Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wed: Day 2 of Wubs Experiment

SILAS is somewhere DRINKING 

Well, not really an experiment per se.. but more of a "can I last the week" with these stories? 
Yesterday did not go so well. lol 

Ava; Why you arrestin' me, ya big palooka? 
Sloane: Yeah... you's Ava Jerome!
Ava: I AIN'T AVA! 
They take her in to the PCPD..but she HAS NO fingerprints!! Silas must have used acid on them.
Alexi is her attorney because Julian begged her to do it. 

Flava will take the DNA test-- and we all know what happens then. YAWN

Nina put the Egg Salad painting over Franco's head
Franco: "Check me, I"m a self portrait"!

Nina: "Go hang yourself in the gallery" 

Shawn is NOT taking the deal. SHOCKER. WOW, really?? Someone taking the fall for Sonny? WOW! And he's pleading guilty to shooting Ava. 

Valerie was a Admin job at the PCPD..with Dante. She has majored in criminology!! WOW!! Fancy that. 

Lulu and Nikolas talk about a bunch of crap.

OK< see ya! 2:42 and I'm out


  1. Whatever happened to Lulu's admin job at the PCPD (remember how she got one to be closer to Dante)?

    And Flava? Imma call her DNAva.

    In the meantime, I will watch reruns of Emergency! and just "watch" your daily recaps.

  2. Yup,yup,yup I think they've all drunk the Kool aide!! Not too far to rock bottom now but the real question is how the heck are they going to clean up this mess?? I'm right behind you Karen. Kg,I love the channels that air all the old shows. They've been a Godsend for me especially since I don't have cable and the few shows I watch,Nashville,DWTS have wrapped up for the summer. I usually read all summer but now I can watch some good t.v.if I want to. :-)

  3. Julian and Alexis's home: Oh come on!!! This is ridiculous!!! Pull off her wig already!!!! Okay maybe it's not a wig and she dyed her hair. Hey Brad is very very late! He is missing out on all the fun!

    Liz's home: Liz's shirt is about to fall off her body! I forgot to mention when it happened, but when Patrick said that GreenHayden is in a coma, this is her thoughts.

    Liz's thoughts: Hayden in a coma?!! YAY!

    So Liz and Jake Doe can celebrate him being freeeeeee!!!!! Where were you yesterday Liz?!!?!

    Wyndemere: Oh yes Lulu, Nik is so broken up about GreenHayden's trip to coma land! That is where Nina was! Ohhhh so Lulu knows about Dante's baby teeny tiny 8 pound brother is alive and well! Good.

    Police station: Oh hi Val!!! Oh I love her dress!

    Val: Oh Dante! I'm so sorry about your baby brother! What can I do for you? If you need anything just call me! I'll give you a hug now so you can feel my body up against yours! Oh I want an admin job at the PCPD. I majored in criminology in college! Isn't that wild?!!?! Oh I need a job for myself to feed me and my fake cat Gunnar.

    Oh look! Denise Moochie doesn't have any fingerprints! Ra ro!!! Blood taking time!!! Moochie wins the line of the day!

    Moochie: Well you know what, you're cute, but you're dumb.

    ROFL! So true Moochie. So true.

    Courthouse: Oh look how cute! Sonny gives Jordan the intimidation stare! Twice! ROFL! And calls her Judas! Hahahahaha!

    Nina and Ric's home:

    Hippie Nina: No I don't want the egg salad! Altho I do have the munchies from smoking weed, but still I don't want it!

    BobTodd: Take it! It's for you! I don't want it!

    Hippie Nina: I said I don't want it! Free love baby! Free love!!!

    BobTodd: You are a wonderful, beautiful woman! Would you go to the prom with me?

    Hippie Nina: I'd like to build the world a home and furnish it with love, I'd like to teach the world to sing In perfect harmony. I'd like to hold it in my arms, and keep it company.

    BobTodd: Nina! Stop singing! Ric is using you for your money!

    Hippie Nina: Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha!

    Actually, at the end when BobTodd was about to leave, what he said to her about not losing herself, was very sweet. :(

  4. Of course her fingerprints disapeared. Certain drugs used in chemotherapy for various cancers have been known to get rid of fingerprints (they DO grow back for some people). Also, her DNA won't be a match either. Chemo is known to change even DNA so badly that doing a genealogy DNA test is a waist of time.

  5. "Dierna said...Of course her fingerprints disapeared. Certain drugs used in chemotherapy for various cancers have been known to get rid of fingerprints (they DO grow back for some people). Also, her DNA won't be a match either. Chemo is known to change even DNA so badly that doing a genealogy DNA test is a waist of time."

    What?! Are you serious?! I never heard of either of that before.

  6. Sonya: It's known as hand-foot syndrome. Essentially the drug causes your skin to peel taking the fingerprints along for the ride.

  7. Wow Deirna! Thanks!! I never heard of that, and I never heard of the DNA switch! Very interesting.

  8. Thanks, Dierna. That makes the whole scenario more believable and at least explains why they had poor Ava get cancer after getting shot.

  9. For Ava the DND change will because of the stem cell (bone marrow) transplant not because of the chemo. So her blood will be the same DNA as Avery. In reality, the doner's DNA does not take over that quickly and not always is it 100%. But this is a soap. Now if they did a mouth swab, like they normally do in TV shows, it would show Ava. Too much info I know - sorry. I had a bone marrow transplant about a year and a half ago, so the way these stories are done always makes me roll my eyes.

  10. Thank you for the info! I'm always thinking of the people that actually endure these procedures, costs and stress and what they must think of how things are written!!! Remember when Alexis had LUNG cancer? That was cured in about 2 months. Then dropped. One of the reasons I get so mad about these stories is because they are pinned in the "real" ..things like the Cassadines? Well, that comedy to me because it's so far-fetched.

  11. Oops Dierna I didn't mean to spell your name wrong. Sorry about that. :)

  12. I was wondering how Shawn got convicted of attempted murder when it wasn't his gun that fired the shot that hit Hayden? Or were there two shots? Did the police even investigate the gunshots? Very good acting by the kid who plays TJ - I was impressed. Nina and Franco are just a waste of time-no bearing on anything else going on.

  13. I also can't understand why they haven't tested the bullet that they took out of Hayden, but then again that story was just dropped so who knows. I was expecting the charges against Shawn to be dropped because the bullet wasn't a match but now he's pleaded guilty so who knows.

  14. GH has been fun to snark at and they have been playing a lot of the characters I like lately. But it is a bit of hot mess at the moment. Maybe it's a matter of waiting for these new story lines to hit the ground running. Franco and Nina were sweet & RoHo & MS are always fun to watch but can they have a convo outside of that hotel room please. Anyways I can believe they killed off Egg Salad! The notAva stuff is just too much. Maura is a trooper and doing a good job but this seems odd after the really dramatic cancer story. Oh and GH just needs to get rid of the character of Sonny. #sorrynotsorry

  15. "SaveOurSuds says Anyways I can believe they killed off Egg Salad!"

    Yeah!!!! Another prop death, and another prob funeral! :'( This sucks!!!

  16. I am just now catching up with this episode, so forgive me, but the real tragedy here... I agree with SaveOurSuds! The Egg Salad painting!!! Gone! Just carelessly broken by Nina. I totally would have bought that off the Prop Dept. (aka guy dancing with Spencer)! Seriously??? Ugh... all the more reason to hate you right now GH!


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