Friday, May 22, 2015

Brooklyn at the Door

TJ: Shawn, you so cool. Mom, she's so lame. 
Shawn: Don't talk about your mama like that.

Excuse me, but why is TJ all upset about this? He hated Shawn being in the mob. Then again, he wasn't on for 4 months so maybe we were supposed to forget. 

Jordan talked to Scotty about having Shawn taking a plea to get Sonny. He has to say Sonny told him to shoot Julian. 

Jake and Sloane talked about his quitting or not quitting for the entire show.

Slacker MoKi were in bed.  They did nothing. They are nothing. 

Lucas showed up with balloons to say "congratulations" to Julian. Whoops, Sam told him about the baby but not the death.  He later calls her. She's upset. 

Carlos came back to haunt Anna. He used his "real" voice. No accent. It was creepy!! Great scene but I hate that she's cracking up over this. 
Sabrina comes to the apartment. Anna tells her (while Carlos is standing next to her yelling) that she and Carlos tussled on the pier and he hit her over the head and then he escaped.  Sabrina is all shocked. 

Ok, so..the big thing today? Everyone is at Julian's house helping him to get thru his babies' death. Door Bell. It's Ava. But wait...she's got BLACK HAIR and chewing gum and a fake'ass'd Brooklyn Accent.
YEP. She's going to try to pass herself over as a cousin or something-- LMAO. I didn't think it was true but it is. Ava's going to pass herself off as this other chick, and not even her DNA will match. 

Then, we can spend months with the It's really Ava .who's going to find out when. 

WOW this may push me over the edge. Seriously. OVER THE EDGE.
Wait until Sunday Surgery. 

Just Wait. 


  1. THE ANNA STORY MAY HAVE SENT ME OVER THE EDGE!!! Carlos telling Anna that since Julian ordered the hit, she shouldn't have killed him. But wait, Carlos was the actual shooter. What a load of chit.
    Why would Anna crack now???? Double load of chit.
    But give credit to Ava: her chit was amusing. Totally not believable, but amusing.
    The whole Julian and Alexis and everyone else mourning the baby was just stupid filler. YAWN

  2. I can't stand the fact that Anna murdered Carrrlooos like that (and Sabrina yesterday, said Carrlooos the first time she spoke about him, then just "Carlos" the rest of the time, anyone else notice?). Anna is supposed to be a role model, even though maybe her past was a little dicey. I don't remember, but I think she was always on the right side of the law?

    You know, the most important aspect of a person is their character. I think we have forgotten this in America, the land of materialism, otherwise why would the Kardashians, et el., be so popular. Soaps can be instructive (as can other art forms), showing good v. evil, and the importance of good character. Instead, almost everyone on GH is morally compromised, maybe that is their point, if EVERYONE engages in heinous acts, then Sonny doesn't look so bad, right?

  3. Slacker MoKi are definitely beyond belief. "Gee Morgan why are you getting up before noon?" After all you're an entitled little slackard who doesn't need too.

    And did anyone else cringe a little when Kiki got up after a night and morning of passionate love making and put on yesterday's clothes to go her father's house. No shower...nothing. How gross.

    The Anna story may be the final straw for me too. It's beyond belief. Do they feel they need to vilify her so that Sloan looks like a good guy? (There's not enough whitewash on the planet!)

    No one on the show seems to have any moral character lately. AntJoan. We used to have a balance but now they've made all the "good guys" ( or those trying their best to walk the line) suddenly turn into criminals or sociopaths. Or at best their enablers. They can't seem to even let our old stars go without completely shredding them first.

    Soon no one will have an once of decency left.

  4. September 1995: Really?!!?!?! 20 years ago of Shaun and Jordan, and they look exactly the same! ROFL! What's the matta? They couldn't find younger people to play Shaun and Jordan?! :)

    Anna's home:

    Karen says Carlos came back to haunt Anna. He used his "real" voice. No accent.

    Really?! How strange, cus I heard the accent the whole time. I must be hearing things! ROFL! Anyway what a great scene between Anna and Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos! Actually, that was a pretty hot scene! They had more chemistry in that scene, than Anna and Robot Sloan has in their scene! Too bad Caaaaaaaaarlos and Anna never had a fling. I love how he was haunting her. Anna, when you were taking a shower, did he haunt you there too? :) Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos won the line of the day.

