Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wanna See My Boob?

Carlos: More airtime dead than alive. Sloane comes in to comfort Anna.
What a bug he is. GO AWAY BUG!! 

Green smoothie for Brad from Lucas. "no tampering with the DNA" he says . Ha. Whatever. They talk about the wedding.  Brad hasn't told his family about Lucas.  He's part of the Wu Clan. Looks like mama and Daddy don't know about his wedding. Or maybe being gay? 

Fake Ava/Kiki flashbacks (KA did those scenes the first time). Kiki thinks it is her mommy. Those slackers are still in bed. They get up (no shower again) and go to the PCPD 

Sonny's visitin' Flava.  Oh, "Denise".  He wants to see her boob to find the bullet scar. She finally says OK... there's a TATTOO OVER THE SCAR!!! ahahhahaaa. BAHAHHA
Lucas comes in with the results.  Guess we have to wait until tomorrow to find out what they are.
They won't match. I know that. 

Mayor visits Nik. Wants to run for Gov. and "Sloane is a liability" because he's such a bad cop. So.. they have some plan going on. Don't care. 
Oh, she's going to fire him. That's it. 


  1. Something happened to day that I never would have thought could. I fast forwarded thru Anna's scenes. I can't stand them making yet another strong female character a quivering bowl of mush.
    The Brad's family story could actually be interesting. Oh, sorry, had a break with reality there for a moment. They will turn it into something stupid. Sorry I mentioned it.
    It would be fun if Flava wasn't Ava, but of course she is.
    I was thinking that no one could get near Kiki or Morgan, cause they must smell so BAD.
    Tomorrow, same time, same place.

  2. Kiwi and Morgan: Jibber jabber jibber jabber. Not enough mattress boinky!

    Morgan: After she died, I regretted all the anger, and all the time that we wasted.

    Umm ewww! Shut up Morgan!!! I mean you are having sex with her daughter! Shut up!

    Wyndemere: Oh Val is already for her interview, and to give Dante a hug! Mayor Lomax oh boy! She wants it all!

    Brad and Lucas: Such a sweet scene!!! Oh Brad! Your mom mom an pop pop are calling! Why aren't you answering? Do your parents not know you are gay? Or do they not know you are engaged? Or do they still think that gay means happy?

    Moochie's jail cell:

    Moochie wins the line of the day!

    Moochie: You want me to show you my boob? So tell me which boob you want to look at, cus you are not getting a gander at both.

    ROFL! Damn I wish Carly was around! Then she could snatch Moochie's hair to see if it's a wig or not! :) Oh a flower tattoo to hide her ex boyfriend Bobo's name! So her ex boyfriend is Bobo the clown? Awesome! :)

    Police station:

    Val: I'm here for my interview! And here Dante! A donut for you! I'm pretending that I'm your girlfriend. Lulu doesn't mind. Do you Lulu? Oh oh where is Sloan? I have an interview with him.

    Lulu: Maybe you should cancel and make it another day. And I hope you don't get this job!!!! I don't want you working near my hubby!

    Oh! The results are in for Moochie!!!! I'm on the edge of my seat!!!!!! *bites fingernails*

    Anna's room: Caaaaaaaaarlos!!!! :) I don't think he is a bug Karen! I always love seeing him! I wish they didn't kill him off! :(

    Duke's urn: Anna!!! Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos is scaring me!!! Hold me Anna hold me!!!

    Oh look it's Robot Sloan, and he is smiling again! Nah it's just gas. I think he needs a tums.

  3. Flava is a walking, talking (w/poor grammar) stereotype, can't we please write characters that are real and not these lazy cliches. How come no one tried to yank off her "wig"?

    My father was a hairdresser for probably 40 years, used hair color and perm solution on customers, he is now 85 and still has all his fingerprints.

    I thought Tequan Richmond did a great job in his scenes on Wed. saying good-bye to Shawn. I'm puzzled why they are writing Shawn out and have him find out TJ is his son as they write him out. Maybe they thought it was a loose end but the timing is really off.

    The judge should have asked Shawn why he shot Hayden, if as he said he was only employed by Sonny's coffee business and therefore has no knowledge of Sonny's criminal activities, why was he shooting anyone in the first place. You'd think someone would have asked him that when he confessed to shooting Hayden.

    There's something icky about Morgan and Kiki talking about Ava, when Morgan was first with Kiki, then Ava, and now back to Kiki.

  4. Sometimes I have to post my wishful thinking as therapy to myself....

    Anna- Did not kill Carlos. Sloane set her up. (Put blanks in her gun/ dye packs on Carlos). Carlos was working for Sloane. Remember- Sloane came to town to take down Anna.

