Monday, May 4, 2015

Phantom of the Sandbags

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So, Magic Milo was awesome. LOVED the song! I'm an INXS freak. So glad they bought the original song rights!! 

Jake is just standing there blinking. DUH.. He is finally grateful to Carly. He wants to go get Liz. Carly is like: What if you remember??!! But he's going to fight for her. "Please have my back"..Carly says "I always have your back". 

Liz won't believe Nikolas until he spits out Helena's name, then it makes sense. He tells her about the un-freezing. She says "he knew me when he woke up...and he wasn't remembering his name, he was remembering our son'!! She finds out when Nikolas knew about Jake. She wants to believe he kept the secret because of Helena. Nope he says it was to take over ELQ.
Liz belts him.

Nikolas tells her he's "reclaiming his life" and didn't tell people because they are all better off it "Jason" is dead. He can't be a husband or a father; he loves the mob too much. BUT! He didn't want HER to get attached to "Jake" and then the truth come out and then be devastated. 
At the end of the show, Liz takes the mic and is going to announce about Jake/Jason and Nikolas walks in. Then, Jake and Carly walk in.
I BET YOU She won't spill because she'll realize he'll go to Sam if she tells. 

Emma and Cam tango-- Spencer drops Sandbags from the rafters..and gets on the screen and says "You all think I'm a Monster, now I'm going to act like one"!!! Phantom of the Nurses Ball. 
Lulu and Dante take him home.
COURTNEY comes into the room-- awww...

DUKE and ANNA are tangoing. She looks gorgeous. 


  1. Loved the cutting in of old footage of Anna & Duke doing the Tango. In the present, Anna looked so happy at the end. Sigh.
    I actually sat and watched the entire show; only fast forwarded thru commercials.
    Some one needs to take Spenser to the wood shed! I am not an advocate of spanking, but this kid inspires it. What a brat! And Nic will just say, "Don't do that, Spenser." And Spenser will just keep on being a rotten little brat. The kid playing him is a good little actor, but I feel bad that he is such a jerky character.
    Laughed at Michael giving Sabrina the lust eye. Loved Epiphany coming on stage, and claiming Milo as her very own.
    It was a nice break, especially since we all know the mob stuff is coming, and that was our last tango with Duke. Sigh.

  2. How talented is that little Brooklyn Rae Silzer! The duet between Emma and Patrick was amazing. For me it was the act of the Ball so far.

    I don't like to even mention Spencer because just saying his name leaves a bad taste in my mouth lately. He definitely needs military school at the very least.

  3. Karen,
    I loved INXS too. I was so sad when Hutchence died. It's hard to believe he's been gone for almost 20 years.

    I wish they would have let Wally Kurth sing especially since he's leaving.

  4. I think Wally might sing tomorrow? Not sure tho

  5. Nurses ball:

    Lucas and Brad: Awwww! Lucas said yes!!!!! WOOT WOOT! :) I wonder if Brad is going to take Lucas's last name, or vice versa. :) Brad Jones... Lucas Cooper. :)

    Emma and Cameron: Awwwww the tango is so sweet! :)

    Spencer: Oh oh! Mini Phantom of the opera! Poor Spencer is so insecure!!!!

    Brad wins the line of the day!

    Brad: Did I have too many celebratory shots, or did Spencer just pull an Andrew Lloyd Webber on the ball?


    Duke and Lucy: She is so sweet! Telling Duke to tell Anna that he love her! :) Oh oh Lucy got caught in her skivvies again! ROFL!

    Duke and Anna: The tango!!! I love how they showed Duke and Anna back then and now. I remember them back then! They were so young! :)

    Magic Milo and the magic wand: The magic wand?!!?! ROFL! Lucy you are so dirty! :) All the guys were great! Oh so Milo and Piffy are still together? UGH! What has it been? A year since they have been together? Or almost a year? The next thing you know, they will be married off screen!

    Starlits: They were great! Altho Maxie and Ellie, were ridiculous!!! And so were Ellie and Nathan. Grow up people!

