Friday, May 8, 2015

Killer Jordan

Anna, why are you wasting time taking to SLOANE! He's a nothing...nada... I can't stand him.  This is stupid! She owes him NO explanation! 

Jake: (Looking at a gun/blood) What Happened HERE?
DUHHHHHHHHH. People were doing their nails! yeah, that's it! 

Maxie and Nate come in. Jake picks up the gun. DUH. Nate handcuffs him and lets MAXIE question him! ahahha. 

Sabby and Michael kissed again. She's like" Let's talk"  WELP that was not a great kiss, I'm guessing.  They sit and talk for EVERRRRR. GEESH. You kiss and then sit on an couch for the entire show talking? That's dull kids, way dull. 
Carrrrrrrrrrlos comes into Sabrina's for HELP ahahahaa. 

BadAss Jordan shoots Bruce 2x! BOOM! One and a kill shot. She's the only lady that can get anything done on this show lol.  She ends up calling Anna and told her she killed someone and to call Sloane. Welp, no problem, he's there at her hotel room! They go over. Sloane says the dead guy is Duke's bodyguard. Anna looks stricken.  Sloane badgers her into giving up Duke's location but she runs! Wish she would have shot Sloane first.
Anna goes to find Duke. Duke isn't there.
DUKE comes in last minute and is shot, falls. Anna cradles him. 

Local news interrupts with a verdict here. 


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And... Olivia had her baby. It's not well tho. No crying.  This is a hilarious pic NLG tweeted today lol 


  1. I hope they're not planning to put Anna and that obnoxious Sloan together. There's absolutely no chemistry there and I hate to have to FF through Fiona's scenes too.

  2. Metrocourt: Boy the writers are making him dumb today and yesterday.

    Julian: Duhhh what is Braxton hicks? Duhhh why is she screaming? Duhhh what does it mean when her water breaks?

    ROFL! Since they haven't shown dumb Morgan, they had to make Julian dumb. :)

    Oh oh 4 months pregnant, and here comes the baby!!!! THE BABY IS A BOY!!! YAY!!! :) Oh oh something is wrong with the 8 pound baby!!!

    Sabrina and Felix's home: Sabrina says that Felix has a date with that interviewer from the red carpet! I KNEW THAT GUY WAS INTO FELIX! :) Sabrina and Michael had a nice conversation. Nice and slow build up to a relationship. Me like!!!! Don't worry Sabrina. Michael doesn't have a wife or an ex wife! He has never been married! :)#Team Mabrina!!! :)Oh oh Caaaaaaaaaarlos needs Saaaabrina's help!

    Anna's room: Awww Robot Sloan is gonna miss Anna! Can Robots miss people? Robot Sloan leave her alone!!! She is an adult!! She can make her own decisions! Do you wuv her or something?!

    Jordan's home: WOW!!! Jordan shoots and kills Brucey!!!! GO JORDAN!!!! :) Oh shut up Robot Sloan!!

    Pier: Oh don't worry TJ, Shaun and your mama are safe. Even though your mama almost died! Anna running to look for Duke! OH NO DUKE HAS BEEN SHOT! Crap crap crap! I don't want him to die in Anna's arms!!!!! :(

    Parking garage: Oh you can just read Jake Doe's mind.

    Jake: Hmmmm what is this? Nail polish? Paint? Blood? Oh oh I hear something. Oh here is a gun. I can pick it up. Oh hi Nathan and Maxie. No it's not my gun, even though I picked it up and now my fingerprints are all over it. What is Braxton Hicks? What does it mean when a woman's water breaks?

  3. Sonya, hehehe . . . I am STILL working, read the blog between patients--you gave me a good laugh, thanks, I needed that!!

    Karen, I thought that Michael and Sabby were SITTING during their talking scenes, I thought they were standing.

  4. "AntJoan said...Sonya, hehehe . . . I am STILL working, read the blog between patients--you gave me a good laugh, thanks, I needed that!!"

    Hahaha. You're welcome! :)

  5. Oh, I typed it wrong, as my patient showed up, sorry. Karen, I meant that you said that Michael and Sabby were sitting on the couch, and I thought they were standing.


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