Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Luft Balloons

Step right up to the Nurses Ball! This year we had some snazzy looks on that red carpet! Note  the sponsor's: "Corinthos Coffee"..."Floating Rib"--""Kellys" and even the real-life Aveeno!

20150501 2119(66)
ZE Belle of Ze Ball! 

I'm eating some of that Ice Cream Britt and Brad had Friday. What are you having? 
 Ok, here we go!! 

Most of this week was filler. I even skipped Wed's show and don't care. Friday made it all worth it though, I must admit. Great comedy and SOAPY Drama!!!! EEEEee! Yes, some of my faves were definitely missing from the Ball, but I had a good time anyway. 
I'm only summing up the first of the week fast because I want this to be all about Friday's show. SORRY but that's the way it is! 

20150429 0748(41)

The main thing that happened was Sonny 'giving' Avery to Michael after basically blackmailing him into dropping the charges against Kiki and Morgan. Michael got him to drop the suit against the judge. So: Upshot is ... not much. It was a side-story that went nowhere. And not ONE PERSON wondered about SILAS. In whom's apartment she was found (I tried to grammar that correctly lol) . WTH? These kind of holes are just lazy. 

Lulu and Val had lunch, Val is going to be in the Nurses Ball number. Lulu also brow-beat Nikolas into letting her live there so she can get out of the loft. Too bad Lulu didn't think of HERSELF living in a wing of Wyndemere. She's gotta be tired of that crackerbox. 

20150429 0746(21)

A scare with the baby..but she's ok. They even made it to the red carpet. Knowing Wally is leaving is killing me. I actually like these two a LOT. 

20150501 0610(10)

Carly was singing opera. Nope..she got the goods on Fake Jake (Pete) and brought him to Port Charles for an amazing reveal at the Ball. 

20150430 0728(36)

That's about all you need to know, really. Not a hell of a lot happened otherwise. Let's get on to the big show!

20150501 2103(7)
Lucy's white red carpet dress was my fave that she wore! 

20150501 2057(16)

FRIDAY: Nurses' Ball Begins! 

20150501 2057(26)

Red Carpet. BEST part was Britt and Brad on the bed..dishing about the show. LOVED this. I think I said I'd like them to do this weekly, as a recap and make fun of everything.  The motorcycle jacket/Sam joke was awesome!

20150501 2056(26)

And...Britt thinking Olivia had gained weight Lol...

20150501 2105(32)


20150501 2105(40)


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Had to put NLG in there with her blue dress...

20150501 2110(23)

Awesome shot-- Spencer looks deep into the fire.... Then Britt comes and saves the day!! She talks him into going. You can tell she and Nicolas really like each other. 

20150501 2113(1)


20150501 2113(46)

The opening number isn't my fave but I guess that's tradition so I'll be quiet. 

20150501 2116(1)

Anna thanks Sloane for giving her the glow to read the menu by....

20150501 2117(39)

Dr O Storms the stage!! Sings her 99 Loft Balloons! The audience looked "horrified"...but really secretly liked it I bet. Would have loved to have seen Josslyn clapping when O broke the baloons if she was in the audience.

20150501 2126(26)

Ric started singing his "marry me" Glee song to Liz. She's all happy---opens the ring box. BUT WAIT! Carly secretly put in the photo of Hayden and Fake Jake! YEP-- whoops. Ric is like "Gulp"

20150501 2126(33)

Jake: Hey, isn't that my old face?
Hayden: Oh crap.

20150501 2126(43)

Hey..remember that time you chained me in that room? Welp...PAYBACK!! 

Carly spills the entire Hayden/Fake Jake thing, gets him on stage to out Ric and BOOM.... Liz gets up and runs out.

20150501 2130(29)

 She smacks him...HARD...

20150501 2135(49)

Jake confronts Hayden. much of their 'talks' Jake doesn't say very much. He was kinda standing there. A bit pissed but other than that? eh... Carly threw her out of the Metro. 

20150501 2136(37)

Meanwhile.. Lucy gets Brad to do an impov of the song Ric was singing and ...surprise! 

20150501 2137(27)

He asks Lucas to marry him!! Awwwww!! (can't tell by Lucas' face what he's going to say)

20150501 2143(17)

LOOK at Spinelli back there! Adorable...

20150501 2139(40)

Calm before the storm???

20150501 2144(32)

THEN THIS HAPPENS! I read it as a rumor but didn't know it would be so...spectacular. Nikolas drops it that Jake is Jason!! 

20150501 2145(17)

Um...wait...WHAT did you say??? 


Soapy goodness right there. Took a damn age and NO, it doesn't mean the "Jake" thing is over. Sorry to say, it goes on--some are saying until SEPTEMBER! Seriouslyyyy. Anyhoo, this was a great moment. 

MISSING:  We shall see next week if more vets show up for the Ball. I'm not going to bitch JUST YET!! I really hope Monica shows up with Tracy. Bobbie gets there and also Josslyn. (sue me). 

20150501 2105(51)

FACES/SCENE womp of the WEEK:  My BRATT!! :) 

20150501 2122

RUNNER UP:  Aw...such good feels

20150501 0700(3)

PROP of the WEEK; Ice Cream!!! and it made it in 2x!! Thursday and Friday!! 

Yes, I picked a lot of Britt scenes, didn't I? Lord help me but I really enjoyed them. She was great with her Mom and Spencer. Maybe it's because it's for a short time and it was just written so fun? That must be it. I could really get behind her coming back once and awhile for things like this 3 days of Bratt fun! It would work.

Next week more of the numbers and of course our damn mobular shoot-out. (Roll-eye face) I will enjoy it however, because I must!! My DAD even knew there is going to be a live show, btw. My Mom and I were chatting about the ball and she goes "your Dad just walked by and said they are going live for 2 days" Pfffft! LOL So they must be getting the word out because he usually knows zip about daytime. 

