Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I can't STAND SKATE!! I can't stand her! UGH and usually I love DID stories but this is so painful and they are on EVERY DAMN DAY!! 

Oh, Sam and McBain are my "Miss You" Blink 182 song... ahhhhhhhh!! They yapped on the bench too long! They'd better not be siblings either. I want a full blown other-wordly sabbat-ridden WUB story here. Sam says the baby is Franco's--some have the question if Heather could have changed that paternity test. Hmmmm, not sure.
McBam  HUG1!

VERDICT IS IN! Like Sonny would ever go to jail! LOL Right. Whatever. Hey, Carly did see Starr finally. OMG did you see Carly sit next to Johnny and not Jason? YEPPER!
 WOW, Sonny's free! Not Guilty. Who would have thought it?!! Starr in her PitBull mode.  She often does that for non-watchers of OLTL.

Heather is the best part of this show. Steve's shirt looks just like PJs!! She brought up that Steven Lars and Jason were cousins--finally!

Mulva's hubby Eddie came on. Crap and I kinda liked Dolores today!! She was pretty good when he was saying he wasn't guilty! Geesh, Ronnie just admit you did it...lol.

Hello there the angel from my nightmare
The shadow in the background of the morgue
The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
Where you can always find me
And we'll have Halloween on Christmas
And in the night we'll wish this never ends
We'll wish this never ends

(I miss you I miss you)

(I miss you I miss you)


  1. Kate and Sonny: Come on Sonny! Let Kate talk! She is trying to explain to you what is going on!!! Oh I can hear Connie talking in Kate's head! :) Damn Sonny gets a phone call from Alexis! The verdict is in!!!

    Kelly's: Damn Heather was about to spill the beans to him about Franco being his twin and about the baby! But Jason wanted to leave. Heather thinks Jason is being rude! ROFL! Alexis shows up to tell Jason that the results are in for Sonny's trial. Heather isn't happy with Alexis! Heather probably finds Alexis rude too ROFL!

    The courthouse: Alexis gets the line of the day today when she told Johnny to go back to doing Sonny's ex wife ROFL!

    Police station: No something is not right. I was thinking is Ronnie the REAL stripper beater and he is setting Mulva's hubby up? Well they found Mulva's hubby! He is hot! :) He has no idea about the stripper pictures! He has never seen it before!! AH HA! So was I right? Is Ronnie the stripper beater and setting Mulva's hubby up? :) The guy who attacked Mulva, had hair!!! Mulva's hubby is bald!!! Unless he wore a wig hmmm. No it's Ronnie I bet! :)

    McBain and Sam: The results says Franco is the father! Hmmm Heather did you switch the DNA results? :)

    Karen!!! When talking about Steven LARS's shirt, you didn't say Steven LARS!!! :0

  2. I go on a couple boards that say Jason and Sam and Sonny and Kate on too much for there tastes. I can't get into both couples ether.I liked the show today.

  3. Anyone use to watch Santa Barbara? Robin Mattson (Heather) was Gina Capwell, NLG (Alexis) was Julia. At one point they both wanted Mason, who was played by the actor who played Zander's father, the shrink, on GH maybe a decade ago, roughly. AND, at one point before I stopped watching Santa Barbara, Mason had a second personality! Named...Sonny! Mason was this urbane, Greek chorus, and Sonny was a cowboy. It was mostly played for laughs. Intentionally. Anyway, the two actresses were scene partners 25 years ago.

  4. skeebob - LOL! Seriously, you just made me really laugh out loud! I loved Santa Barbara and do remember the whole dual personality w/MasonSonny!! Hahahaha! It's nice seeing the gang back together again, so to speak! Let's get Lane Davies on GH and we'll be all set!

    Hey, anyone remember the character that just lost his wife in a tragic lab explosion....wonder what happened to him??? (sarcasm)

    Patrick, come back to me :)

  5. wow, didn't watch Santa Barbara and had no idea. Only knew Robin from AMC and GH!

  6. Yes I remember her from Santa Barbara....she was great as Gina! How she insisted on her wedding dress be a foot longer than Princess Diana's and when they kicked her out of the house and had Eden make sure she left with nothing so she ended up walking out of the house with only her slip on....lol!! I missed todays GH I'll have to watch it later.

