Thursday, May 21, 2015

"I'll Pull Out"

Sorry..Had to. Julian is saying he'll get out of the mob. AGAIN. Do the writers realize HOW MANY TIMES this has been said on the show by Sonny, Jason...Duke..yada yada? Julian himself said it at least 2x.
UGHHHHHHHHHH. COME ON get a new freaking storyline. PLEASE@@@@@!!!!

Anna and Sloane. He touched her hair and I wanted to smack him. Anyway, their convo today was the most maddening ever. She's telling him to cut Jake loose and say the shooter was Carlos. He says if he does that, it will lead to her arrest for killing Carlos.
Not even Sabrina could be sure Anna got to the docks on time. TELL PEOPLE HE ESCAPED AND IS ON THE RUN! What is so hard about that? No sense NONE.
Oh,no..the OTHER Kiki 

Morgan and Kiki went to bed. The two of them are useless. Period.

Sam and Patrick. Patrick told Sam to keep her distance from Jake. Sigh..I bet she doesn't!!

Liz just about hangs on Jake's leg so he won't leave her house. He's going to quit undercover tomorrow.

WOW what a day.


  1. The post title and picture combo are priceless.

  2. What is the purpose for the Morgan/Kiki scenes?
    Why would Anna go cray cray over killing Carlos? This isn't her first rodeo.
    Alexis is dumber than a sack of hair. Too many women on this show think with their libidos.
    Can't the writers come up with something that is not a total replay of a former story? Patrick and Sam are going to be in exactly the same boat as Patrick and Robin over Jason.
    Next, will they bring back another love sick, psycho former lover of Patrick's?

  3. kd said...Anna and Sloane. He touched her hair and I wanted to smack him

    I wanted to throw up. If they really want to go with an Anna/Sloan pairing they'd better recast this guy because no one is seeing it. ewww.....

    And I agree that Anna wouldn't go cray cray over shooting Carlos. This is so badly written it's ridiculous.

    And saying he's the suspect doesn't mean jail time for Anna. Any fourth grader could write her out of that scenario.

    Morgan/Kiki zzzzzzzzzz Why couldn't they have been in the garage. Oh yeah...Summer's coming and any teenage viewers only want to see sex scenes. After all none of them have enough brains to expect an actual story, especially if they're women.

    They're definitely writing Alexis dumber than a sack of hair. She's not a hormonal teenager. These guys just don't know how to write for strong women.

  4. Am I crazy?

    (dont anyone answer that)

    But did Morgan shave and get a haircut MID SCENE from last Friday?

    I realize NO ONE CARES about this couple and probably wouldnt notice due to the sheer amount of fast forwarding happing throughout the country, but did this happen or am I just imagining it?

  5. lol I'm one of those who FF'd through all his scenes and I didn't even notice.

  6. This was just so awful, so awful. Can they please get a writer in their who can write a decent sex scene? Arghh. It's like some adolescent male fantasy here. All the women here are ready to go and are willing at all times. No foreplay, no romance just Kiki, Alexis, Hayden, and Maxie just saying "come and get it!" and almost all the sex scenes ending with massive amounts of food being eaten. The last sex scene that I thought that was any good was back when Carly and Todd got together. It was slow, with some build up, not just ripping clothes off, doing the deed, and eating ribs after.

    And that Sloane and Anna thing was way too creepy. Just ick!

    I took a break from this show and only came back in a week or so ago. I'm ready for another break, wake me when it gets better. The theme of today show was "Bad Decisions" and I made one by wasting an hour watching it.

  7. I would love it if one of these murderers...I mean mobsters...actually did mean it when they said they would leave the mob. Honestly the mob is just so useless and boring on this show. They do the same things over and over and over. Say they'll leave the mob and don't...check. Mob war number 1,000,000...check. Ugh! I had high hopes that Julian would be written better than that and for a while there he was. Now he's no better than the useless waste of air time that Sonny has become. This isn't interesting. Do better GH!

    Morgan and anyone enjoying these two together?

  8. The show was so boring today!!!! Too much talking and less love making!!!

    Anna and Robot Sloan: Poor Anna!!! :( Robot Sloan stop touching her!!!

    Liz and Jake Doe: Too much talking! Just go and make love already geez! Oh now they go upstairs!

    Sam and Patrick's home: Too much talking and not making love! Come on already! Wait they make love and we didn't get to see it?! What the hell!

    Julian's home: Too much talking and not making love! Is he REALLY going to quit the mob?! I hope!!

