Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Worst Birthday EVER!

Who's the random peeps at Sonny's Bday party-- Coffee Bean Buyers? 

McBain has a search warrant! Max...ut oh... McBain also brought him a gift: A framed newspaper article about his sister.
Meanwhile, at Johnny's Sonny gets an eyeful! 

WHOOPS. I'm so sorry but Sonny wouldn't have said a WORD he would have taken his gun out  and shot him!! RIGHT THERE!! Brandon Barash was PRICELESS during that scene!! WOW!! He was just gloating. "I touched your girlfriend...over and over"!
Sonny FINALLY pulls out his gun...a BIT TOO LATE. Geesh, he stood there long enough "thinking'!

I HATE CARLY it's Official. I am driving the DRIVE the Kill CARLY TRAIN! 

Michael sees the cake and goes "Holy Crap' ahahhaha. Carly thinks Sonny's just fighting with Kate. Whoops.
CARLY FINDS Johnny and Kate!! Oh wow... just like.Bobbie finding her and TONY!. Aw, Carly how does it feel? 

Alexis should have lied to Jason's face about McBain! Geeeeesh, You're a Cassadine, just LIE LIKE A RUG! Jason is still being an ass. He left Sam there to go save Sonny.  Oy.

And LIASON explosion at the end. Liz tells on Sam...and then cut to Sam talking to the Fronkey in her belly and a JaSam flashback. And Sam says: "I don't want to lose him, send me a sign" 
and...she turns and says "Jason"...

DESTINY calling!! woot!


  1. Good gosh, Sonny had a loooong birthday party and he wasn't there for most of it!

    The action at Johnny's place was indeed amusing! Part of me just wanted to say..."OK, Sonny, enough talking! Just clear the room in a hail of bullets! Oh...and knock Carly off while you're at it too!" I'm not liking Johnny that much these days, I just want the Kate/Connie thing over and Carly...well, she's just getting on my nerves lately. What Karen said...exactly my thoughts when Carly walked in Johnny's bedroom..."How does it feel, Carly?" I guess as the saying goes, what goes around does eventually come around!

    The Jasam stuff is getting unwatchable and Jason's just being a jerk at this point to his wife. Ok...there is honesty, but there is also stupidity. Why not just have Sam keep a journal of everything she does every day, including everyone she comes in contact with every day and she can show that journal to Jason every night...problem solved! Methinks couples may be pairing off differently down the road...Maybe a Liason revisit and a McBain/McCall pairing?

    With that preview we see at the end of the show, the person who gets a bullet to the head looks to be Dr. Keenan. I half expected Max to plug him today. Max and McBain were a hoot as well!

    Carly actually thought a hacked up cake was no cause for alarm? Oh well...I guess weird things are normal in PC; like mobsters who don't lock their doors or have security systems! :-)

  2. Sorry Karen but I still love Carly....I don't like alot of the things she does(sleeping with Tony and picking on Liz) but I still love her! I was really wishing that Carly would kick off her heels and dive onto the bed and start whooping Connie's behind. That's what GH is missing a really good female catfight and I don't mean a slap here and there I mean a good knockout dragout fight. Like the ones they use to have on Dynasty and Falcon Crest. Time to introduce Connie to Caroline!

    Was it just me or did it seems like everyone only came to the party for the cake (r.i.p) It seems like as soon as they found ut there was no cake evryone up and left! lol

    Even though I wish they'd give Johnny his own storyline outside of Sonny I did enjoy his scenes today he was really enjoying rubbing it in to Sonny. Then Carly showed up and he relized just how much he F'd up!

  3. I absolutely HATE Liz's airtime right now. You are only going to show her to tattle on Sam? QUIT WASTING HER AIRTIME!!

  4. Sonny's party: Oh Michael saw the dead Cake and said holy crap! ROFL! Michael tells people about the dead cake. :( Come on Sam tell your mother what is going on! You know she is worried!!!! And Alexis REALLY wants something sweet ROFL! Oh so Jason leaves his pregnant wife alone at the metrocourt! *roll eyes*

    Johnny's home: Sonny thinks Johnny drugged Kate and took advantage of her ROFL! "Kate" says this is where she wants to be!! Oh do I see a naked butt from her? :) Sonny pulls out a gun and wants to shoot both of them ROFL! He calls her a faithless whore! Carly shows up and hears 2 gunshots! Oh Sonny just shoots the wall! Carly sees Sonny leaves and then sees Johnny and "Kate" in bed! Carly is PISSED!!! She wants to kill Kate!