What was your scene of the week?  Wardrobe malfunction? Dr O? Baby Adorable back? 

Who do you think the "Fan Vote" Person is coming back? I say Serena -- Scotty and Lucy's daughter!  Although Courtney supposedly shows up in Spencer's there's that.
COURTNEY. lol. Oh geesh, let the muppet Kung Fu comments start!! 


  1. Karen, love you and love your SS (and yes I am first again!), but it should be "in whose apartment she was found." (You know, I was an editor before I was a psychotherapist, so please feel free to run by any questions of grammar with me!).

    LOVED the NB, LOVED Britt's return, LOVED Dr. O's number. As slimy as Ric is, I felt bad for him, I guess because he is just such a good actor, and so pathetic as a character.

  2. Thank you JOAN! I was going to write: In who's apartment she was found IN. So .. LOL I TRIED!!!!!!!!

  3. "FACES/SCENE womp of the WEEK: My BRATT!! :)"

    I love Bratt too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Although Courtney supposedly shows up in Spencer's there's that.COURTNEY. lol. Oh geesh, let the muppet Kung Fu comments start!!"

    ROFL! I forgot if you like her or not. :) Well anyway, I won't say any comments! She is going to visit Spencer, so I'm okay with that. :)

  4. Loved Britt coming back and being the one to get Spencer out of the house. Sweetest scene ever with that hug! I still Britt was the best match for Nicholas ever too. Hate him with anyone else and please save us from Kung Fu Courtney. Gag!

  5. OK, I LIKE Courtney, never knew what the problems were with her. Did someone say she was coming back, hadn't heard that? Isn't she dead? So, she's appearing in Spencer's dream? The same actress?

    Karen, if you are using a possessive, such as whose or its, there is no apostrophe. The apostrophe is for CONTRACTIONS, e.g., "it's" means "it is," "what's" means "what is," etc.

  6. Karen - you are so on to a GREAT IDEA having Britt & Brad do a weekly recap! Have you seen the EMPIRE ones on YouTube that Steve Silverman wrote & directed with Cookie doing the recap? I don't even watch the show, but love the recaps!

    You should throw that idea to Nathan Varni - they could post them weekly on!

  7. Great review as always. Thanks.

    I couldn't believe they just dropped the baby story. No one even questioned how Michael got her back. Unreal...but predictable.

    I loved the BRATT scenes too. So much fun. lol He and Britt are such good friends and they work well together. And it's always nice to see Brad used for more than a shirtless romp with someone. That seems to be his lot the past year.

    I agree that Britt and Nicholas were great together. And she adores Spencer. Too bad she was such a bad influence on him. Maybe they need to redeem her a little more. And perhaps she could overhear Nicholas telling Liz the truth about Jake and blackmail him into dropping the charges against her. muyhahaha

    AntJoan said: "As slimy as Ric is, I felt bad for him, I guess because he is just such a good actor, and so pathetic as a character."

    I agree. I wonder if this will tip him over the edge again. I just hope they keep him.

    Hopefully there'll be more good acts next week before they blow up the ball. ( figuratively speaking, hopefully) Our GH actors are so talented.

  8. Great SS Karen, as always! Loved Britt and Brad! I actually like Britt better with Brad,Spencer and Mutter more so than I ever did with Nik. Really missed seeing Felicia and Mac, and of course Monica, at the NB. IRL the police would be investigating AJ's return but that would take too much effort to write I guess. They should have used a few more extras at the ball since the crowd looked thin. Who knew Ric could sing and well at that? Jake is such a dull character that I hope the reveal will bring some life into him now that he knows the truth. Well almost all the truth. Looking forward to Day 2.

  9. The song isn't 99 Loft Balloons; it's 99 Luft Balloons. Luft means air in German.

  10. I KNOW I AM so embarrassed by my LOFT BALLOONS!!
    I know better..duh.

    I am sorry Germany lol I changed it

  11. I guess Sabrina got to be a General Hospital nurse just for the dance lol. Jake needs to find out who he is. Billy Miller is a great actor but leaving the guy in limbo, how can he settle into the character

  12. Leaving Jake in limbo has made him far more interesting to me. I never liked hit men stories and therefore never liked Jason--I just can't cotton to criminals, especially killers. But this version of him is vulnerable, softer, a little bewildered (well, Jason did have brain damage), and I wish he could stay this innocent. I like his chem with Liz and hate the idea he has to go back to Sam.

    I do wish they could bring back Britt--she was perfect for Nik, and he certainly couldn't take the high road with her anymore after his present shenanigans. I don't know if she would be a good influence on Spencer, but she would give him the love he needs.

    Ant Joan, thanks for clearing up the 'whose who's' thing. I'm a writer and editor and I get hit by a puzzler now and then and get frustrated. 'Who and Whom' is annoying and also 'that and which', though the last is easier to sound out. I appreciate your help!

    I liked the ball so much I had to play it again and you are right, Val's gown was prettiest and looked great on her. Wasn't she supposed to dance with the nurses?? Maybe that's later.

  13. I always like seeing the whole town together in one place, but I hate when they have the characters act out of character. Like why would Anna be having fun next to Sloane. I guess I'm just being picky, but I always take note of the background interactions.

    And while I was excited that Nik FINALLY told Liz the truth, we all know that she's going to keep this a secret so she can have her happily ever after with Jake/Jason. Snoooze!!

    Why are they wasting Billy Miller. This guy was the hottest new actor in Daytime when he began, and they're not writing for him. You can tell that he's struggling to make sense of Jake and how he should be acting. I really hope that when this is all revealed (God help me if we have to wait until September), that they really write for Billy and make Jason more lively than SB ever did with the character.



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