    Sabrina and Felix's home: Awwwww they are sweet together! The date is strange though. Sabrina thinking about Caaaarlos, and she payed for the dinner!!! What the heck?! :) Mmmm they almost had sex, until Michael stopped it! :) Michael you are such a great guy! :)

    McSilas's home: Oh look a sex romp! Kiwi took off her bra and freed her cha cha's! Oh no! Kiwi and Morgan are back together! Don't start calling him Captain! Her cha cha's aren't happy and want to be with Michael!!!

    "Karen says I'll Pull Out"

    I wonder if Morgan pulled out! ROFL!

  9. Oh and I forgot one other thing! Yesterday when Kiwi was looking at a magazine, the magazine was blurred out!! Did anybody notice that?!

  10. Di I was thinking the same thing about the writing for the woman on the show. I was embarrassed for Alexis and even Anna a little bit. She doesn't need Sloane to help her let alone keep pawing at her! She's one of the strongest woman on this show and now they're even dumbing her down! Come on people what the heck!! And don't even get me started on Elizabeth! I just can't believe nobody on the writing staff or even production can see how awful the show has been. It's been going down hill since Michael found out about Sonny killing A.J. Someone make it stop!! PLEASE!!

  11. Morgan/Kiki--- At least they save me ten minutes of my day when I fast forward. They are both USELESS.

    Hate me for this... the weird touching Sloane all of a sudden does with Anna... starting to picture another Faison mask!

  12. YES! with SLoane and the Faison mask!!

    and.. DAVE I am going to have to go back and look at Morgan now, help me.

  13. Sloan and the Faison mask...ugh. At least it would mean he'd eventually be gone.

    And gracegirl, I hate how they're writing Elizabeth too. But, then again. She's a woman and these guys see her as good for only one thing. Well, maybe two. Add sneaking about listening for gossip too. What a waste of an intelligent nurse and really good actress.

    And kd...."Liz just about hangs on Jake's leg".....You had me picturing a little humping here. lol

  14. I was tempted to ff thru Kiki/ Morgan scenes because I just don't care. This new Kiki has not arroused my interest in any way. I don't think she is bad, but she is following Alderson who was much loved by most former OLTL fans and was a good little actress who was likable. The new kid is just uhmm. Of course part of it is the character of Kiki, who has no job and no real part in any story...if you think about it. She's not needed at all.

    Are they getting rid of mob stuff? Look who is gone or going: Duke, Carlos, Julian, Shawn, Butch(?), and by summer, Luke. Jordan has been outed and Jake could just remain Jake as far as I'm concerned. Like him a lot better than Killer Jason.
    Now if they could just figure a way to do Sonny... I hate the character with a passion, but I realize TPTB seem to like Maurice, so they could at least have him retire from crime! lol He and Carly could be the soap couple who sit around once a week and drink coffee and discuss their grandkids' problems.

    A crime-free Port Charles wouldn't give Anna anything to do, so I guess that wouldn't be so good--she's my favorite character. Drat. They need to get Scorpio back.

    I think Sloan will start to work for them if they write him right. I don't think they have figured out the character yet, therefore neither has Grayson. He's not a bad actor, really--I've seen him do good work on other shows--but this time they aren't giving him the determining lines. He came on all mean to Anna, sly, sneaking, then he seems to fall for her, now who knows?

  15. "Di says You had me picturing a little humping here. lol"

    No that's what GreenHayden does! ROFL!

  16. I was picturing her in a doggie costume, sonya. ROFL

    And soaplover, how do you know Julian is leaving?

  17. "Di said...I was picturing her in a doggie costume, sonya. ROFL"

    Who Liz?! Hahahahaha!

  18. "Di said...Yes, Liz. lol"

    Hahaha. *thumbs up* :)

  19. As much as the characters wring their hands worrying about a "mob war" breaking out, it would be the best thing for GH. Kill off all the mob characters and focus on the hospital. Add corporate intrigue by writing about ELQ (what does ELQ make besides faulty condoms and Pickle Lila?) and Cassadine Industries (I have NO idea what they make or do). Give Lucy a job (and now Laura, too) and open that spa. Heck, give every GH freeloader (Maxie, Lulu, nuKaKa, Morgan, Valerie, Hayden, Franco, Nina, etc.) a job. I'd much rather see what goes on where they work (like the Metro Court) than lurking around on the docks waiting for "shipments".

  20. I didn't notice the shave on Morgan, I was busy fast forwarding. :)



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