Friday, July 20, 2018

Burning Bodies

Obrect runs out of the burning stable... Nina's trying to get Peter up but he CAN'T MOVE lol Okay...
Maxie and Lulu are trying to get to the island. Hopefully to save Nina, not Peter.
So, the cabin is burning and Peter can't stand to get out. WTF doesn't he crawl then? Or Nina drag him? That's just stupid.
Nina goes to the burning door and yells for help.
Next scene, Dr. O has come back for Nina, yells for her--freaks out. Valentin shows up and yells at her and goes in to rescue Nina. Lulu and Maxi show up, call 911
Valentin saves Nina.  Mouth to Mouth.  She doesn't wake up until Finn gets there. Finn then goes into the burning stable to find Peter. 

Dr O goes to the docks...Curtis and Finn find her there and trap her. They call Jordan. She's arrested. She says to Jorday "Tell Anna, ve are even".  

Diane goes to see a drugged carly in a padded cell. CH looks great--I do miss her. She should have been the DA.  Carly still wants Michael not to marry Nelle. She doesn't know they are already. Diane leaves and Nurse gives her more pills. Kevin is away for visiting Laura  and Dr. Lazurus is there and Nurse Mary Pat says he's got a "special surprise for her".  When he's done with you, you will be "forever changed".  Oh I hope Lazurus is Mitch Lawrence!! Sorry OLTL haters!! 

Nelle is home.. Michael wants her to have her own room. While Michael goes upstairs to call Jordan and Chase, Nelle asks Drew how Jason got away with murder. (I guess because he WAS Jason for awhile?).  She and Michael go to bed--after a very weird edit. She 'falls asleep", Micheal goes down stairs and Nelle calls Chase to help her. 

Sonny's struggling with Mike's care-- in a home or keep him close. Very real life.  Jason says "You're the one that's going to remember all this, not Mike"... "Choose carefully because you'll have to live with this". VERY Good scenes about anger  and the past as well. 

Tomorrow:  Joss wants to go 'upstairs' with Oscar. 


  1. i love diane. hate the mental health storyline. hate to think patients are really treated like that. can only make their problems worse.

  2. I have had a few patients who had to go in-patient. Their experiences were HORRIBLE, I think that Ferncliff is no exaggeration. Of course, Ferncliff is for the criminally insane, my patients went regular psychiatric hospitals. They are NOT places of healing.

  3. Haven't finished watching yet, but want to say that I find it ODD that everyone seems to think that Michael should be afraid of how "lethal" Nelle is. She is like 90 months PG, and must weigh 85 soaking wet minus the bowling ball. And they all are afraid of her??

    The actress playing Diane did an AMAZING job so far in the scene with Carly in her cell.

  4. That was supposed to say "85 lbs. soaking wet."

  5. I don't think anyone thinks Nelle is going to tackle Michael - ha. She could poison him, etc. Of course we know he'll be fine. This SL is dragging, but literally the ONLY story I care about right now.

  6. All of the stories right now are so dark, very depressing . . . This is odd for the summer for GH.

  7. Carolyn Hennessy is pure gold. The extra looks she gave when "Mary Pat" was unlocking the door were priceless!

  8. Mitch Lawrence is way more lethal/evil/dangerous than Valentin Cassadine.

  9. Nurse Cratchet is awesome! A great villainess, at last something to laugh at 🤣😂🤪😜

  10. I second the Mitch Lawrence nomination! He would tear up Valentine quickly! Roscoe Born is a badass and one of the all time great daytime actors!

  11. Oops, correction, make that Nurse Ratched, sorry, blame it on an old brain!

  12. was I the only one yelling at the tv "burn Peter burn"?

  13. The pier:

    Lulu and Maxie: Wait what? Lulu went to the haunted Star? She still works there? I thought she doesn't work there anymore. I am so confused.

    The stables: FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Come on Nina!!!! Drag Hiney out!!! This is so stupid! You were able to get him to the wine basement or whatever the hell that was near the cabin!! Now you can't move him? I don't buy it!!! SO STUPID! V.C.! GO BACK AND GET HINEY! YOU CAN'T LET HIM DIE!!! Dr. O is kookoo crazy!!! She needs a stint and crazy town! V.C saves Nina! Now Nina will go back with him. :)

    Crazy town: Diane!!!!!!!!!!! GET CARLY OUT NOW!!!! GAH! Doc going out of town, I don't buy it. Maybe he was taken. Maybe Mary Pat did something to him!!

    Q home:

    Janey and Drew: HOLY COW!!!! Janey wants to kill Michael!!! The look on Drew's face when Janey and Michael went to bed! Hahahaha. Yes Drew! She is a little crazy.

    Michael and Chase: Yes I did think that Chase was right and Janey was going to maybe kill Michael, but then she calls Chase! BINGO!

    Carson home:

    Sonny and Jason: Too sad. :(

  14. "oldschoolghfan said..I second the Mitch Lawrence nomination! He would tear up Valentine quickly!"

    He sure would!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Roscoe Born is a badass and one of the all time great daytime actors!"


  15. Roscoe Born... anyone a Santa Barbara fan? Robert Barr?


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