Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Today was a repeat of the BW show with Fluke backstory. Hope you re-enjoyed it. Here's hoping I can deal with GH moving forward. I am giving it 4 days. If I'm still the biggest critic/bitch on the planet about it, I will be taking a break.

When I think about the new Ava/Flava story I just can't. Seriously, just can. not. Don't even care "where it's going" or "how it's going to get there" ... I just hate it. LOL 

So, hope you had a good day. I am on my way to see Mad Max soon... it was sold out yesterday! I so loved the 1981 Road Warrior. I sat in the front row and watched it 2x in a row. (you used to be able to do that, and theater hop in the afternoons if you wanted).


  1. I can't wait to see it. I loved the original too.

  2. Mad Max is such a good movie! I say it opening weekend. They need to make more action films like this. Did you see it in 3D?

    I feel like GH got too boring & depressing & mobular and now they are responding with a knee-jerk reaction by making everything "WOW" and campy! The Ava stuff is weird. Maura West is an amazing actress and it was probably fun for her to film but it's still weird.

    Between Ava, Sloane bouncing back and forth from insane to somber, Mr. & Mrs. Lansing, Dark Nik, etc. GH has dropped a lot of WTF on the audience. While I'm glad that characters/actors I actually enjoy are getting some much deserved air time and the mob looks like it is slowly moving to the back burner where it belongs, the show has an awful lot of explaining to do in the next few weeks.


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