Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Scenes of the Week

ANY scene with Roger was hysterical and so worth the watch!!! 

I asked some readers on Twitter their fave scenes this week and got a good response. MY fave scene was one for my weird-record books (Wubulous Weirdness).  Yes, I enjoyed this week (again) so don't faint. I will get my snark on first thing though, because the day ends in a "Y"! 

The GH Fan Club weekend has been going since Friday--and quite a few photos are going up on IG and Twitter. I'll try to get a few up once I get permission from fans. (you'd think GH would put some out of their own for PR, but-- :eyeroll:) 

Breakfast today is limited to leftover Chinese food and some iced Coffee! 

 I decided to do something fun before recapping. I'm doing just captions based on faces for a bit-- may or may not have anything to with the stories!

I did NOT do that...
I think you did... 
Who ever smelt it--dealt it!!  


So, you're telling me you're going to solve a decade old case... AND catch her telling that she set up Carly? And... wait. You know you ARE PCPD right?? I mean, we usually don't work this fast or like, at all. So, move it back. 

Why, Lesil you look lovely in a jump suit... what's the name of that Netflix show?? 
ZIP it.. you's kangaroos 
Aw, naw, that's not nice. I'm not here callin' ya a strudel or...
NINE! I shoulds calls you a weinerschnitzel. 
I come from a land down Unda... Where women..
Oh...stop with Ze SINGING!! Anythings but...
Vegimate sandwich.!! OHHH! Can you hear that thundah!

Hey, you seen your mother? No? Am I the only one that thought to call you? Crikey! No wondah they need me back in town! 


FERNCLIFF:  Carly is in the mental hospital and being nicely drugged up by Mary Pat. Everyone is worried, yada yada. She starts hallucinating Nelle talking to her when Franco shows up to do Art Therapy with the residents. He's shocked to see her there. She reaches out for help. Later,  Carly is being taken to Dr. Lazurus who is going to give her a new electro-shock treatment. Jason talked to Franco about helping him get to Carly. At the last minute, right before the switch is being thrown. ST. Jaysus bursts in to Save Carly, Mary Mother of Morgan.  Because of course he does!  You know he'll get off any charges because he'll be seen as 'rescuing' Carly from experimental treatment. 

Also in the Ferncliff mix is Kevin, who's been treating Carly for her anxiety and is her doctor while she's incarcerated. Although--something is off. I thought it could be Ryan-Kevin next to Carly in Ferncliff tapping out code. Then, Carly 'sees' Kevin in the hall as she's walking to get her electroshocks. It was brief, he was in a straight jacket and she had been hallucinating Nelle so..was it real? I say yes. First of all, Ryan was a straight up awesome evil-character. He wasn't cartoonish. He was "real" psycho...controlled and "normal" a lot of the time. Secondly, it would be Kevin in there as opposed to Ryan because the man in the hall said "Carly"...Ryan didn't know Carly. this scene, Kevin casually tells Jason that Carly has a new doctor and he's going to do experimental treatment on her brain. Um, hello! He admits he knows Carly lied to get into Ferncliff and as a Dr. he would tell the courts that --not only to get her out but because he has a medical license and has to. Anyway, I think we'll have Ryan coming soon. Could this mean Genie is back as Laura for a bit? I sure hope so. 

HELL'S A NELLE:  So the "plan" is going along where Chase and Michael are going to make Nelle confess to the killing her old fiance and to setting Carly up.  That goes along pretty well until Nelle thinks they are really going to crash, goes to stop Michael and they end up in a wreck instead. Who's watching this unfold? Sonny and Chase --on the computer. Whoops. I think the other car will have Josslyn in it-- but we shall see! 

WILEY COOPER JONES: Yes, it was strange to not have Lucas there. It's either because Ryan was not available (he's not on contract so...) OR there's a plot reason. Like Brad ends up switching the babies and Lucas doesn't know what the baby looked like. LOVED Julian being there and natural that Alexis was because she's the lawyer. Parry Shen did such a great job with this. I also like there's no "Oh, you're gay, adopting a baby'--where I live it's no big deal and I don't even think about it. Glad it's not "THE" issue.  **This was named by 2 people on twitter as best scene this week. 

