Friday, May 15, 2015


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On my show, Kelly Monaco said "Change Order instead of Change Oil"... and Sonny said "Stop smiling to Jules even when he wasn't smiling"

OMG IT WAS so good at the end!! Anna was badass! 

Nina was a hoot and a half! 

I don't want to write too much because I want you to watch it, even if it's on DVR. Some was silly but the end was nuts. Hayden makes it off the island, which I didn't count on either.

AND THE END END??? Surprise guest and OMG... Maurice Benard!! SO FUN!!!

The one bad part? OMG..Sloane was horrific. His acting was terrible. Even Twitter blew up.

BTW, #GHLive did TREND in the US and Canada!! :) 


  1. I liked it all except for the Nina/Franco bit. Too campy for my liking. (How many times did she say LIVE in the first few minutes.) Also she kept letting her eyes scan the ceiling while talking to Franco at the beginning. It looked really weird.

    The other actors were all good, save robot man, as you said.

    I'm still hoping Shawn the Inept goes into the garage and accidently shoots Hayden. lol

  2. Who was the woman at the end with the cards listing the credits? I'm actually hoping Hayden and Shaun shoot each other. He started out as a horrible actor and hasn't gotten any better. Given the chance to fire 5 people, I'd get rid of him for sure.

  3. I missed the last 15mins.because I'm in Boston and the jury in the Boston Marathon bombings came back with a verdict for the punishment of the bomber. I actually didn't see much difference today between taped and live except for a little slip up from Sam and Sonny. I think it was a good show just didn't see a difference. Anna has been kick ass all week taped or live and Sloane is a crappy actor taped or live. I've actually grown fond of Hayden,I like how she tells it like it is and isn't afraid to own her own stuff. I especially liked the way she got in porcelain Elizabeth's face,the puppy comment was priceless! I was glad to hear she made it off,I thought Nic was going to banish her to the dungeon. I've actually been waiting for him to. I'll have to find out what happened after 3:45 here because I don't have a dvr or anything else. Have a blessed wknd.!!

  4. dar, it was Lily--- Sonny's first Wife. She got blown up in the limo

  5. They cut it off here too, gracegirl and the verdict didn't come back for well over a half hour later. They could have waited another 10 minutes.

    I was lucky that I could switch over to a Canadian station and see the end. ( And I still had to wait a half hour to hear the vedict.) Try going online at ABC and see if it's up there yet. It should be.

  6. Thanks Karen. I didn't recognize her even though I did watch the show back then.

  7. It's on Youtube, every day--and is always up before air time, where I live, which is great.

    User GHFamily (or some variation) has the best quality.

  8. I didn't notice much difference, either, except for Sam's line, but I'm glad I watched straight through... i've tended to skim, lately. But the build of tension toward Anna's last scene made it so much better! She was fantastic!

  9. Nina and BobTodd:

    Nina: Live live live! The view live, who cares?! live live live! I want a live person on the phone! Live live live!!

    Well okay then! ROFL! And when BobTodd kept knocking on the door, Michelle Stafford was trying not to laugh hahahaha! BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: Yeah him and you, and all of the fairies that live in magical Ninaland.

    ROFL! There is a knock at the door! Ohhh so THAT is who Nina is going to marry? The door!!!! :)

    Wyndemere: I had a feeling GreenHayden was going to throw the vase. And look she is wearing a summer dress and no bra. :)

    Sabrina and Felix's home: Ummm well this was boring.


    Clock: Tick tock tick tock. Is it time for lunch yet? Oh yes it is!!!

    *Clock gets out from the wall and starts to leave for lunch.

    Clock: Oh hi GreenHayden! Oh you need to tell Jake Doe and Sam something? Well lunch can wait. I want to hear this!

    Sonny's home: Barware was thrown! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :) Shaun is going to kill Jake Doe? Really Sonny?! Shaun sucks at shooting!!! You know that!!!!


    Robot Sloan and Jordan: Wow!!! What the hell Robot Sloan! That was awful! Hey this is NOT theater!!!!!

    "Karen says The one bad part? OMG..Sloane was horrific. His acting was terrible. Even Twitter blew up"

    People are talking about it in twitter? Wow! Well it was bad.

