Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Wolfbane

wolfbane - poisonous Eurasian perennial herb with broad rounded leaves and yellow or purple flowers and fibrous rootstock

Or as I like to say WolfMcBain! ahaha, get it?? Well, I mention that because of the fun Luke and McBain scene this week that referenced vampires and garlic.  Ah, be still my funnybone.  Between that and the Tracy, Luke and AZ scene GH was a giddy ride this week. Tracy in Alice's apron was priceless. And to have our LUKE BACK as a thinking, non-alcoholic happy guy again? Well, I could kiss the whole writing/production team. 

Then there was FLEA... all blonde and looking at Mac--*sigh*. I am so excited. She and Jen Lilley look alike and I'm sure it will be powerful stuff. Given the fact that Guza completely gutted the Scorpios (both sides) it's so nice to have old faces come back through the door! 

 While I love "real life" stuff crossing the path of my soap this fell a bit flat. Cameron? You've been gone too long. The Avengers and Spinelli--good mix. But why did I think we were actually going to see new footage of the film? Did I fall asleep during that part? Hmmm. 
Yes, the show was a bit uneven and the editing was wacky, but you can't deny the Johnny gloating to Sonny stuff wasn't a blast. Now let's give up the "bad guy rapist" argument and focus on the SOAPINESS of it all. I'm tired of the "good guy/bad woman" stuff because that was a totally over the top story. Who cares! Sonny got some damn medicine along with Carly---and BB's smile was worth 2x the price. "Happy Birthday Sonny"!!! When "Kate" found out she slept with Johnny it was sooooooooooo over the top it was hilarious. Johnny did totally take advantage of the situation but he's a gangster and well-- there you go. Can't wait for Carly to find ConKate's medical records.  @@

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Mac and Anna in the courthouse hallway. Just a well written scene, and JJY and FH are two of the best actors on the soap. 

RUNNER UP: Patrick lying to Liz about having to work at Mercy while sitting with his back to the front door. Picture  of depression. Not even wanting his daughter around. Perfection all around. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:   Kate "waking up" after realizing she slept with Johnny. I don't know if the acting was supposed to be that over the top but it was just hysterical.  No horror, just laughs. 

I SO DON'T CARE: That Ewan is laying on the floor of his office. LOL..I was thinking, you know, if you just left him there, no one would even notice! DITTO to Steven LArrrrz in JAIL!! Hee hee.. I so hope they make him go pale from lack of spray tan.

WUBS POLL RESULTS: The question was...Sam and McBain? Well, the YES' won: 567 to Nay's at 486 (JaSam Fans)...the Liasons said yes for their couple to get back together (motivation for you!) with 406 votes and people that just wanted the crazy sex scene? 79. 
With the rumor that McBam is related floating around, I have to scream NO at the top of my lungs.  Kelly and Michael have way too much hotness for that. WAY too much. 

Hope you have a great Sunday-- Scoops are coming in slowly -- it's the lockdown of the Cartini age. I'm not complaining mind you, I love surprises!!  Rumors swirling again about the show's longevity, but I think that's to be expected.  Hold on tight, who knows what's going to happen next!

Screencaps courtesy of: LisaW's GH Caps


  1. I see that soapnet is reruning episodes early of morning. it is the episodes when Sam hired the goons to attack Elizabeth and the boys in the park? Which year did those episodes originally air?

  2. Loved the little surprise reveal at the end of Friday's ep but was almost hoping the twist would wind up being that Patrick really did kill Lisa Niles! That would have so totally pulled the rug out from under all of us and it would still be plausible.

  3. I still am enjoying Kate/Connie.
    I may be alone, but I find her entertaining! And terrific actress!

    Confused about vampires and McNostrils backround with Sam. All I know is that Sam seems happier with McNostrils than she does with Jason. I can only conclude this is the beginning of the end of JaSam.
    Who will Jason run to? Sonny his true love??

    Ewan on the floor knocked out for so long from a 100lb women was bizarre. Liz standing outside the door for so long. WRITE for this actress, enough of the sillyness you writers throw at her.

    Love the depth of Pattys sorrow & lost. Very real.

    What did everyone think of Felicia?
    I really hope she rehooks with Mac. Yea she did him wrong, but she did her own children wrong!
    Frisco can stay away. And please don't put her with Luke again!!

    This week was OK. Nothing special. Nothing bad though either.

    Thanks Karen...