    Sonny's home: McBain and Max! ROFL! Great scene with them! I want more scenes with them! I'll call them McMax! :) I want more McMax! :) McBain wants to give Max a cookie ROFL! Max can't follow McBain because Ewen shows up wanting to see Kate!!! ROFL! Max told him off and kicked him out WOAH MAX!!! :) That was hot. :) Sonny is alone and pissed!!! Sonny even yelled at Max.

    Ewen and Liz: Zzzzzzzz.

    Liz and Jason: YAY a scene with them!! Jason asks Liz if he had seen McBain!!

    Oh and Melodybluez you said yesterday, that you hope the cake has a decent burial,Yes I hope the Cake gets a decent burial too! With flashbacks of Cake when she was a child!

  5. Karen said: "You're a Cassadine, just LIE LIKE A RUG!"

    OMG Thank you SO much for the laugh!!! I needed it today.

  6. Question: is this the first time anyone has cheated in Sonny and Carly? I know they've been the cheaters several times. I don't feel bad for either of them. And Carly felt betrayed by Jax over Brenda? Lol! Jax was a once on a lifetime dream. Luke had it right.

  7. The more I watch Carly, the more I am glad I am gay.


  8. As much as I understand everyone being upset with Jason on how he's handling the whole situation, I have to say it's a lot to take in all at once. Not an excuse, but human.

    Finding out that you killed your own twin. He and not you, is the father of the child that you and your wife are expecting. Watching your wife being raped and there was nothing that you could do about it. He clearly blames himself. Your wife continues to confide in someone else. She continues to lie to you about important things.
    Knowing how much Jason hates being lied to. He's focusing on the lying more than anything else.

    So really, some reprive is warranted.

    If this is supposed to be a more balanced show with the entire cast being used, I don't see it!

  9. I didn't watch on tv , sorry. It's the jasam, Sonny/kate/Carly show still and I can't stand it. I found that what I did watch was very predictable ( Sonny, Johnny, kate, Carly scenes ). This regime seems to have its own favorites and its clear who they are. I think jasam will last because they did the flashback scene ( they love flashbacks ). Liz is reduced to being Amy vining( used to love amy ) and Liz is no amy. Sorry for Rebecca Herbst because it seems they don't consider you important enough to give you a real story of your own even after signing a new contract, you are background. Jason questioned Liz like she was a witness in a case and he was a cop , but they will set Liz up as the bad guy who snitched when she actually was walking away from jason. I actually didn't enjoy the show and I hope they have something better up their sleeves because I am not encouraged.

  10. Karen i don't understand this part of your blog:
    I HATE CARLY it's Official. I am driving the DRIVE the Kill CARLY TRAIN!

    what did Carly do that was so bad? i wanted to kill Connie though LOL . i actually wished i was Carly with a gun!!!

  11. Also I have to ask what was the reason for the birthday party? Connie acted like she was going to destroy Sonny at his own party in front of everyone. The only thing she destroyed was a awfully decorated perfectly good chocolate cake (r.i.p)

    She could of at least taped her and Johnny having sex. Then showed up to the party wearing a horrible 80's dress and poofy hair give a very over the top campy speech about payback and then played the taped for the entire party (Sonny encluded) to see. Now that would have been better

  12. I have never liked Carly, and LW's version of her is particularly obnoxious to me. I may be in the minority, but I am completely turned off by the Johnny-Carly relationship. She gives 'cougar' a whole new meaning. She's all about herself, and everyone else - including her children - be damned. I wish she and Sonny would take a one-way trip to Sonny's island and never be heard from again. I do love me some Brendan Barash and wish they would put him with someone else. Actually, I think that Johnny and Liz could be really great together. He has a really tender and caring side, and I think that Johnny could have a future in PC without the Mob, and it would be great to see him in a relationship that took him out of Sonny's orbit. And Becky has great chemistry with all the men she's paired with.

    I am going to be SO mad if McBam turn out to be siblings. Up to this point I have not been much of a Sam fan (I find JaSam mindnumbingly boring, and while a Liaison fan, I SURE don't want Liz with the Jason I've been seeing on my screen lately), BUT I have to say that McBain brings out so many more levels in Sam. They really do have amazing chemistry. I really like them together, and find myself rooting for them everytime they're together onscreen.