PETER PROBLEM: Good lord, he's alive and sitting up in bed and it's all just so-- exhausting. NO ONE voted his scenes scenes of the week. It was wonderful to have Lesil, Maxie and Nina together. I think I told you all I want them to move into Wyndermere and make Val's life miserable. Heh. Anyway, Lesil copped to the whole thing so Nina's not going to jail. Peter's alive and didn't confess-- so really, the only think the story gave me was--putting one of my fave characters behind bars.  *Maxie, Lesil and Nina scenes were named by 3 as their fave 

ME TOO MOMENT: **Mentioned the most by Twitter as their Fave Scene of the week  Ava, Olivia, Alexis, Kim and Jordan all helped Kiki realize she wasn't alone and that they'd stand with her while she goes forward with her case.  Very poignant stories, I could relate to almost all of them. Quite a few people were upset that Elizabeth wasn't included because she did help Kiki and of course, given her back history could have certainly be used in this. I just liked the mix of the cast and enjoyed it all. 


Some chose the great banter that Franco and Jason had while trying to get Carly out. Unexpected and FUN-- yes, FUN. Sue me that it's "Franco" and "Jason"-I Just really liked Roger and Steve together.  Franco's humor/running of the mouth vs. Stone Cold. Heh. 

MY FAVE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  The lotion on the hands. It was creepy, weird and just PERFECT. Mary Pat, "soothing" Carly against her will because she's drugged up. Putting lotion on her hands while telling her nasty  things are going to be done to her. :YEP! that's SOAPY! 

WARDROBE MALFUNCTION : I came in the show late Friday and I swear, when I saw this pic, I thought Maxie was sitting in her house IN HER ROBE talking to Lesil!! It was a jacket? Hmm, okay then. IT'S FREAKING JULY-- late JULY. WTF?!


NOT JOYFUL FACE OF THE WEEK:  Awwwwww, Carly!!  

That's it!! Yes, I think the show is moving along and has back it's "ZING"! For me at least-- it was great.  Kevin/Ryan has potential (I LOVED Ryan Chamberlain!! JL is such a great actor and sells it)--and maybe Genie will be back? Because this story without her would be womp womp.  The pace has picked up.  Peter wasn't on nearly as much (thank YOU!) --Robert is back and the Me Too thing is picking up steam.  The Nelle story is heading for conclusion if only because Chloe is leaving in 2 weeks. New baby for Brucas, and her baby being born could make for something soapy happening.  SORA'd Cam is promising-- (But watch closely!) and Finola will be on again soon.  Tons still wrong with the show, I realize that but for now, I'm enjoying it. 

Photos thx to  SoapJenn, HopesSoaps, TheWSB 


  1. Thanks for this fun "surgery." The show was much better this week. I also noticed Maxie's shirt. It looks like the awful shirts they put on Robin when she is in town. Isn't Maxie a fashionista?????

  2. My favorite scene was the Meetoo.I also liked Liesl’s scenes at the PCPD. Couldn’t watch Carly-really hideous! Not my idea of dayttime entertainment. The Kevin/Ryan possibility is intriguing, though. Tired of seeing Peter give the same stare for the thousandth time-really crappy acting. Brad and baby very cute.

    1. He looked like he was pouting when Finn was talking to him. For Gods sake give the titty baby a lollipop I wanted to say. LOL!!

  3. REALLY good week, can’t wait until Monday! I also live in a very eclectic community and like the Brad and Lucas storyline, hopefully the writers don’t make Brad a bad guy in this.

  4. hopefully they don't pull a VictorIII/Danny baby switch. Was thinking the other car is Brad with the baby. Nelle goes into labor, one of the babies dies and gets switched.
    Nelle dies, Michael unconscious and Brad switches his dead baby with Nelle's baby. Lucas has yet to see it. OR..
    Nelle gives birth but her baby dies and she takes Brad's. Hope they don't go this route again, but I found it odd that Brad was taking his baby home...without waiting for Lucas, just as Michael and Nelle are already driving to the hospital.

  5. I loathe baby switch storylines. I find them unnecessarily cruel and will turn me off a show quicker than anything else. I stopped watching AMC and OLTL when they had that baby switch that crossed shows.

    I actually could see them cooking up a baby switch months ago but I thought it would be Maxie and Nelle's babies. And who knows, Baby James still hasn't gone home yet has he? Maybe it'll be a triple switch.

  6. Bobby Bear said...Maybe it'll be a triple switch.

    *** Who knows. After they take those 3 babies and through them away in the GH baby closet for a few months it'll be pretty easy to mix them up.

    And wasn't Fin heading off to the airport? Maybe it'll be him.

  7. Yes, baby James went home, remember Dr. O and Nina being there with Maxie at her apartment?

  8. I enjoyed this past week, too. Maxie and Doctor O were wonderful and had me tearing up. I was very happy to see Robert and your screen cap of him Karen, was perfect! HAH!


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