Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Women of Wyndemere

20150513 0650(3)
LOOKS like a MASK to ME!! 

SO, Lulu says it's the morning after the nurses' ball. LOL. Okay then! Put that in your time-pocket. Valerie is there and Greens waltzes in!! WOOT! Thank god she's there. She's rubbing the fact she slept over and sleeping with Nik in Lulu's face. yeah!! Nik says he and Hayden knew each other in "Europe a few years ago". 

Jake is out of the PCPD. He talks to Liz. "Did you kill Duke"?? "not that simple" blah blah

Anna talks to Sloane. Who isn't looking like an Orangina right now. Guess the tan faded. Anna figures out Carlos is probably at Sabrina's. AND THEY STAND there and TALK about that fact for like 20 minutes. He's all "You can't go there" She's all "Yes I can"
OMG. Painful. 

Olivia asked Dante to help her leave town. She tells Nedly. She wants to go to Bensonhurst to stay with her friend, Melissa. (she gueststarred awhile ago) 

Sonny talks to Julian. Julian tells him the baby is his. Then he says the baby came a 'month early' AHAHAHAA. For Fsake!! Then they stand in the hall talking about Duke's hit. IN THE HALL at GH! 

I think Sabrina and Carlos slept together.  Anyway, he was supposed to leave before "Sunrise" but he's taking his time..showers, talks and talks. Blah blah..
Felix calls Sabby and tells her Duke's dead. She gets upset, figures out Carlos did it. 

OMG TODAY WAS BORING! I had to leave at 2:40. I can't. I'm going to nap instead. YEP..NAP!!


  1. According to tweet-previews...Sonny answers the door...there's Duke...

  2. They showed that scene in the previews but who's to say it isn't a dream?

  3. Wyndemere: GreenHayden wins the line of the day!

    GreenHayden: I was so tired last night. Between the Emotional upheaval and the physical exertion. I was completely warn out. I'm really good in bed.

    ROFL! To quote Dr O, la petite mort! la petite mort!!!! Hahahahahaha! Oh and let's not forget the look on Lulu's face!!!! BAHAHAHAHA! Priceless!

    The hospital:

    Liz and Jake Doe: He doesn't want her involved in the danger! He needs to break up with her to keep her and the kids safe! Woah! Deja vu!!! Wow you did it Liz! You got him to change his mind about breaking up with you! Good job!!! :) And no guilty looks or guilty flashbacks! Nice! :)

    Sonny, Shaun, and Julian: Well Sonny and Shaun were distracted over Julian's new bundle of joy! Oh wait now they are back to threatening.

    "Karen says Julian tells him the baby is his. Then he says the baby came a 'month early'

    He said a month early? I missed that part. Strange! ROFL!

    Olivia, Ned, and Dante: Oh Olivia wants to get out of town and she thinks she is going to be in Bensenhurst all alone! Awww don't worry Olivia. I bet Ned will want to go with you. :)

    Sabrina and Felix's home: Caaaaaaaaaaarlos in just a towel! YUM! Sabrina all broken up about Duke's death! Wow I didn't know Sabrina and Duke were so close!!! Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos bound and gagged Sabrina! ROFL!

    "Karen says I think Sabrina and Carlos slept together"

    No they did not! ROFL!

    Robot Sloan and Anna: Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


    Oh look! Sonny is seeing things! Ghost Duke is visiting Sonny. How sweet. Sonny must be drunk.

  4. Yes, I actually saw the preview thing. Maybe he comes back to tell Sonny it's his fault he's dead.
    Or it'w a mask.

  5. Ha ha, Karen. NO MORE MASKS! ;-)

  6. Or maybe the Duke that died was a can always hope...

  7. I'm hoping Ned proposes to Olivia and then he spirits his new family away on the ELQ jet.

    Julian will be too busy with his mob war to track them down.

  8. Sonya, I think Julian said that the baby "came months early." As someone else said here, our first SORA'd fetus!!

    OK, I know Olivia and Ned have to leave the show for their respective reasons, but she knows that Sonny NEVER would harm ANY child, let alone HERS, so that is not a reason for her to leave PC, makes no sense.

  9. "AntJoan said...Sonya, I think Julian said that the baby "came months early."'

    Ahhh okay! :)

    " As someone else said here, our first SORA'd fetus!!"


  10. Sonny sd a month early. U guess that means PC pregos are six months long- semesters, not trimesters.

  11. I hope they didn't, because that means we'll have
    To deal with a mini Carlos.


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