Sunday, April 29, 2012


I had to share this for people that don't have twitter. Bradford Anderson just tweeted this photo. It's hysterical! Follow him on @BfordAnderson--twitter, you gotta LOVE IT! Brad is now on tour with "Port Chuck" the GH Band--check to see when it's in your area on


  1. Mr Grasshopper.....Diane where are you??

  2. They are playing Magooby's club today in Timonium, MD, just north of Baltimore. I was just there last week visiting my father before going to the beach. That club is literally walking distance from his house. Had this show been last week I just might have gone.

  3. How he can still be on GH is amazing to me.

    Tick tock tick tock

  4. Tammy Wynette said...
    How he can still be on GH is amazing to me.

    Tick tock tick tock

  5. I'm a big fan - I love Spinelli - I wish they would look into his background.... where does he come from? why does he talk that way? Could he have been the love child of Sonny and Connie - and Connie went nutz - personality split way back then - and she ditched the baby....

  6. Watched GH today and I hope Anna and Luke get to kick some ass! I would like to see them take Ronny down. Dante is just foolish. When he was handcuffed to the desk , I found his screaming so wimpy, JMO or perception.

  7. I agree Dante was wimpy, but I think that is how they always write him. I was just happy we had a Sonny free day today!!! I'm sure he will be on the rest of the week.

  8. GH promo shows Sam and Lulu kidnapped by Ronny and McBain and Dante busting in on all of them at a hotel. Glad it's police saving the day but I was hoping Anna could get to kick some butt.

  9. Liked Heather/Luke today and Heather/Elizabeth; and the Anna/Mac/Flea scenes too. Flea, Anna, and Robin (and Scorpio and Frisco too for that matter) were all tight back in the day...Flea was practically a 2nd mom to Robin (moreso than Holly ever was). An Anna/Flea reunion has been LONG overdue...Hope they get some quality scenes! (and yeah, someone haul Bobbie out there too. She and Flea were in-laws for a time!)

  10. A lot of people will disagree with you. Dante was amazing today. Twitter was abuzz with DZs performance today Todays show was amazing today.

  11. Dante was amazing!!

    How much money did Connie stick in that bag? Everytime I looked she was sticking money in that bag.
    Gotta love her.

    Uncle Mac? Felicia or Alexis??

  12. I give Moday's show an A.

    No Starr, Michael,Sam, Jason, Sonny or Carly. As much as I love the actress that plays Carly and think the character is totally soapy, I do get tired of seeing her everyday.

    Instead we had rehabilitated Luke, Alexis, Mac, Anna, Maxie, Felicia, Heather, Liz, etc. Had Tracy been thrown into the mix yesterday I could of given the show an A+. Perhaps Luke could of called Tracy to see if she heard from Lulu and Tracy's protective step momma kicked into action.

    I know some people find Felicia's dialect annoying. I agree she tends to pause in wierd places and that causes her sentences to not flow naturally but I can overlook that to have a non-mob veteran back on the screen.

    JJY knocked it out of the park with his scenes yesterday. Mac showed anger, frustration and concern all at the same time. While DZ certainly turned his acting up a notch I thought he went a little too far and over acted...did not show the same control as JJY. I was glad there was no barware on the desk as Dante's inner Sonny was coming out.

    Ronnie turning the situation on Dante took me be surprise. GH has rarely surprised me in recent years. I like it!

    I do have a few small pet peeves about yesterday's show though:
    1) Why is Liz showing more concern for Ewan then Steven Lars? (I suspect I just opened a can of worms there, haha...)
    2) Why have we not had any Sam and Maxie scenes? At one time they were close it too much to expect Sam to show up to court to support her friend.
    3) Where is Diana or Mayor Flloyd/Preston? Aren't they the journalists in town now running a gossip rag? Surely they would show up to cover the sentencing of the Police Commisheners daughter for murder? Would of been great to see Alexis stand up to them and try to block them from entering the courtroom.

    What ever happened to the rumour of Lucas returning? Maxie might be able to use a cousin now. Would also be nice to see Lucas play big cousin to Michael... provide him with a non mob father figure now that Jax is gone.



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