Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sam's Baby: Good Story or Just Plain Mean?

 Should have taken that shot!

I asked the question on twitter about this you think that the STORY will be better if the baby is Franco's?? (not that you hate the idea or whatever--- but BETTER STORY). Here we go with some tweets...thoughtful and interesting and surprisingly not a lot of bashing!!

: Do you think it's more interesting if the baby is Franco's as far as STORY goes for JaSam? Or no? ” NO!! It has to be Jason's!

 Sandra @SandyPaws
It being Franco's baby IS more interesting but I have NO BONE in this story.Prefer Liason but not invested.But am bitter about Jake

Yes it's much more soapy..imo RT : Do u think it's mor interestng if the baby is Franco's as far as STORY goes for JaSam? Or no?

I think it would be more interesting. It would actually give Sam a good story, and maybe help someone watching

no! I am so mad that they are doing this! I was so excited for and new beginning of GREAT soap but with this news I'm done!

Oh I think its very soapy. I thinks it a better story. Because Sam didn't want the baby if it was Franco. Now she has to face that.

 Destinyvc @vickis_secrets
I want baby to be Jason's & I think it'll be in the end, but I think RC is doing what GW should've done in beginning, address rape

Not interesting, no. JaSam were interesting because they were a unique couple. This latest turn of events makes them cliche

 And this echos how I'm feeling:
 @pookisama I've lost all interest in the baby ;P 

This story was changed, imo. it was never played that Franco raped Sam.  He was playing a mind game with JaSam but didn't go through with it. I personally wish it would have been dropped, especially since "Franco" is supposedly dead, chopped up and fed to the hogs by Jason.  I'm so over WTD stories. Plus the fact that who knows if the DNA 'markers' will be changed again. Whatever.  I guess I'll wait to see how shakes out!

WHAT SAYS YOU!!? Are you intrigued by this change of events? Do you want to see Franco again? (not saying he's coming on, but who knows)-- let me know!


  1. bad stories can be good if acted well and done w a soapy zest- look at the DID ConKate tale. But Franco's tale bombed cuz James Franco never invested in the role.

  2. If I never hear the name Franco again it will be too soon! Didn't like him at the beginning and don't like him now. Don't much like all the actors coming over from OLTL either. I understand why they are doing it, but I don't have to like it. My two cents regarding Franco -- Franco didn't rape Sam. It was all a mind game directed at Jason. I don't like what this story line has done to Sam's personality -- writers should be fired! Sam was always strong and exactly the type for Jason (and his business)... not meek and mild Liz, who truly belongs with Lucky, or at least now that JJ has left the show -- a 'Lucky type guy' who can love and encourage Liz to be that artist she always wanted to be.... some sweet guy who will love her kids, too, and protect them all. I've been watching this show from its very beginning, and all that I have to say would require writing a book! Ah me -- there are times these days when watching can really become tedious! Still, I remain faithful, and always will.

  3. WOW Georgette.. I couldnt have written what I wanted to say better than what you just wrote.. except I dont want the writers to be fired.. without them GH has no chance.. just ike my poor Days over on NBC.. but thats another story and another blog.. I too am very loyal to GH.. i dont particularly care about a specific couple.. I just want good stories and OLTL characters to be minimized.. We have to keep watching and supporting our soaps.. or this time next year we will be all very disappointed.

  4. I think that Franco being the father of Sam's baby is a better story but I think this writing team willbe no different than the last in terms of jasam. They will give then fake drama to deal with and let them skate through all to show that the golden Frons couple must stay together. The agenda still continues to the bitter end. This couple is boring but on order to make Sam a sympathetic character they implied rape but it still did not bring viewers in. The spoilers on GHH say McBain will question whether Sam was raped,so I'm sure he'll find out she was not, end of fake drama. Perhaps, Sam will latch on to her knew hero. One can hope.

  5. yeah, I do think there will be a spin on the SOD "story that the baby is Franco's"

  6. Okay, Roseanne -- I hear you, and I've been chastised! Can't fire the writers, so let's just put them in a locked room with only bread and water until they come up with a bunch of story lines befitting our dedicated actors who are sooooo trying to hold this soap together regardless of the crapola that is being tossed their way. Everybody has their favorites on the show. It's the way it will always be -- and should be. Apples and oranges -- bees and trees -- wouldn't it be a boring world if everybody liked the same thing! So, at the very least, each and every character deserves to have the very best material at their disposal. And so it shall be written!