  4. Twilight...I have no idea when that aired. I'm sure Liason fans are LOVING it though LOL..

    Frank, but Matt probably did it accidentally. While Drunk. Ergo, he'll get off?

  5. Karen,
    I hate to even think about this but isn't it about time for AG to run off on one of his many vacations and spoil all our fun? Like you I have been enjoying the return of the real Luke. Is there a chance he won't go missing again for months?

  6. I see Disney Jr. is a totally separate channel on my cable! Is there hope that SoapNet will be spared to live another day? Maybe they decided not to place SN, but to create a whole new channel for DJr.

  7. Sam hired the goons in 2007, early summer. Guza thought KM was leaving when her contract was up in early fall, and decided to try to destroy the character. When KM agreed to re-up, Guza mostly ignored the damage he'd caused and thought soap fans would just forget. Which shows exactly how much Guza respected soap fans.

    I thought it was a better week than last week. Glad Sonny and Carly didn't sleep together.

  8. While I don't like the Johnny/Hate?Sonny storyline I have to admit that I like BB during those scenes you could tell he was having fun.

    I also like that Friday was completely mob free no Sonny/Jason/Sam/Carly. There was a little fun plus some story movement. While Luke isn't one of my favorites I did like how he told Dante about Lulu suspecting Ronnie.

    Hadn't seen Cameron in awhile it took me a second to realiz it was him. Little fella is getting taller. Was it a perfect week no but it was nice!

  9. Sorry that suppose to say Johnny/Kate/Sonny but I guess Johhny hate Sonny is pretty accurate too! lol

  10. ITA w/others about Patrick's wonderful acting in his bereavement/depression scenes. It always has struck me that soap characters go about their normal lives so soon after great tragedies and traumas, that is soooo unrealistic! Most people fall apart, at least for a while, and act just like Patrick is acting.

  11. Pink, SoapNet is already off in some areas :(

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  13. So if Maxie saw Matt kill Lisa, what is going to happen to Matt now?? Does he go to jail for forever?? I hope not, that would really be a shame because they never really developed him...and he is finally just now starting to get air time!!

  14. I believe Matt isn't leaving. With the help of Felicia, hopefully Maxie and him will marry.

  15. Sonny fans on twitter did not find it funny. They want Johnny to die or go to jail.Don't forget you are not aloud to beat up Poor Sonny or be angry at him.

  16. Thanks for the info. I am dying to see the stuff with Dante. Looks like I am 2 yrs off

  17. Nothing against Maurice, but I like it when Sonny gets slammed. The character has gotten away with too much for way too long. Time for some payback!

    So, am I the only one that wants a Luke and Anna/Flea/Tracey/Heather scene? Watching him try to get out of there as he spars with his current roomie/2 former girl friends/and an obsessed nutjob would be high comedy.

    Wish Kirsten Storms was back as Maxie right about now, but I'm so happy to see Flea reunited with Anna and Mac, that I'll give Jen Lilly the benefit of the doubt.


  18. My 2 Cents
    Michael Easton played a vampire(Caleb) on "Port Charles" and Kelly Monaco played (Livie) his muse...that's why all the vampire jokes and past life stuff.

  19. Anyone going to see Dark Shadows movie? My mom used to watch the original soap Dark Shadows ( ABC soap by the way). Even hollywood appreciates the soap genre enough to make a movie and give a nod to the old ABC soap. Johnny Depp said he used to love it and was obssesssed with the lead vampire role.This soap ran from 1966-1971 , Karen! I just remember it being so darkly lit.

  20. Dark Shadows Movie: I don't know. It looks like usual camp from Burton/Depp--- those of us that know the show...well, not so sure on this. I probably will see it for the costumes and ad '70s VIBE!!

  21. GH Characters that will/or likely leaving (predictions).
    Maggie: Dies in a 'random' accident aka Heather.
    Ronnie: Killed in shoot-out by either John, with Ronnie holding Sam hostage or killed by Dante, with Ronnie holding Lulu hostage.
    Kate: Eventually goes to shadybrooke or simular treatment center.
    Anthony: Dead, not sure how. It would be ironic and symbollic if he got hit by an ambulance(the killed by an automobile is more popular in tv/movies, than people actually realize.
    Delores: Not sure, but I could see her leaving the canvas, based on spoilers.
    Matt: Sent to prision for Lisa Niles murder. Causing Maxie to grieve, spinelli wants Maxie, Maxie refuses Spinelli, Spinelli dates nukristina, Maxie is jealous, Spinelli and Maxie wind up with each other. 1 year arc


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