Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Intracardiac injection

 And...BOOM! Just like UMA in Pulp Fiction, GH is up and ready to keep going! This in a 9th hour reprieve that is great news, but doesn't mean we're out of the woods. I think ABC made the right move and if they had stuck with the REV after it's disaster ratings, they would have had a lot of 'splainin to do. As it is, they look like asses for pulling OLTL in favor of that tripe. 

There will be more time for the Cartini vision to happen as well. I know some are nervous GH is turning into OLTL in more ways than one. When FL comes on, get ready for some powerful acting. She commands the room. Roger Howarth will be back, and I can't help but think TSJ will follow (and the announcement really soon) because of the story that's hanging on his "death". It's hard for me to imagine NOT being happy about this because OLTL was my fave show. I see a meld as a great thing. Hell, I wouldn't mind if some AMCers came on over. But that's me. 

ON to the week! Of course, Heather made every scene FUN FUN FUN to watch!! It was awesome---especially the milkshake all over Anna. heh... nice. Her obsession with Luke is great. I love his reactions to her. A bit horrified. We haven't seen TG have fun in a loooooooong time. Spoilers  say he gives Heather a job at Kelly's! woot! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I have to go with McSon and their bitch fest. Michael Easton and Maurice just tore it up.  WOW. Max and Milo didn't even know what to do! No one has made any kind of threats to Sonny that we've 'believed'..well, McBain nailed it.  Powerful scene and I loved it. I want more to come out about his sister!!

RUNNER UP: Heather and Sam in the hallway of GH. Oh, Sam, Sam have NO idea what you are playing with here.  Heather's all "wow, you're kid could grow up to be an artist"!! LOL.

FUN of the WEEK: Spinelli falling on his face while listening to Matt and Maxie. Heh.. it was an unexpected thing. I still love the MatSpin Bromance...
RUNNERS UP:  Anything Heather, Anna and Luke!! WOOOT! 

NOT the SCENE OF THE WEEK: Maggie...who cares. She came out and I was like WTH? She's still here? And Steven Lars goes into his hyperventilation mode while talking to her. UGH

I give the "trial" a C- ..if you could even call it a trial! It was rushed and weird and not done well, imo. I did like the new DA guy which some people told me was on the old 90210. The BEST part of the trial is watching Jason watch ConKate "Morphing" heh-- he's like WTH!! 

I had the week off to watch (on vacation Mon/Tues) and now it's back to work. I should be back now and again to tune in. Now that GH is saved for awhile we can all breath a sigh of relief. Now is the time to UNITE and put the fan wars to rest. I know it's part of being a soap fan, but we need to just get it done.


  1. Kristina Wagner has apparently been taping since March. Any word on when we will see her and/or any spoilers on her storyline (other than Maxie drama)?

  2. All I have is she's on late April... They are so good at cloaking spoilers. This team is frustrating!! LOL.

  3. I couldn't decide how to vote on the poll. I am loving McBain which I am shocked by to say the least. On the other hand I don't think the actress playing Starr can act. So for me at this point it's a split decision. I would rather not trade the old regime's bad writing for bad acting. This is the problem I had when I tried to get into OLTL - I thought there were several really bad actors/actresses on the show. I don't remeber Tea so maybe she was on after I tried watching? I only lasted about a week or so and it was during the two sisters fight over one guy story - the blond sister was one of the worst actresses I ever saw. And those three people were on almost everyday.

    The writing is much better and I certainly wouldn't mind ditching the rest of the useless characters. So my answer is bring on any OLTL people who can act and who can fit in .

  4. I also didn't know how to vote. We seem to have to love them or hate them. I like McBain, not Starr. I agree with dar about the acting. Maybe there should have been an option for love some of them but don't want them to take over GH.

  5. Why aren't there any scenes with Heather and the Q's? I remember seeing Monica and Heather fighting(not verbally!!!!) on a youtube clip from the 80s. My guess for Storylines that will likely end soon are: maggie storyline, stripper case, lisa niles case, and connie/kate.My guess they will be off/or lingering on the show by late may. Michael is becoming two-dimensional character. He defends Sonny and comforts Starr. THAT'S IT in storytelling! This is simular to Jax(SONNY IS BAD!SONNY IS BAD!I love you Carly.SONNY IS BAD!)and Lucky before(no offense to Greg Vaughn)Johnson Jackson returned:A tool for Liz and slighty to Sam, but mostly Liz. Heather is a good character to have on the show, just don't make her a one sided character. She should have some good, say 1% at least(aka realizing that she was an idiot of selling Steve) or at least justifiable, like Hellena wanting revenge from Luke because of her broken family that he cause to fall apart. Aka think Once Upon a time like.

  6. DA guy played Jesse , Andrea's boyfriend and then husband, on 90210.
    Trial was rushed and we know Sonny will get off so that the real story about what Sonny did to John McBain's sister and the Starr/Todd revenge plot can unfold.
    Wish they would unravel Robin's situation so they could use Anna and Robert better.
    I think people need to continue to be vocal about what they like about GH with ABC. GH does not have an official time slot and Nancy Lee Grahn slipped up on twitter and tweeted there is no contract meaning renewed , but how long is at ABC's discretion. Don't start watching GMA-Afternoon at 2:00 p.m. as they are trialing this as lead in for Katie Couric. Celebrate, but carefully , as ABC is still looking for cheaper programming and it isn't only ratings, because, if it was, OLTL would still be on air. I'm still thrilled about this victory over The Revolution.
    Karen, Have a great week and a big , thank you , for your blog , and putting up with fans' differing opinions!

  7. Getting my compter back today I hope.

    Thanks for Sunday Funnies. Even if I am late.

    Congrats to Ron & Frank, and the fans who went out and 'fought' for this show.
    Everything about this show is going great.
    Everyday there is something new and exciting.

    I am loving this show again.


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