    Caaaaaaarlos and Anna: Anna shot Caaaaaaaaaarlos in the heart! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :'(

  10. I'm really starting to enjoy how horrible the Sloane character is. He literally gets worse every time he speaks. I know it's not on purpose, but he is a lot funnier than Nina and Franco. It's so bad its actually worth seeing!!! Even funnier live. "We got a tip. On Carlos ReeVeeRRRRRAAH"... He is HILARIOUS!!!!

    Also, I honestly find Roger Howarth to be the most enjoyable actor on television, but unfortunately I want to put an end to Franco (and Nina's) time on GH. His character ran it's course. Let "Todd" come back to town!

  11. Loved today!! I can't even begin to guess who is at Ninas door. The Boston Marathon sentencing interrupted some but I got to see the end. I noticed Sams slip up and the Sonny Jules scene but didn't notice the Nina thing. OMG! I forgot when Anna shot Carlos! Ican't wait til Monday!! Why can't GH be THIS good every day?! For the ones saying they couldn't tell it was live, neither could I.

  12. Loved it! I agree GM (Sloane) was too loud and just plain terrible. The Lily Melgar surprise was great. Can't wait until Monday!

  13. "Michelle Latta said...For the ones saying they couldn't tell it was live, neither could I."

    Yeah I couldn't tell either!

  14. i really enjoyed today. Wish they did it more often.

    I noticed a shadow of a person on the door at jakes garage during the sam and jake scene.

    who is showing up on Nina's doorstep?

    I have 2 guesses.

    1. Scotty. Since he is Franco's dad, they can play off it really well.

    2. Lucy. I would LOVE to see Lucy show up for some unknown reason. I can just hear Nina say to Franco "What? I could be gay. Yha ha. Can too." It would be comedic gold with Lynn playing along like only she can.

    Unfortunately, I doubt that would happen. But the 2 of them running a comedy routine LIVE would be worth the price of admission.

    I agree with all of you. That one actor was atrocious.

  15. Dave the only people I can think of marrying Nina are:
    Scotty or RIC?
    IS there anyone else single? Magic Milo? LOL Coleman?

  16. I was away, so didn't see it live. Watched the DVR version, and wasn't that excited about it. To add insult to injury, my recording ended at 49 minutes. No newsbreak about the Boston verdict, it just ended. I missed the best part, apparently. Later today I am going to have to try to find out what happened, because I want to see Anna shoot Carlos. Maybe they will also have her shoot Franco, Neener, Sloane, Hayden, and a host of others. Wubber, you can fill in the blanks.

  17. It was an interesting episode for sure!

    Was not a fan of Live Nina though, she seemed off or something.

    Same with the scenes with Kemo and Billy. Kemo, the constant mumbler was yelling her lines and Billy Miller looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. Plus their scenes just didn't make sense. Sam IS the mob so her lines were just completely out of character.

    The two Becky's really nailed their scenes, leaving Tyler looking like a deer in headlights because he kept forgetting his lines, which was pretty funny actually. Rebecca Budig has the Live thing down pat. She was amazing!

    Poor Maurice looked so uncomfortable. Definitely not his thing. It was nice seeing his dimples beaming at the end with Lily though. That was cute.

    So the 3pm people said YellerSloane wasn't yelling during their show and he didn't do his cartoon arm movements. Seems like someone (RC/FV) was trolling twitter and periscope to see what viewers thought. LOL!

    Too bad they killed off Carlos. That character had such potential!

    Looking forward to Monday's episode...can you believe it? Me, actually looking forward to a GH episode?? Hahahaaa! :)

  18. Soap Central is reporting that Finola Hughes is leaving GH!

  19. Oh, it's only for three months. She'll probably go visit Robin.

  20. "MatchboxGinny said...So the 3pm people said YellerSloane wasn't yelling during their show and he didn't do his cartoon arm movements."

    I want to see the 3 pm showing! Anybody have it? :)

  21. Loved the live show! Thought the whole week was decent. I thought Tyler Christopher was laughing when the Becky's were fighting. Like the idea of Scotty being at Nina's door - although maybe it someone from her old soap?
    Finola blew everyone away this week and thank God she knows how to aim and SHOOT to kill. I'll miss Carlos. He was a hottie at Sabrina's.

  22. I hear the Pacific Time Zone version is the one that up on Hulu. I haven't watched the / one yet so I'm not sure which version it is. I aw it on YouTube and it was the Eastern Time Zone version.


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