites like who said Michael was put on life support after the wreck - and that
    they hit Brad/baby....

    LOVE when there is a surprise - like Dr. O's vehicle being hit - but I really wanted Nelle to die - so I guess she just gives birth, and leaves the baby???

    or calls Brad?????

  3. That pissed me off! I am on the fence with Brad but love Brucas and their baby and that was sad!! Not only that Wiley needed to be swaddled and or NO blanket!
    Loved the whole show, I think Chris has been writing? Was surprised who they hit, figured Joss. I made sure not to come here first so I could be totally surprised.

  4. You would think that Brad would know better. Stupid story line. So tired of baby death and switches.

  5. Haven't finished watching yet, but I can't BELIEVE that NO ONE CALLED 911 after witnessing Michael's and Nelle's accident!! How stupid? They could have bled to death, no one called an ambulance?

    And I really hope that Brad's and Lucas's baby doesn't die, where I am now in the show Brad just left him in the crib, but, from what I've heard here, it doesn't sound good . . .

  6. I had a bad feeling when Brad left the baby's room, that stupid blanket. Not only that but what new parent leaves their newborn alone? Ugh....talking to myself here:"it's only a soap Michelle LOL!!

  7. Crazy town:

    Jason and Carly: Oh whew Jason is saving Carly!!! So glad!!! Oh oh they are in slowmo.. Something bad is going to happen? Oh nope. Everything is fine. Whew. :)

    Outside crazy town:

    BobTodd, Jason, and Carly:

    Jason: Get out!

    I was thinking, what?!?!! You are just going to leave him there?!?!

    Jason: Get in the back.

    Oh good then you aren't leaving him.. :)

    The hospital:

    CarlyKim and Liz: Why is CarlyKim in disguise? ROFL! Hey wait! CarlyKim brought up the cafeteria!!! The hospital still has one?!!?!?! :) Hmmm how come they are talking there, and not at the cafeteria? When Liz brought up how if she has female friends she would talk to them.. I was thinking, where is her childhood friend? She isn't working at the hospital?

    CarlyKim and "Charlie" Awww great scene. :) And she is still in disguise.. Hmmm Lucas is still in surgery? Damn!

    Friz: They are just so adorably adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    The crash sight:

    Janey and Michael: Oh Micheal! Why did you tell her the truth!?!?!?! Oh crap you are stuck!!! CRAP CRAP CRAP!

    "Karen says She tells Michael if she smoked, she'd chuck a cig right on it...but now she'll leave it to fate and she walks into the woods."

    Actually, he wanted her to help him, and she said well if she had a cig right now she would smoke it and think about helping him, but since she doesn't have one, she can't think about it.

    Michael and Sonny: CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!! I was yelling at Sonny after Michael was free. I was saying, pick him up take him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dr. O and the cops: Oh wow!!! They were in that accident too! I didn't see that coming! Glad Dr. O checked how those two guys were. :)

    Janey and Dr. O: Dr. O wins the line of the day.

    Dr. O: Can it be, that you are lying?!


    Private cabin:

    Jarly: So.... Are they going to have I'm so grateful you saved my life sex? :) Why does Carly only want Jason to know how she felt being at the crazy town place? That is strange.

    Brucus home:

    Wiley and Brad: Awwww what a cutie patootie baybay!!!! :) OH OH SOMETHING IS WRONG! I KNEW IT I KNEW SOMETHING BAD WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Karen says Looks like Wiley dies from crib death"

    You mean SIDS? It can't be! Wiley was on his back!!!! Hmmm although the blanket was very loose.. Hmmmmm...

    1. I guess Brad hasn't seen the commercial where a baby needs to sleep alone, no blankets, or stuffed animals, not with the parents. Haha

  8. Please Kim, never wear those glasses again!!!!

  9. Yes, what is it with those glasses? She is so beautiful, even with those glasses, but still . . .

  10. Nice twist with Dr. O in the accident. Awful glasses on Kim - I don't think she is that attractive to begin with. Franco continues to act like a lunatic talking to himself but maybe it's the start of a friendship with Jason. I hope Nelle took off her underwear before she started pushing, LOL. At least she won't give birth with jeans on like Sam did. Poor Brucas baby. Nelle might just give her only friend Brad her baby - probably isn't Michael's anyway.

  11. Those glasses are REALLY big. I had a big pair like that. Think it was 1999 or maybe 1995.

  12. Not sure if you want this here. You can delete it and post separately if you want.

  13. Such a great show yesterday, I loved it! No, no, no to baby Wiley dying or a baby switch. Revive him Brad!

  14. Julie H said... No, no, no to baby Wiley dying or a baby switch. Revive him Brad!

    Yes please!!!! Revive him!!!!! :(

  15. Kim's glasses are butt ugly and why?? Please don't kill another baby. People on GH have kids and they are kept off screen.Michael will be head of the "Family" when Sonny leaves. A son would be a good part of his story line.

  16. Today is Wally Kurths birthday!! He's SIXTY!! I figured 50 but not 60. Happy Birthday to him!

  17. Wally looks great for 60!

  18. "Michelle Latta said...Today is Wally Kurths birthday!! He's SIXTY!! I figured 50 but not 60. Happy Birthday to him"

    No way!!! Holy crap!!! He doesn't look it!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!


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