Friday, May 29, 2015

NuDillion is Cast

As per SOD:

I don't know anything about him. Zip. Nada. He was in "Frat Musical" ..that's about it! 


  1. TV Line says he is a former model. Not a promising sign to me.

  2. I checked his show reel. He seems okay.

  3. He is hot. We just have to see if he can act.

  4. I thought surely it would be Paul LaVous-- Nuts, can't quite remember his name. His name was French but he wasn't. The young guy on OLTL. His style and Dillion's matched --except he wasn't as good an actor as Scott Clifton. When they were both on OLTL, it was like repetition to see both and I wondered if that was why they let Scott go. Now he's the star of B&B so they couldn't get him back as Dillion, but there was talk a long time ago that the other guy could take over and not miss a beat.

    This guy looks like neither of them! Oh, well.

  5. I'm glad they didn't go with another recycled soap star. It seems every time someone new comes on it's "Oh...they used to be on *fill in the blank* This way we don't associate this character with anyone else. I watched a few of his show reels and I think he'll be great.

    And how nice is it to have another Q back. They need to rebuild that family. And maybe now Michael can have scenes with someone besides Sabrina and Kiki.

    I just hope he's educated and working, not another wastrel like you know who.

    I'm more than happy to give him a chance and view his debut with an open mind.

  6. P.S. Did you mean John-Paul Lavoisier, soaplover? He's 35. Too old to be Dillon.

  7. I would like to see Dillon and Michael become friends and fight together to keep ELQ intact. But probably they will make them enemies... Seems like that is all that any writer can do with the Q family.


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