Monday, April 16, 2012

I Carry These Around Everywhere!

Who's this..? It's HEATHER with he crazy papers!! Are you setting me up on a date? LOL!! 

The docks--wow. McBain and Starr on MY PC DOCKS! :thud" such a dream come true..and with Ron writing? Heaven. Sorry..heaven! Michael had a 2012 calendar with a "date with Abbey" on it and she died LAST YEAR. doh!

Alexis and Sam--just TALK to her Sammy!! Who saw that giant carrot cake behind Sam?! Heh..and Heather is just priceless with her.

ConKate made me laugh today 'JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME AALLLLONE""  She was sooo like that guy that did LEAVE BRITNEY ALOOOOOOOOOOONE!! YouTube!! ahaha

 Wow she walks into Ewan's office when Olivia is there!! Annnnd,  Olivia doesn't MAKE THE CONNECTION. Dang. 

From Jason Thompson on Twitter via Instagram!

 I think the stupidest person on the show is: Steven Lars. There

Oh, and come on... we know it's not going to be Dolores' hubby--tooooo obvious. 

AHAHA LOVED that Heather chased Jason out and called him "cousin"!! hee hee. His face was so fun.


  1. Jason has just been looking bewildered lately. Like, he's so confused...

    Ya know, I liked Starr on OLTL, but she's just not doing it for me on GH. I think the premise is good, and I do like her with Michael, she's just rubbing me the wrong way.

    Curious to see how this whole thing with Connie/Kate and Sonny plays out tomorrow. Is she gonna morph and smash a vase over his head and run away? My money is on THAT, LOL!!

    It really irritates me when people keep getting interrupted on soaps. For shit's sake, just let Alexis and Sam have a moment!

  2. Heather, Olivia, and Steven LARS: Heather gets all upset and starts to cry and runs out ROFL! Heather faking? :) Heather got Steven LARS to change his mind and go to Kelly's! Olivia talks to Ewen and wants Heather gone!! ROFL!

    Alexis and Steven LARS: Alexis has a restraining order for Heather, from Edward!!! Great continuity there! :)

    Alexis and Sam: Come on Sam tell your mother what is wrong!!!

    Heather and Sam: I just love when Heather calls her Samantha! Heather sees Jason!!! And talks about how he is her first cousin removed!! Hahaha! Or something like that. :)

    Jason and Kate: OH! Connie is talking to Kate in her head!!! ROFL! Come on Kate let Connie out!!!!!! :) She wants to play!!!!! :)

    Sonny and Jason: Jason asks Sonny if he notices anything strange with Kate! Sonny says she is just high strung! ROFL!

    Michael and Starr: Oh! She has her own key!! When did THAT happen?

    Starr and Mcbain: I liked the scene. They talk about Sonny and what if the jury finds Sonny not guilty.

    Police station: Mulva does not like it that Dante, Lulu and Ronny are thinking her hubby is beating up the strippers! Mulva lets them go in their house because she has nothing to hide! Oh Dante found something!!! Her hubby has pictures of strippers!!!! :)

    Karen! The leave Britney alone guy!!! After awhile he became annoying! Michael had a 2012 calender? OOPS! :)

  3. Did anyone else notice the 3 pictures that Sonny had of his kids? The Kristina picture was still little bit... sorry I can't remember her name! Maybe she will be coming back after all.

    Also, I think the calendar was a gift from Abby w/ future dates penned in for she and Michael.

    I bet the person beating us the strippers is Mulva!

  4. How come Connie os practically a nymphomaniac now, but way back when she was in high school, she and Sonny dates but never had sex? (It was established early on when the first Kate came on the show.)
    She was supposed to be a good Catholic girl then, so how did THIS sex-mad Connie come about?

  5. I didn't see the scene today where Michael had a 2012 calendar today, but I do remember when Abby gave him the calendar as a present right before she died and she had filled in dates with things they were going to do together.

    Loved the sunny lighting on the show today! Fabulous! Although, it tended to make CuckooConnie look very, very orange with bright yellow hair.

  6. OH GINNY!! GOOD memory!!

    PS. Jaybee yes on the interruptions for god sakes!

    ALL DID alters are nymphos LOL

  7. Everyone keeps talking about the lighting but, to me the police station looks different. Did it get remodeled? Also, the background on the docks when McBain and Starr were talking looked less faded.

  8. Really sick of Sam lying, especially to Alexis. Heather is a riot! Steven Lars is an idiot and so is Sonny. Kristen A. is a horrible actress- makes me really miss Abby.

  9. No it isn't going to be Mulva's hubby, I am betting on the cop who is behind it.

    Loving ALL things Heather, I can't wait for her to go after Olivia next.
    Is Olivia a homehealth care taker now, or Manager of Metro Court??
    Olivia, stay out of Steve & Heathers business. Its only going to come back and haunt you.
    Isn't Heather awesome? She isn't a size 8 or gorgeous, she looks REAL!

    When does Sam tell Jason that he not the baby daddy??
    Then she will go running to McNostrils. That is our Sam, one man to the next.

    I miss Patty & Emma.

  10. I miss Patrick and Emma, too. I sure hope these writers can give him a storyline even without Robin. I think Ronnie is the perp and not Mulva's hubby. Ronnie had access to the stuff that disappeared off the computer as well as Mulva.

  11. Linda...Robin is alive, so we know we are heading for that storyline!!
    I just don't want Patty to fall for someone else!!!!!

  12. I don't know why but I thought the stripper killer was Ronnie from the beginning. Maybe it was too obvious. If we cared about the new guy or Ronnie this might be interesting.....but they're never on, so we don't and this story is stupid.


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