Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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The Zzzzzzzzzzz of GH..good gravy.
Sam and Jake--SO blah blah blah.. and if Sam can't tell that's Jason by his eyes, teeth, ears, hands, welp. This is just gone on TOO FREAKING LONG. Now Sam's telling him her entire history. So flirty. So stupid.

Olivia tells Dante his brother is "gone"...
Then she can't lie to him and tells him he's really ok,  but she's protecting him from Julian. Dante understands. 

Julian was so upset. HE and Alexis are gold together..really.  That's what chemistry and good acting DO! 

Morgan and Kiki.  STILL ALIVE, damn.
Kiki is all upset at Morgan that his stupid plan failed. LOL.
They'll probably have sex later. 

ahaha, welp, they start kissing NOW! 

Sloane is all "the body is gone, let's clean up the blood"... DUH..Anna just stands there. Liz comes out and says she's sorry about Duke. 
Sloane is SUCH a bad actor, it was painful to watch.

Michael told Sabrina the "mob code" today. The are going to "order in" and wait for news on Carlos.

Patrick says the surgery wasn't a success-- Hayden is in a coma. 


  1. One of my friends told me she read that the Jason reveal is being held until November sweeps! I really hope that is not true. Another 6 months of this will be awful.

  2. I heard september or november, either way painfully long.

    can someone please tell me why kiki and morgan are still on this show?

    does everyone remember the show Murphy Brown? She had a different person play her secretary every week. Maybe they can have a different actor play Sloane every week until they finally find someone who can act?

    Remember on Apr 1 when 3 of the actors portrayed 3 characters from 1963? I so want to start a petition to have the actors from today portray characters in an 80s EPISODE! Complete with the hair and makeup and clothing and music.

    Who's with me on this? It would be CLASSIC.

    C'mon Karen, start the twitter petition.

    Who would portray who?

  3. My theory is that Kiki and Morgan are still on because their portrayers are unpaid interns.

  4. Actually, delcodave, the original guy who played Sloan could act, and he actually had chemistry with Anna too.

    Kiki and Morgan need to go. Sonny should make him join the military. It might make him grow up a little and they can bring a new actor back in a year or two. Silas can come get Kiki and she can run off with her mother.

  5. On the screen, they showed the icon in the corner, and it says S for sex! Nobody had sex!!!! What the hell!!!!

    Sabrina and Felix's home: TV TIME!!!! OH OH! Tiger escaped from the Port Chuckles zoo!!!!! Hmmm I didn't know Port Chuckles HAD a zoo!!! Oh no! I hope there is an update and they capture the tiger!! What is the tiger's name?! Sabrina and Michael awwww! :) They will have a date at the apartment instead of going out. The code!! The code! Yes Michael is right!

    McSilas's home: Kiwi is like a bobble head that is broken. Her head just keeps lifting up. Morgan wins the line of the day.

    Morgan: I know there is a lot of overlapping in this town.

    ROFL! Oh oh Morgan Kiwi is pissed at you! It's all your fault Morgan that you got Kiwi to go with your plan!!! Yes Morgan you tell her she is an adult and makes her own decisions!!!

    Morgan: You are not good enough you suck!

    Kiwi: Oh that turns me on! Let's have sex!

    All they did was kiss passionately! No reason to have an S icon in the corner of the screen!

    Julian's home: I had a feeling that's why Alexis was there. To move out. :( Julian made me cry! :( Poor Julian!!!!! :'(

    Pier: Oh yes Robot Sloan wash all the blood away with water and then yes let the rain that is coming soon wash the rest away! When is the rain coming?! Oh hi there Liz! Going back to work?! Oh but stop and talk to Robot Sloan and Anna for a bit. You won't get in trouble at work.

    The hospital:

    Olivia and Dante: I'm glad Olivia wasn't able to lie to Dante for long!!! Love their scenes. I love they are trying to hide the actress's stomach! They aren't doing a good job haha.

    Jake Doe and Sam: Blah blah blah talking about her past.. Blah blah blah internet dress.

    Sam: Oh Saint Jason was the most amazing, brilliant, beautiful, man! He changed my life!!! I bow to the man!

    UGH! The only good thing about their conversation, was when she talked about her brother!!!! :( Uh Sam, STOP TOUCHING JAKE DOE!!!! You have a boyfriend remember?!!?!

    Patrick, Sam, Jake Doe, and Liz: OH! GreenHayden is in a coma!!! ROFL! She is in Nina's coma!!! 20 years for you GreenHayden! You will wake up when you are in your 50's! :)

  6. "Di said..Actually, delcodave, the original guy who played Sloan could act, and he actually had chemistry with Anna too."

    Yup on both counts!!!!!

  7. LOVED Murphy Brown!! That is such a fun idea lol..
    The 80's!! Wow.. Sabrina could be Dominique!

  8. I really hoped that the show brought back Jason to do something different like have him regain his Quartermaine memories. But Jake has gone from white t-shirts to dark gray, and they might as well just go ahead and put him in black. I could have gotten on board with a a mix of Jason Morgan and Jason Quartermaine, but if they recasted just to have Jason and Sam mumble at each other like they did today for the entire episode I don't think I can take it.

    I hope Sloane and Anna keep talking about Carlos, because the way GM says "Rivera" is hilarious.

  9. "Panda says they might as well just go ahead and put him in black."

    They already do put him in black shirts! ROFL!


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