Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Surgery : What's That Smell?

Yes, I Should be a SORA'd Aiden but no one thought of that in time...
Well, we got moved from the "remote cabin" to the Wyndemere stable. Gross. Maybe it was because Peter smelled like a horse? 

Ok, it's Sunday-- and it's hot so... I'm going to have a watermelon slushie. How good does that sound? 

Here is each story...I've given you the good bits--consider yourself lucky. 


What's a six letter word for this story that starts with B? 

So... you're NOT Sam...and you're NOT selling cookies?
NO! I'm telling you, I'm Wyatt...and I saw a man all tied up!

Kid, you have to stop watching you tube...


Vhat are you twos dumkoofs doing here!!? 
I guess... to remind people of our great run on our last soap? 
Probably... I mean why else would we be out here? 
Aren't we supposed to rescue someone? 
NINE! GO avay!! Der's no ones here-- beat it! Out! Or I'll puts yous in the oven and cook you up!
This town is weird...
Yah, and that coming from guys that lived in a place that had a whole underground city! 

Do you know who took Peter?  Ok, so I have it narrowed down to a shopping cart, heels and perhaps a coyote. 
A coyote? 
It's dark... 
Well, Ok, how long have you looked at the tape? 
Hmmm, I got this last week...and I've been studying it for... 77 hours. 
And we have to talk about this at the bar? 
Why not girl, I need a drink, don't you?!



So... you're tellin' me you're expandin' da place.
Because it's too small. 
Yeah..well... um... you think that's wise? 
Why not? 
Well... JASON! Tell him!!! 
Um.. it's going to be expensive.
YEAH! Why you wanna spend so much money? 
I don't know, it's my bar... I have the money so... 
You suck!  He sucks, don't he Jason! 
Yeah.  Sucks.


Don't do this Michael... you'll wake up and regret the whole thing...
I'm marrying her, with or without your permission...besides I have a PLAN! 

Don't even tell me it's like one of your mother's plans because they never go well...

I heard that!! You just watch...THIS plan is perfect!! 

Oh I've got a plan too...!!!  MY plan is going to be ruined by my Mother's plan!! 

To recap: Chase, Jordan and Michael had a plan to bring down Nelle by having her ask Chase to kill Michael.  See, he was going to make her think he'd kill Michael for her if she wanted him to. (doesn't matter that she hasn't even mentioned wanting him dead...but...??)  Their plan is going along smoothly when Chase kisses her and declares his love.  Carly has her own plan to get out of Ferncliff which involves making Kevin think she's having a major anxiety attack so he'll order some medication. Not only doesn't she get the shot, Carly somehow manages to overpower ol' Nurse Mary Pat and makes it out of a max security institution in time to yell: "I OBJECT" at the wedding.  *sigh*  --- This was not well thought out and I am going to chalk it down to Chloe leaving suddenly because I can't think with all the Lifetime movies in the world, this is what the big twisty story turned into. 
Two good things about the wedding:
Ned Officiated

Bobby showed up in black. 


Scotty knows that Griffin and Kiki slept together, but didn't tell Ava
Brucas are about to adopt the baby and something will go wrong....just as Nelle goes into GH next week? Speculation but that's what I'm seeing in the previews.
We still haven't seen that new DA chick again
We still haven't seen Finn and Chases' Daddy again
We still haven't seen Aged Cameron again... 
So glad the new Dr. came to town so we didn't have to see her again....

I'm going to yell this: STOP ADDING NEW PEOPLE TO JUST NOT SHOW THEM AGAIN FOR WEEKS!!! IT'S  IDIOTIC!!!!!!  We don't even NEED new people let alone have them take up time and then disappear. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Someone captured this moment perfectly (thx @Twynk)!!

Ok, so I admit it-- I really didn't want to write surgery this week because the show was boring to watch. Sorry to put it that way but it's the truth. I'm so disappointed. This could have been the summer of Drew's memories, JaSam reunification, maybe some TJ/Molly romance-- the Dr. Bensch thing and of course, SORA'd Cam.  There are so many newbies on and Peter has been tied up so long, I'm ready to give up. The lighter fare such as Franco and Finn and Lulu and Maxie keep me going but they are few and far between. Rescue me! 

Have a good week!! Maybe you are finding the show exciting, not sure--let me know!! 


  1. You are sooo right, Karen!!!! I will keep watching out of loyalty to Steve and Jessie of old, unless I am watching because it's a bad habit like biting my nails.... Don't know what my reason is, but certainly not because of it being a good show.

  2. Karen, what new doctor? I am not kidding, really, what new doctor?

    And Michael's plan is for Nelle to ask Chase to kill Michael? I never miss a minute of the show, but I didn't know this--I didn't know what the plan was. Are you surmising this, or did someone say it?

    Also, when Michael was talking to Alexis (the lawyer who makes house calls because she has no office), HOW did he know that Nelle would be there listening? Nelle had gone out, how did he know she would be there at that moment?

    1. Terry, Liz transgender friend from Jr High AntJoan.

  3. Michelle, oh, right, thanks, yes she is a dr. I was trying to think of someone new I had seen at GH itself. I would think of Terry as Liz's childhood friend, rather than a new dr., but you are right.

  4. Brava! I agree with it all - especially the crap about Peter. I do like the whole Nelle/Michael SL tho.

  5. Friday's episode was at least Heinrik/Peter. Wouldn't mind if that story just disappeared, like so many new characters they bring on. Everything you said is on the mark. Maybe there are too many writers. It's just all over the place with nothing much going on. I hope it gets better when they all come back from vacation.

  6. glad I'm not the only one that thought "what new doctor" :) If I had to guess I would hope the new DA ran for the hills while she had the chance.

  7. YES!! Friday's show was at least focused on one thing--I should have written that.

    I really thought of Terry as joining GH as a doctor, sorry!!! I was expecting a scene where she was introduced to staff.

  8. I don't hate it but Im not in love with it right now. It aggrevates me to no end because,like you said Karen, it could be much better. But I still get some pleasure from watching and more than likely will continue to watch in spite of the mess it's in and hope it's cleaned up and focused soon! I do enjoy coming here and reading everyones posts too! And of course your blog Karen! Have a blessed night!

  9. ok so...

    I'm going to call it now. Time of death....

    I am referring to the new doctor, Terry. I have no faith that the writers will do this story justice, based on what we have been experiencing from them the past several months from them.

    This could have been a really great, enlightening storyline. But of course... new character.

    Hey... remember that teacher that was with one of alexis's daughters? (see how much I care about this show anymore, I cant even remember her name). What if she turned out to be transgender instead of Terry? That would have been a little interesting.

    GH has a habit of introducing a chanracter for an episode and then they vanish. (remember shirley jones?) I predict they are so going to drop the ball with this storyline.

    Im still holding out hope of hopes that Terry is Lucky.

    so would that be a new character for the writers to get risiduals from? or would that be coinsidered a vet/legacy character? Intriguing....

  10. David LOL :) LUCKY.. they could have stretched him on a rack!! I'm telling you the writers SWEAR--and I know about 4 of them that they DON'T get residuals from creating a character.

  11. If the writers don't get any benefits from creating new characters, their whole budget probably benefits from lower priced newbie actors. No benefit for the viewers though.



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