    Amen, Brender! Liz is being completely wasted at this point, and I HATE that her air time is once again being used to revisit the same old Liz-Sam antagonism. With Jason so changed, I would love to see Rick Hearst return to GH as a changed Ric Lansing and sweep Liz off her feet. He did some terrible things in the name of loving Liz, but I think perhaps he is the man who loved her most truly and deeply. I loved Liric!

  13. Oh, Karen, I have hated Carly for years, she is horrible trailer trash, why every millionaire in town falls madly in love w/her is a mystery to me.

  14. Watching today, I felt some real disappointment. The show is still too violent, still too dark (even with better lighting) and we are still stuck watching the unholy 3.

    At first I figured it was just because the new team were wrapping up some old story, but today it seemed they had really gotten into that awful Guza mindset of guns and violence and no moral balance. That is what sunk the show to the bottom of the ratings and we need REAL change before the ratings will move up again....

    We need to see Anna, we need a good story for Luke, we need to see Alexis with Mac...etc.

  15. 'Brandon Barash was PRICELESS during that scene!! WOW!! He was just gloating. "I touched your girlfriend...over and over"!'
    How beautiful were those scenes??

    Brender said...
    I absolutely HATE Liz's airtime right now. You are only going to show her to tattle on Sam? QUIT WASTING HER AIRTIME!!
    I agree. I completely ff thru all her scenes. And Ewans. And Sam's.
    As well as McNostrils.

    Watchintele said...
    As much as I understand everyone being upset with Jason on how he's handling the whole situation, I have to say it's a lot to take in all at once. Not an excuse, but human.
    ditto and thank you.

    kerinah said...
    Karen i don't understand this part of your blog:
    I HATE CARLY it's Official. I am driving the DRIVE the Kill CARLY TRAIN!
    what did Carly do that was so bad?
    NOTHING. She did nothing more than usual. Everyone on this blog is allowed to bash except a few of us who bash Karen's favorite.

    Connie slept with Johnny! OYY was it fast moving today.

  16. Previes Felicia & Maxie. Can't wait.

  17. I agree My2Cents, I can't wait for Felicia and Maxie. I hope they use Felicia well. I also hope to see Mac!

  18. Ohhh Uncle Mac & Felicia can 'pick up' some LOVIN!!

  19. The best part about the show was seeing BB half nekked! And seeing Johnny CRUSH Carly!The bitch deserved it and i hope this puts a stake through the most BORING CHEMISTRY FREE on screen couple GH has ever had AKA Carly/Johnny!

  20. Oh, My 2cents, a little catty today? LOL..go ahead bash my 'favorite' and let me know who that is, please!!

    CARLY: I have liked her since the start even with her terrible flaws. Sarah and Tams played her well--THIS Carly is just a screaming shrew. Of course, it's the writing, not the acting. Today, Carly just got on my last nerve bugging Sam and acting all smarmy with Michael.

  21. Karen, I apologize. I was disrespecful. This is your blog and though there are rules for us, nobody states you should follow the same rules. BAD DAY! lol

    'And LIASON explosion at the end'.
    Where was the explosion?? What was so good about the 30 second scene?
    This is what baffles me about the character. She is worshipped to no end, and she isn't a nice person either!!
    Carly works my nerves most of the time as well. I can't dispute that. Not as much as Liz.

    However when someone called you out on your comment about Carly, I just had to get My2cents in.

    Please forgive me.

  22. Whatever happened to the rule about 2 comments per person??

  23. Are you the Police Ginny now for this Wubsite??

  24. Thank you MatchboxGinny. Some folks seem to think the rules don't apply to them and/or their opinions are the only ones that matter. That said, I've learned that regardless of how many people point this out to them they still refuse to beleive it...again they are better thent he rest of us. I try to ignore them but sometimes their constant buzzing is like a mosquito and you just want to smuish them, lol. They don't seem to care (or even realize) how disrespectful they are to other posters on this site but it is their disrespect for Karen that really bothers me.

  25. Frisco I apologized to Karen, and that is why there was more than 2 posts. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS>
    Get a life.

  26. I may be in the minority here...but I liked Carly. I like how she layed into Johnny, and I don't like how they are writing Jason. I mean I know he is mad but he is being a straight jerk.

  27. Isn't Jason supposed to be brain-damaged by the car accident from years ago? He is also a hitman. why would anyone expect him to be a considerate and compassionate husband? just sayin'....

  28. Wubs Blog Police here! *blows whistle, shows badge*

    Time-out for you! Outta the sandbox!

    LOL :))


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