  7. Did anyone else just want Sonny to shut up so kate could talk today? lol That man just takes over a conversation.

    And granted Starr was mad at the courthouse but I would definitely not say she was a Pitt Bull. She was way too shrill for that. And I hate the raspy gasps she keeps adding after she gets mad. I felt like passing her my inhaler. Is the girl ashmatic?

    I actually didn't mind Mulva today either. I loved the interaction with her husband. I think it's because she lost that "attitude" that she usually puts in her voice. She seemed really genuine and upset.

    And since this is a soap, I'm also wondering if someone switched the DNA results. Would McBain do that just to cause grief for Jason. After all we only have his word for the fact that it was Franco's DNA.

    I must mention that I had a little chuckle today when Alexis told Johnny to go back to doing Sonny's ex. lol

  8. As a Brooklyn girl I can say Kate has got the absolute most horrible Brooklyn Accent.

  9. What the hell was Carly wearing today? That top was horrible!

  10. Kate should not be on everyday and ratings will reflect it , in future, if it continues. That is a story that is not exciting. I actually think Sam has much more chemistry with John McBain but I am tired of hearing the line said over and over that maybe they knew eachother in a past life and that's why she's comfortable telling John everything. You have to question your relationships if you don't feel comfortable enough going to your mother or your husband when you have a big problem. You should be able to confide in them even if what you have to tell them is painful. Sam has been warned , even by John, that she shouldn't lie. I am finding it hard to be sympathetic for Sam, at this point.

  11. Karen,
    For some reason Time Warner cable in the Buffalo suburbs has added GH to their Primetime on Demand line-up. Would playing this do anything for the ratings? I really don't understand how they work.

  12. Sorry you didn't get to see Santa Barbara, Karen--perhaps the best soap ever. And Robin played so much comedy and was she GOOD! That's when I liked her best. She and Justin Deas teamed up were a wild pair to watch.

    I remember a crazy scene when Mason and Gina were supposed to marry and all the other ladies showed up with giant hair, dressed in colorful western garb--they looked like a chorus from Nashville. Then the minister showed up and it was Elvis.

    SB had their share of unbelievable and failed stories and yet the best actors were on the show and actors were eager to work on that show because it was so witty and the quality was super. But NBC gave the Dobsons lots of grief in the end. SB won so many awards and the marvelous A Martinez and Marcy Walker were the lead lovers. I still miss Jed Allen and Lane. Does anyone know where Lane Davis is today? They brought him on GH, but Guza obviously didn't want to write for him, so he spent most of his time standing in the background in scenes...until Guza killed him off.

  13. Oh I forgot one other thing. They kept going back and forth to McBam, and Steven LARS with Heather! They did that on OLTL too. It's always so annoying. I wish they would stop that.

  14. I really thought at the last minute Sonny would be convicted and Connie would come out. (Karen Wolek scene) I was surprised it didn't play out that way.

    Sonya...the way the stories are displayed is real similar to OLTL days. Next week, we will see Patty, Emma, and Robin being held. Maxie.
    OLTL changed week to week with their main story.

    I am enjoying everything GH right now except I can't post right afterwards. :( computer issues.

    I LOVE this show. Though one is sick of Sonny, MB is a wonderful actor. I am fine with him. Kate is a looney, and I always have fun with that. Besides this is building up fast. And her performance, sorry Karen is marvelous. I am liking it, even if I am alone.

    Heather is the BEST. LOVE the character. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Sam & McNostrils: she will bed him down soon, as well as should I call Gnat and tell her Jawn isn't coming back?? Or do you think she has moved on as well?? (Gnat) She is another one not to sit around waiting for a man.

    I bet we see more Maxie next week, if Felcia is arriving. I miss you Uncle Mac!!
    I want to see Sonnys dad back on as well.

    I am loving this show. For my taste, they are doing everything right, and now that they are renewed, I would like to see people stop complaining so much!!
    If your fav's aren't playing out that much, it is because the writers either haven't gotten to them yet, or it is what it is.

    btw-doesn't Carly look great lately? Very professional and smart.

    Can't figure out why they didn't bring back ol Kristina. Unless when she was let go they were pissed off at the backlash>?

  15. I don't understand Starr yet. Why would she be so sure Sonny is guilty when all she has is the word of a mobster, loony old man she never met before? Wouldn't it cross her mind "Maybe he didn't do it?" Maybe if Sonny had wronged her before she would blame him so passtionately but I just don't get all the anger towards someone she doesn't know. It just plays a little immature to me.

  16. I loved Santa Barbara and loved too watch it.


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