  7. While I don't like the idea, it could be interesting to see the parallels between Jason accepting and loving a child that isn't his and Monica having accepted and loved baby Jason (granted, the circumstances are different).

    I think it would be nice to see JaSam happy for more than a millisecond but what kind of drama is that? Who wants to see a show where everybody gets their happily ever after? The medium thrives on discord.

  8. I honestly don't care one way or another but let's be real Jasam has been pegged as the golden couple so we all know how it's gonna end. The baby will be Jason's and I'm fine with that so as long as they hopefully get backburned(fat chance) and let others have storylines instead of JaSam always being front and center!

  9. I agree with you Robert. I would like for the baby to be Franco's because I think this could draw up good storylines. Jason having to accept the baby. Sam having to accept that she is finally going to have the kid she always wanted, even if it is not in the best circumstances. And this baby will still be a Quartermaine right, since Franco was Alan's as well? Too bad Alan isn't still alive to find this out. He had another son, Heather sold him, Jason killed him. That would have been a great storyline too...And if they would have though even more in the future, if Jake were alive, having Franco's kid and Jason's kid pitted against each other for revenge....
    Back to the question at hand: I also believe this would be a better storyline for Sam also. If this baby is Jason's, it is going to be same ol' I'm kissing Jason's butt Sam. I think that KM can do better than that!

  10. I don't want to see Franco again.
    I do think the s/l would be more interesting if it is Franco's.
    The struggle of Jason must go through. Can he actually raise Franco's baby?? Can Sam, knowing how it was made? Is this something they can overcome? I also think now that McBain is in town, the baby being Francos opens up a door for him and Sam to be together, once they kill off Nat that is.
    And Yes, I do want to see McBam become a couple, this is less likely to happen if the baby's Jason.
    Think about it, So they baby is Jason's, now what?? Where does it go from there?? They live happily ever after??? BORING!!!
    They form of happy puts me to sleep!
    I also think making the baby Jasons so soon after Killing off Jake will only alienate Liason Fans more.
    We want them tuning back in right? We want higher ratings? I believe Many tuned out after Killing off Jakey and Poof Sams preggers.
    So, Yes, I do believe the story would be more interesting if Francos the father.

  11. Since it was always ambiguous that Sam was actually raped, I don't understand why Sam is so definitive now. I was glad to see Franco gone since he didn't really contribute much story-wise and now he is supposedly dead. I really don't care and don't really like Sam anymore anyway.

  12. I HATE Franco, I HATE serial killers, don't find them entertaining. Sam not going to the hospital after her abduction was a horrible message to women, this whole storyline is so painful. Seeing characters face adversity that causes growth is entertaining, as challenges are part of life, and strong characters can be inspiring. Seeing people tortured by serial killers is not something anyone should have to watch. However, as Georgette and others said, I've been watching GH forever, and plan to remain loyal to the end.

  13. I did have high hopes when it was announced that James Franco would be going GH, I enjoy him on the big screen. Then we got Franco, to say as a fan of both James Franco and General Hospital I was disappointed was an understatement. I think to salvage this story at all the baby should be Franco's. Reason being, it does make for good soapy drama, that and considering how badly Sam wanted a baby, did she want a baby bad enough to accept this one, even if it is not Jason's baby? Sure JaSam fans are upset and rightly so, remember the Liason fans when they lost Jake? But would it be boring if the baby was Jason's? Yes.

  14. I also think the baby should be Franco's; it's very soapy. Let Jason & Sam struggle with attempting to raise Franco's son. Jason raised his other brother's son under less than ideal circumstances. I'd like it if Jake were to alive; then maybe Elizabeth and Jason go off to find their son possibly causing Sam to be jealous that Elizabeth once again has Jason's true son. Then Jason struggles with the fact that he failed to keep Jake safe. Resurrecting Jake gives both Jason & Luke a chance at redemption. Not to mention the fact that the cute little actor that portrayed Jake and Jason together were ratings gold. This may well bring back some of the 500,000+ viewers that tuned out after the Jake fiasco.

  15. I think this story could be great if done correctly. Although they did not spend enough time on Sam's "rape", they could go back and really flesh it out if they wanted to. Raising a child who is a product of rape is a real issue. I personally know someone who got pregnant as the result of rape and she loves that child so much. I think this could be an emmy story for Kelly M. Aside from that, I personally believe it is too soon for Jason to have another child after losing Jake and not wanting to be a part of his life. I also think it would be a great catalyst for Jason and Sam to break up as I feel Sam and John have way more chemistry.


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