    Ava/DNAva--- This new person really is NOT Ava, but Ava hired her and sent her to get settled in Port Charles, take the tests etc... THEN in a month, real Ava comes and swaps out with her and starts her new life.

    Shawn-- maybe the actor was leaving (although I wish he wasn't) but the character is staying. He'll get cleared by the evidence and return.... then the "you are the Father" thing, and love/hate with Jordan can develop.

    Elizabeth (LIZ)- Comes to her senses. Stops the "sexual" relationship, feeling too guilty. Tells Jake she wants to help him remember his past. They spend the summer on a mission to restore his memory. She lets him know he is Jason. They work TOGETHER. When he finally gets the pieces back, he realizes he fell in love with Liz.

    Ok thanks for listening.

    ps... Venting.... We need DNA again? NOONE thinks to do a background check? Call the salon? Look at HS photos!!! Does anyone remember Hayden? Was it THAT long ago??

  5. Did Shawn tell TJ he was his father at the end of the show Wed? I didn't see it.

    GREAT IDEA to have Sloane be setting Anna up like that!! great!!

    That's what I said about looking into the Salon, HS stuff...the works. Go to her apt in Queens and maybe make her produce years worth of old bills/taxes. Criminals with fake IDs rarely think of that.

  6. This show, in a word, is UNWATCHABLE

    Kiki/Morgan. Does anyone care? Is there any viewer in the world who cares 2 cents about this couple?

    Brad/Lucas. Ryan Carnes looks so bored. Everyone can telegraph this storyline a mile away. Brad's family are one of 2 things. A) Older Asian couple who will not approve of their son marrying a non-asian person. or B) They dont know Brad is gay. Which means, of course, that they are blind. Maybe deaf too

    Nina/Franco/Ric. Someone thought this was a good idea? Really? What storyline is going to come out of this? What writer sat down and planned the next 6 months for this triangle?

    Lulu. She actually said to Nicolas "I'm bored with my life. I have no hobbies. I have no career. I never heard of volunteering. So, I am coming to visit you to kill time and an afternoon". Yawn. This also ties in Valerie, the most boring character created in the past 5 years and Dante.

    Ava. Does anyone think Sonny was smart enough to check out the boobage? I dont. I think Sonny was being his typical self and said "Hey Ava, let's see some skin". I do credit the writers with one thing on this storyline. See, normally it takes about 4-5 weeks for me to hate a character and storyline and realize it is utterly stupid and insults my intelligence. Not this time. The writers stepped up within 3 minutes and made me hate the character and the insipid storyline. Bravo! Way to go writers!


    One good thing about all this? No Spencer.

    Karen, we need some spoilers. Hell, make them up if you have to. We need something that says it is worth watching for a few more months.

  7. "delcodave said...They dont know Brad is gay. Which means, of course, that they are blind. Maybe deaf too"

    ROFL! And dumb! They will fit right in with Kiwi and Morgan! :)

  8. Karen-- Shawn did not tell TJ. He later told Jordan he didn't tell him because "he already took his father away from him once"
    (They were actually some pretty good scenes. Timing of the story is garbage, but scenes were strong)

    And thank you for all you do here!

  9. Patrix, Your story lines are really great. Good job. You and Karen need to rush off to where ever the show is taped and offer your services. The two of you write better in your sleep than the bunch of clowns who actually do the writing do in a month of Sundays. Thanks.

  10. Booooring. GH is now at Guza levels and on an express elevator going down. What a disappointment.

  11. Thanks everyone for the comments. Helped me zip thru 2 episodes in about 20 minutes. Patrix--I love/agree with all your ideas. I do hope Shawn gets recast and comes back once they realize the bullets don't match.

    I'm starting to worry with Duke gone and Shawn gone and Julian leaving the mob, that Brad's family is going to come in as the next mob family...or that TJ will start working for Sonny. Or they will just generally find a way to keep the mob front and center.

    The only real comment I have to add is that today Lucas said "facebook"! they never say facebook on the show, they always say "MyFace" (which I love). So that threw me.

  12. As a mom of a son who has Type I Diabetes, I WISH that the writers would acknowledge Lucas' TID again. It's not like it goes away.

  13. Unless RC changes/forgets this detail......Brad did tell his parents that he was gay(This was expressed a long while back), but apparently the father never really accepted it. I love Lucas/Brad & I'm very intrigued to know what Brad is hiding about his adoptive family.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. "Mirra C said...Unless RC changes/forgets this detail......Brad did tell his parents that he was gay(This was expressed a long while back),"

    Oh I forgot about that!

    "I'm very intrigued to know what Brad is hiding about his adoptive family."

    Yeah me too!!! :)



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