Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"The Universe is giving me a sign"

Casper Courtney! Nice scene with she and Spencer. She convinces him to remove his mask. It's not a bad scar at all. 

Liz just stands there saying "It's about Jason".....and then tells the Robin/Jason Nurses Ball story. Then she runs out. Tells Nikolas she's keeping the secret so that Jason won't end up with Carly, Sam and Sonny. She wants him. She thinks the "universe" is giving them a sign to be happy. Nikolas basically tells her she probably can't live with the secret. So why doesn't HE Just tell everyone? This is weird. Liz says a BUNCH of stuff about liars and she wants Jake for herself. Yada yada.
This means Jake will stay Jake awhile. Fall for Liz..truth will come out somehow-- You know HOW IT'S GOING TO GO people. She'll see he and Danny together in some scene, feel guilty. Get reminded all the time of Jason, feel guilty. 

Until...whenever this maddess is finally over. 

GH has been so great without the mobular sheeze these past few days! We all know that's gonna change. ugh Duke put the hit out on Jordan. 


  1. "GH has been so great without the mobular sheeze these past few days! We all know that's gonna change."

    You would think that the network would look at the ratings and realize the mobular sheeze is not the way to go. They won't though.

  2. Well Liz and Nik certainly did a turn around! Yesterday, she slapped the spit out of Nik for keeping Jason from his loved ones. And today HE tells Liz it's unfair to do that? He suddenly cares about Sam again? I was a little tired of Liz being a door mat, but this is all so sudden.

  3. We all know that Liz will be in the other end of that slap (from Sam) for November sweeps. So predictable.

  4. It was WEIRD Paul. Just plain WEIRD.

  5. What is wrong with Liz?? I know some fans want her with Jason, but he should be with his wife & especially his son Danny. Of course this is sweeps, and it is a Soap Opera, but stop this madness! I always thought Liz should take a good look at Nik again, but what do I know?????

  6. The ratio of canned applause to ball attendees is hilarious. Nice little nod to "Tootsie".

  7. Nurses ball:

    Carly and Sabrina:

    Sabrina: Aveeno just came out with this. It absorbs so quickly and it's really light. I love it.

    Carly: I know my skin is so dry, and this moisturizes all day.

    Oh no! They are a walking advertisement! ROFL! Carly's skin so dry? Oh give me a break! ROFL!

    Liz and Nik:

    Liz: I knew as soon as I told the truth, He'd belong to Carly again. and Sonny. And Sam. But not to me. It was never a lasting place in Jasn's life for me.

    Well, she isn't wrong!!!! She is 100% right! But Liz! This will end up blowing up in your face!!!!You just got done yelling at Ric for lying to you!!! And I forgot to mention this yesterday, but she is slap happy!!!!

    Carly and Michael: Awww they had a nice little moment. :)

    Spinny: He was great!!!!! I wasn't sure who he was singing to. Maxie or Ellie. Well I love the song, but I never heard of it, altho someone on another board said it was the song from the movie Tootsie. I haven't seen that movie in a long time, so I don't remember the song.

    Robot Sloan and Anna: Wow!!! He is telling Anna to go tell Duke how she feels about him?!!?! Interesting.

    Ned: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Singing and on that motorcycle!!! Damn I'm going to miss you Ned! :'(

    We are not alone: Oh! I love that song! I never heard it before until Piffy started singing it at the nurses ball a few years ago! Was it a couple of years ago? Well I love it! :)

    Wyndemere: Oh man!!!!! Ghost Courtney and Spencer scene made me cry!!!! :( Great scene! And the mask comes off, and I thought his face would be magically 100% healed!!!! Glad it wasn't. Awww Spencer! It's just a teeny tiny scar! Not bad at all!! You were worried for nothing! He is so sweet to his mama! :( Then Ghost Courtney with Nik and Spencer! Damn it! It made me cry! I still hate Courtney, but damn it the scene was so sweet and made me cry! :(

    Where is Molly?! She must have ran to be with her father. I keep going back and forth of who is the best dressed. Molly, or Val! Cus I love Molly's dress. Oh damn.. Well I pick Val for best dressed. :)

  8. Yeah, what if Jake regains his memory? Nice performance by Becky. Wally's number was great. So many missing even today-Lucas, Brad, Alexis, Julian, Molly, no Bobbie,Tracy or Monica. Didn't mind Courtney-maybe Spencer will chill out. Bradford has a nice voice.

  9. "LSV422 said...Yeah, what if Jake regains his memory?"

    I know!!!! Hmmmmm maybe he will still want to be with Liz! *shrug*

    "Nice performance by Becky."

    Yeah she is a great actress!

    "Bradford has a nice voice."

    He does!!! :)

  10. I loved Bradford and Wally's performances.

  11. I guess Nikolas is keeping the secret for Liz's sake, but you're right, what's to keep HIM from telling everyone? I'm so disappointed they are making Liz the fall guy. Instead of making a legitimate triangle with Jason/Liz/Sam (even though we've been down that road too often), this secret will totally push Jason away from Liz. I'm no Sam fan but even I had to chuckle when Liz said Jason would belong to Carly and Sonny...what about his wife and child! Sometimes it does seem like everyone is forgetting Sam and Danny. But I still prefer Jake/Liz.

    The audience seemed pretty thin yesterday, I noticed last year the same thing where characters just disappeared by the last day. I enjoyed yesterday's show the most and really liked Ned's and Spinelli's performances. I was also glad to see them feature Epiphany and Sabrina since they are strong singers as well, and no auto-tuning. I wish Britt, Spinelli and Ellie would stay on the show instead of characters I don't enjoy as much such as Kiki, Franco, Nina, Valerie, Nathan.

  12. !0 to 1 that Duke has a change of heart and throws himself in front of the bullet meant for Jordan, this redeeming him and making him a "hero". Le Sigh.

    And as I've said before, I REALLY wish the Jakeson truth would come out now, while he has no memory of being Jason and while he's falling hard for Liz. Then he can CHOOSE to stay with her instead of being manipulated. But oh the angst it could create with Sam trying to decide between fighting for him or staying with Patrick, Liz feeling guilty for not just "handing him over", Sonny being all mad that he's "working" for the Jeromes! While Carly knows he's working for the cops. I think him knowing the truth is actually better storytelling at this point. The fall out would be he gets his memory back after Sam and Patrick are married! Oh Well!

  13. Has the possibility ben mentioned that maybe Anna fakes Duke's death and puts him into the witness protection program?

    if duke takes a bullet for someone, I can see it being Anna. It would be done in slow motion and then Anna would cradle him in her arms and he would profess his love for her and die.

  14. delcodave, I love either of those ideas. Especially that he goes into witness protection. Heck, I don't even care if he dies on screen and it's later retconned that he lived and Anna helped him get away. (He can go to France and be wit Robin!)

    HATE seeing such a handsome and talented actor with such history exiting with others (not naming names because there are too many) eating up screen time.



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