Friday, May 1, 2015

Red Carpet FUN!

GENERAL HOSPITAL - 2015 NURSES BALL GALLERY - 3/23/15 The Nurses Ball begins airing Friday, May 1, 2015 - Tuesday, May 5, 2015 on ABC's "General Hospital". The Emmy-winning daytime drama "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH15, Gallery (ABC/Rick Rowell) BRYTNI SARPY

Yep... She's my BEST DRESSED!!!  Sorry but that's my fave dress..>Loved Lucy's first one too (White one)  See all the cast on TV Source Magazine! 

Ok, So Brad and Britt WERE THE SHOW TODAY. I should have written for them! They said Sam looked gorgeous and "Glad she left the leather jacket home" AHAHHAAA. They High-Fived when Maxie fell and her "boob" popped out (sadly, not even a blur for us, just an imagined failure) 

Dr. O singing Loft Balloons!! OMG...she's so funny. Everyone hated it but Spencer. HAHAHA. Britt went to see him!! awwwwww

Ric sang and proposed to Liz...gave her a giant ring and there was flashbacks on screen. THEN CARLY SWITCHED THEM OUT with Fake Jake ones! LOL She interrupts Ric's nice song and blows him in! Liz runs out and then smacks Ric--HARD. wow. Story moved way forward there!

Carly tosses Hayden out of the Metro

Brad I think is proposing to Lucas a bit with the song... 
YES! He did propose to him!! yeah!!!!  Where's Bobbie tho? 

Cameron looked SO BORED!! 

OMG@@@ Nikolas tells Liz that Jake is JASON!!!
SHOW Ends. Commercial.

Geesh. BIG DAY 


  1. Valerie definitely had the best. So far I'm really not impressed with the ball. Just wish it wasn't so predictable. I was pretty sure Brad was going to propose when he picked up the song Ric was singing instead of singing something else. At least they could have maybe had Dr. O sing something half normal and nice which would have made that less predictable. Liz of course is going to ask Nicolas to continue to keep Jake's identity a secret so she can finally have Jason. She's such a hypocrite,not as slimy as Ric but still a hypocrite. Ric lying to her is o.k.but she'll do some pretty slimey things to get what or who she wants too. I used to love it when Britt would call her St. Elizabeth! If Nicolas agrees,I hope Sam kicks her butt this time if and when she ever finds out. Just hope the second half of the ball is less predictable.

  2. Fantastic show!! I absolutely LOVED the way Carly outed Rick in true messy Carly fashion. Then, Nik telling Liz about Jake...omg!

  3. Today's show was way soapy. They had romance, intrigue, suspense, more romance, pretty dresses (also loved Lucy's first dress, but what was with her hair?) (and Val's dress was really pretty, but only for the youngest of shapes), plotting, folks hiding in closets, and did I mention romance???
    Most importantly, the one thing missing was da Mob. Hooray. And I know I am not the only one who didn't miss it.
    I enjoyed most of the show (except Obrecht's song). I hardly fast forwarded at all. LOL

  4. Really enjoyed the show today - almost all of it. Brad and Britt were hilarious! Loved Liz slapping Rick. Carly was awesome. Not looking forward to Liz lying to Jake/Jason.

  5. I think Brad/Britt should do a recap of the show every week on You character. Like "The People's Couch" LOL

  6. kdmask said...
    I think Brad/Britt should do a recap of the show every week on You character. Like "The People's Couch" LOL

    OMG YES!!!! That would be the best!

  7. Brucas's home: Brad and Britch! Hahaha love it! Altho Britch's comments about Olivia, left a bad taste in my mouth. Blah! Still love you Britch move along to other people please. Brad talking about Sam and her leather jacket! BAHAHAHAHA! I hope this Brad and Britch watching the red carpet on tv is a tradition!!! :)

    Wyndemere: Spencer wins the line of the day!

    Spencer: Well I hate to break it to you Joss,that townie might have a point. You are a big of a nerch.