    Liz and Nik: Oh boy! Well the truth is out about Jason! :) Is Liz REALLY going to tell Sam? I doubt it. I mean I did see a promo with her talking to Nik about them both keeping a secret.

    Jake Doe and Carly: Hahahaha. Oh Jakey Doe. You can't get rid of Carly!!!! :)

    Emma and Patrick: Awwwww their scene was so adorable! Especially seeing the actress's baby video!!! Awwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Wyndemere: Courtney!!!! Well I'm okay with her being there for her son.. He needs her right now, but after that she can just leave as quick as she came.

  6. Ok, here it goes. Here are my comments. take them with a grain of salt. I am tired, cranky and have been working way too much lately. I just watched parts 1 and 2.

    Spencer has jumped the shark. He should be wearing a leather jacket instead of a black cape. The writing has gotten way out of hand. The spoiled little rich boy with servants INSTEAD of parents is not working. I figured out how they will be able to get out of this trainwreck. Write a Prince and the Pauper storyline. Spencer runs into a blond kid (played by same actor) who is from a lower class home, single parent (mom) who is making ends meet with 2 jobs. Spencer decides to dye his hair blond and they switch houses for a bit. Spencer finds out the grass is NOT greener on the other side of the septic tank (quick, anyone know that reference?) It might get him to be a little more humble and understand why Emma is not interested in him.

    Becky knocked it out of the park today. This should be submitted for an emmy reel for supporting. She made it very believable without going over the top. I really enjoyed her scenes today.

    In the past, the nurses ball was about AIDS research and raising money for those living with AIDS. They used to even sell t-shirts online and through an 800-number to raise money. Today, there were about 20 people in the ball's audience. How much money do you think was raised? Seriously? Also, Lucy normally gives a nice speech about those living with HIV and saying the fight isnt over. Did I miss that? Did she give her passionate speech and mention Robin and Stone? Or will that come tomorrow, if at all. Actually, I dont think Lucy was able to give any speeches at all, being interrupted by Dr O, Elizabeth and also in her underwear.

    It gives me the feel of a local community theatre with a bunch of coworkers singing karaoke. Now, that's not to say the numbers arent good, I loved them all. I think it was a lot of fun and there was a lot of talent on stage. And it was entertaining. It's just that this used to be ABOUT something and now it seems like the focus is about characters jumping onstage and random times and just singing and dancing. Focus?

    I've given my suggestions the past few years as to what they should do about the ball, so I will refrain from boring you again this year.

    The red carpet is cheesy. But there were some nice dresses. And yes, brad and britt rocked the couch. Maybe next year the 2 of them can be the emcee's on the red carpet instead of the couch.

    The Jake reveal with Elizabeth was powerful. And Carly on stage showing up Ric is something that youtube legend will be made of. Is Hayden coming back? How about Pete?

    Does anyone miss Silas, Nina, Franco, Ava and AJ through all this?

    And most importantly, what is Roasalie's secret? Why doesnt that come out at the ball. Apparently every other secret is.

    If I had to grade this year's ball so far, I am thinking a solid B. The backstage storylines are very good. The number are nice and airy. I just wish it would have the message it has had in previous years.

  7. ps. finola and ian were pure magic and interspersing the old clips was brilliant. its a nice send off and I really looked at it as the actors dancing and not the characters.

    someone at ABC please cast finola in DWTS!

  8. Loved today'show! I was a big INXS fan, too. Emma & Patrick were great! The baby pictures were adorable-she is so talented. Anna and Duke-fabulous, especially with the old footage. FH was stunning. And Becky H. knocked it out of the park with her subtle but emotional actions. Nik deserved that slap. The ladies number was cute, too. Spencer is out of control and needs to be reigned in. How did Valerie get that outfit if she has no money? Not perfect but quite enjoyable today.

  9. Let's face it Sonya, the only reason we're seeing Milo and Piffy now is that they need them for the Ball. The same with a few more on stage too, I think.

