Friday, May 29, 2015

Me, Watching GH

Happy Friday Night, Wubbers!

Oh some other things you may want to consider doing:

GO see MAD MAX! if you love gruesome fun...Do IT! 

Start watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! ..She's me, so you can get to know me even better.

Have some pizza, it's joyful and I hear very good for you. 

It's June tomorrow, so say goodbye to May. 

:) I'm working on Sunday's Surgery so, you know I'll be busy! 



  1. "Karen says It's June tomorrow, so say goodbye to May."

    Goodnight!!! Oh and we have two more days until June! :)

  2. I did think today's (Friday's) show was pretty good. I was sure Eva would have a Jerome DNA, but also sure she'll turn out to be Eva--you can bet on it, and she is wearing that wig because she lost her hair with Chemo (and as a disguise).

    Not many of my faves on much, but still pretty interesting. Love Anna and getting to like Sloan better. And Luke escaped. Maybe he went to find his true love, Laura.

  3. OMG !! ahahah Sonya, I did my "month's end paperwork and totally thought TODAY was June 1st" WHOOPS

  4. When Lucas read the DNA, he didn't say that it was or wasn't Ava. If I remember correctly, he looked at Kiki and said "she is not your mother" or something similar..... Will it turn out that this is how they will uncover the fact that Kiki is Nina's? Rumors have been circulating for a year or more that she is actually Nina's child. Could this be an introduction to that? This new Kiki does resemble Nina more than Ava. Nina is tall and slender as is this Kiki, whereas the old Kiki was smaller and slightly chubbier like Ava.... Wonder if that may be part of the reason that this particular actress was hired...

    Whoever she turns out to be... Ava or Denise.. I am glad the actress has stayed on. I love her. She is one of the best on the show.

  5. "kdmask said...OMG !! ahahah Sonya, I did my "month's end paperwork and totally thought TODAY was June 1st" WHOOPS"

    Hahahaha. Well that just proves it! We are all human! :)


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