    ROFL! Oh look Britch and Spencer scene YAY!!!!! :)

    The red carpet: Oh look! A chupacabra walked the red carpet! Nobody is screaming. Also Val's fake cat Gunnar showed up.. He looked so handsome in that suit! Duke not wearing a kilt?!!?! Why not?! :( Maxie's fake hair looks strange. :) Oh oh she fell! ROFL! That guy interviewer said it's interesting that Felix is single! Oh? Are you interested in Felix?!!:)Sam's dress is a little tight. Her cha cha's are screaming to be let out! Oh I don't like the color on Sabrina's dress!

    Nurses ball:

    GreenHayden: She looks bored hahahaha. She is probably just horny.

    Dr O: Dr O and the 99 luft balloons!!! ROFL! Is she lip syncing!? She is murdering all the balloons!!!!! HAHAHAHA! The look on Emma's face! ROFL!

    Ric's performance: I love the song I want to marry you!!! Too bad Carly couldn't let Ric propose and have Liz say yes, and then she could stop it. Ah well. It was a soapy soapy good scene.

    Ric and Liz: Breaking my heart!!!! Damn you writers. :( Liz did you really have to slap him?! My poor Ric's face! :(

    GreenHayden and Carly: Sour puss GreenHayden! No need to insult Carly! You were caught!!!! Now go find Caaaaaaaaarlos and have sex with him!

    Brad's performance: I was confused on why he was singing Ric's song at first. Then I'm thinking is it the reason because he is proposing to Lucas? Oh no wait he had to finish the song that Ric did. I get it. Oh WAIT! HE HAS DECIDED TO POP THE QUESTION YAY! My brucas heart. :)

    Nik and Liz: Oh Liz is so happy she could finally be with Jake Doe!!!! OH YAY!

    Nik: Jake, is Jason.


    And yes Karen! Val has a beautiful dress!!!!!!

  8. WHAT THE WHAT??? I was staying spoiler free so I totally did not know Nik was going to do the Jakeson reveal. I literally screamed. My neighbors must be wondering what's up. Oh god please....Liz would not keep this secret and keep Jason away from Danny and Michael. I don't think so at all. The truth has to come out. But it's OK if Jake doesn't remember any of it, and as Jake chooses to stay with Liz. Eeekekkkkee.

    Did anyone see the promo for the live shows? It's obviously a funeral. :( Gonna guess it's Duke's. :( :(

  9. I actually loved Obrecht's number, especially when she was puncturing the balloons!

    Britt is seriously missed on this show. One of the few newbies Cartini introduced & managed to successfully weave in with so many existing characters on the canvas.

    I was seriously impressed with this week. Back to the soapy goodness, none of the mob stuff. Apparently not for long.

  10. "CaryeN Did anyone see the promo for the live shows? It's obviously a funeral. :( Gonna guess it's Duke's. :( :("

    Yeah I saw it. I was thinking it was a Brucas wedding! Oh no! Not a funeral for Duke! No!!! :(

  11. Sonya, Spencer said, " . . . bit of a nudge," which is a Jewish expression, meaning, roughly, pain in the a**.

    I still love my Dr. O, and loved her number!! She was priceless, and so was Lucy's face while she was performing!

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  13. "AntJoan said...Sonya, Spencer said, " . . . bit of a nudge," which is a Jewish expression, meaning, roughly, pain in the a**."

    Ohhhhh. I looked up nerch. It means the village idiot! ROFL!

  14. Carly should be thanking Ric for hiring the fake wife to keep Liz away from Jake. Shouldn't Liz be in love with Ric or Shouldn't Jake be in love with Hayden first before they blew the secret.


  15. Did anyone notice Jen Lilly on the red carpet?

  16. "Sandi said...Did anyone notice Jen Lilly on the red carpet?"

    What?! She was there?!!?! :) Where?! In what scene?

  17. Sonya said: What?! She was there?!!?! :) Where?! In what scene?

    I'm not sure exactly what scene she was in. It was pretty quick. She walked by herself and I think she was just before Maxie, but I'm really not sure. I'm old, my memory is rotten.


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