    Ghost Caaaaaaaaaaarlos: I'll be providing breakfast for hungry fishes.


    Robot Sloan's home: Awww the new bromance. Robot Sloan and Jake Doe. :)

    McSilas's home: Sex sex sex and more sex! Time to get up before noon? Nope!!! Humpity humpity hump hump!

    Patrick and Sam's home:

    Patrick: I wuv you.

    Sam: I wuv you too.

    Awwww! :)

    Shaun's Jail cell:

    TJ: She is a lying selfish,

    He was going to say bitch!!!

    Shaun: TJ that ain't cool. Don't talk about your mother like that.

    Yeah Shaun!!! You tell him!!! :) I kept telling Jordan, tell him he is the father of TJ! COME ON!!!!

    Jordan: No no! You are the father. You are his father!!!

    THERE YA GO! :) Was that so hard?

    Julian and Alexis's home: Oh the actor who plays Lucas has got a haircut. :) I like it. Oh a woman who looks like Ava but has a Brooklyn accent, and has dark hair shows up. Well hello Avena? Aveeno? Avaruni? Ayello?

  5. Prop depart to Ron: "Hey we have Caleb's Weave just lying around here doing nothing. Can you think of a story line for it?"

    Seriously why are they doing this to Ava? After that big smooch Maura gave Ron when she won her Emmy you would think he would write something better than this. Oh well. At least Silazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wasn't with her.

  6. I thought Lucas looked really good today too, sonya.

    And did they have to give Ava that over the top accent? Why does everything have to be so campy.

  7. "Di said...I thought Lucas looked really good today too, sonya."

    He is so handsome! :)

  8. Sloane isn't as orange as he used to be. Today he actually seemed to have a shade of skintone found in certain humans, instead of a Dorito.

    I don't like how Anna is going cuckoo and I hope she doesn't end up in Shadybrook. Liz was getting crazy eyes yesterday over Jake too so I am afraid for two of my favorite GH ladies.

    Jordan finally tells Shawn that TJ is his son now, when he is leaving? I am assuming the character is going, not just the actor, so I don't know why this is coming out now. Shawn had potential as a former teacher and veteran with a shady past until they made him Sonny's hitman and I wish they'd gone in another direction with the character.

    I guess this new Ava character with the dark hair, chewing gum, and Brooklyn accent (and probable tackiness) will have an Italian name, as GH goes once again to the tired old stereotype well. Probably only Maura West can make it work!

  9. Anna needs to go find Robin and that will help her get her perspective back. It will also work if they want her on vacation. they can't write everyone as looney tunes every time they want some time off.

    I didn't even recognize Ava's accent as being from Brooklyn. She needs to tone it down. Also I thought she might be going to say she's Ava's half sister. She has one doesn't she?

  10. Isn't Ava's half sister deceased?

    I also thought that Anna should go to France to stay with Robin, I can't stand that Robin is totally cut off from her family, it really depresses me.

    WHY couldn't Jordan have told Shaun/Sean/Shawn the truth about his son before? WHY?????

  11. Nothing about the Anna Story makes sense at all. Just terrible writing in general.

    On a positive note, Days has been awesome lately! Yay! And my mother is loving everything about B&B and their transgender story!

  12. "Panda said...Sloane isn't as orange as he used to be. Today he actually seemed to have a shade of skintone found in certain humans, instead of a Dorito."

    A dorito!!! Hahahaha.

  13. Uuugggh!!! Just can't stand it ANYMORE!! I thought Robin was recaptured by Helena shortly after the escape where Jason was supposed to have died in the fire?? Everything is such a mess it's hard to stay interested and keep track.

  14. And was forced to say goodbye and lie to Patrick and Anna by telling them she was going to Paris because she made a mess of everything and will send divorce papers which she does from God knows wherever Helena has her for whatever psycho far fetched reason. Maybe implant Lulu and Starvos embryo?? Like I said,I can't stand it ANYMORE!! Lol. :-)



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