Friday, May 29, 2015

Nail FIle

Article on Entertainment Weekly.. READ HERE  I guess there's a light? Maybe? ?? Possibly? 

ROSIE is on and she's doggin' on Sabrina :) LOVE

Franco is in Maxie and Nathan's ... he tells Nate that Nina is married to Ric. And he's after her money. Maxie figures out that since the state is 'holding her money' ..Ric can get it now. 
Franco used Maxie's nail file. He watched them sleep. LOL. He oog'led Nathan's bod!! 

Lulu is at Nik's AGAIN. JUST move in! It would make sense!! Aunt Bobbie calls her...Luke is gone. 

Sloane tells Anna he's fired. Great, now they can sit in her room for ages and just talk. UGH He says he can bring down the Mayor because she rigged the election. Why would Lomax fire him since he knows all that? Why didn't he just say "You fire me and I'll spill"? 
He tells her Nikolas had the ballot box

and...... The DNA test is revealed.  It says it's NOT Ava. But we know it is. Her bone marrow transplant took care of that.
So. there. it is. The tests do say she's a close relative of Ava's.
You think Delia is going to say she had twins to save Ava--and keep up the ruse? YEP. she's in at the end of the show. Just happened to know Flava was there. 

Ric goes to see DONNA MILLS in jail at the end. 

"You can't throw people out because you don't like them...this isn't Indiana, right" LMAO RIC!


  1. Wow. It sounds like today may have been a good episode of GH. Yay!

    Looks like Genie is going to be getting more story than just swooping in and carrying Luke away which makes me glad.

  2. It was better than yesterday's :)

  3. Q home: Oh yes Rosie! Give all that money to Nina! :) Then I bet Nina will threaten to expose your secret! :)


    Nina and Ric: Oh Hippie Nina is gone. Yeah Olivia kick her out! :) Oh Ric DOES want Nina's money!!!! But why?! Hmmmmmmm.

    Olivia: Awwww on the phone with Ned!! She misses her teeny tiny 8 pound baby boy who doesn't have a name yet! Name that baby!!! And you can't name him little guy. :)

    Anna's home: While Robot Sloan was whining to Anna about getting fired, I was looking at that Silky on the table. Is that chocolate?! :)Mmmmmmm chocolate! :)

    Maxie, Nathan, and BobTodd: BobTodd is whistling Yankee Doodle! ROFL!

    BobTodd: Yankee Doodle went to town A-riding on a pony! He stuck a feather in his hat, and called it macaroni! Come on you two wake up!!! Hey Nathan, I have seen your girlfriend naked! We had sex once.

    Police station: Moochie wins the line of the day!

    Moochie: Hold the phone. These test results might not be accurate. I hear all the time that people get messed up lab results. I watch a lot of investigation discovery. Not to mention southwest general. Just last week Dr Brewster asked Nurse Charles to change some test results for him. It's like they changed his character overnight or something. Now he has switched to the dark side.

    BAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHA! Oh my! Is Southwest General a soap opera? :) Is that supposed to be an inside joke to soap operas? :) Oh look the test results are in! She is who she says she is and she is family! YAY ROFL! Oh hi Delia! :)


    Lulu: Oh Nik! Please help me! I don't want my cuz to work with Dante! Stop it! Oh no! What am I doing?! I hate how I am becoming bad! What the hell is wrong with me?! I think I am watching too much of my soap opera Southwest General!

    Ric and Madaline: Hmmmmmmm. What is happening here?!!?! :)

  4. I laughed out loud at that line about Indiana--as a good Democrat. Our Guv just keeps doing the usual stupid petty conservative things, thinking he should please his party instead of his state's people. And we need so much--like clean air, clean water, etc., important stuff!

  5. Sonja, Southwest General was (I think) the name of the show 'Tootsie' was on and Dr Brewster was a character in that soap played by the guy who used to play Frank Smith (forgot his name, but he was really good) on GH. He developed a thing for Tootsie and gave Dustin Hoffman all kinds of problems. I don't think there was a DNA switch in Tootsie, but the use of the names made me laugh.

    So delighted to see Delia.

  6. "soaplover said...Sonja, Southwest General was (I think) the name of the show 'Tootsie'"

    Yeah someone on youtube said that. I haven't watched Tootsie in so many years I forgot about Southwest General comment in the movie.

  7. Ywa, Ron LOVES Tootsie, he's referenced it often on OLTL and GH

  8. I heard that Genie was asked back only to usher out Luke, but she said no. The only way she would come back was as a contract player, with her own story. Yay! Go Genie! I just hope they finally do her justice.

  9. Me too, Paul. I also hopes she stays for a long time. She has ties to so many people. We might actually get family scenes that don't employ a mobster.



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