  10. DelcoDave said, "Spencer finds out the grass is NOT greener on the other side of the septic tank (quick, anyone know that reference?)."

    Yes, it's from Erma Bombeck (GA Peach here).

    GREAT SHOW! Except Kirsten was out of the dance -- other than the almost-naughty line, which was hilarious.
    Of course Lizzie won't tell: she'll GET JASON finally. Also she wants Pat & Emma to be happy.

    I hope Spencer transforms after seeing Courtney. Dad's helpless with him. What a look Cameron gave him.

  11. Dave, nice comments-- I too am struck by the lack of characters at the ball. I like it when EVERYONE IS THERE. It's about the only 'community" thing we get anymore so put everyone in there, even if it's just sitting at a table.

  12. I had pretty much given up watching but tuned in for the Nurse's Ball, thinking Cartini at least does bug events well (unfortunately everything in between is all filler).

    Glad to see no Franco or Nina.

    Glad to not see Silas but given he is a doctor seemed odd he was not there.

    Glad to not see Kiki. Do we know if the nuKiki can sing as the old one use to?

    Missed seeing Monica (a doctor), Bobbie (a nurse), Tracy (a member of the hospital board), Audrey (former nurse).

    Did Dr. O leave after her number? Did not see her in the audience.

    Who picked the dancers? TJ? Michael? Shaun, Morgan, Julian, Dante, Brad, Nik, Jake all strike me as more likely candidates for a Chippendale routine.

    Those who find Spencer to be a cute character live in a different world than me. Nothing about this kids attitude, insults, and behaviour is amusing. The burn storyline could have been moving and compelling - the young actor certainly has the talent. Instead Cartini turned it into meaningless, humourless, camp. And Cartini insisting on writing romance for 10 year olds - as I've said before, I think it is peverse and the man needs counselling.

    Odd Sonny was not there given his connection to Stone and Robin.

    Duke fretting over a mob hit on Jordan? There is NO WAY Duke, a father figure to Robin, would allow the mob to come anywhere near the Nurse's Ball.

    Was Robin even mentioned? Which brings me to my biggest gripe. Cartini has forgotten the meaning and significance of the Nurse's Ball and has turned it into a campy Glee. Not surprised.

    Tuning out again.

  13. add to the list of MIA at the Nurse's Ball

    Scotty - current DA, former lawyer for the hospital

    Mac and Felicia - would they not go to support Emma?

    Kevin - a doctor

    Judge Walters, Diane, Max, Jocelyn, Rosalee, Alice, the Mayor

  14. "Di said...Let's face it Sonya, the only reason we're seeing Milo and Piffy now is that they need them for the Ball. The same with a few more on stage too, I think."

    Yeah you are right. :( And Sabrina shouldn't be dancing with the nurses on stage!!! :)

  15. Thank you friscogh, I was beginning to think I was the only one disappointed so far with this yrs.Nurses ball. I was thinking maybe my expectations were too high. I was also wondering where everyone was and especially the absence of mentioning Robin and Stone. The most enjoyable moment for me was the Tango with Anna and Duke. Bittersweet,I was actually tearing up a bit. I just feel most of the other storylines could have taken place outside the ball and have been just as effective. I've really enjoyed the past two years of the ball since its resurrection and was hoping this yr.wouldn't disappoint especially after the way things have been for the last couple of months. Maybe there will be some redemption today.

  16. Regarding the absence of mention of Stone and Robin: it IS stupid that they are not mentioned. And only a handful (if that many) of the current blast (combo of bloated and cast) know what Robin did.
    Stone died from AIDS, and for Robin being HIV positive is only a chronic disease. The money raised by the nurse's ball has made the research that made these advances in medicine possible.

  17. Sick of Elizabeth. She is no innocent and I don't like how they have changed her. Ever since she hid Danny's paternity forever and there were no consequences for it she has gotten on my nerves.

  18. i agree totally about the Nurse's Ball, I just said that to someone earlier. So much more talent back then and it meant something. I still have my tshirt from 1994 :)


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