Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ConKate Reads OLTL BOOK!

That's right! ConKate opened the show reading a book on Niki/Viki from OLTL! hahahaaa. Great shot. 
 Sean was back today with the giant manish stripper. (someone on twitter told me I can't say  tranny anymore :sobbing:)
Sonny gets a restraining order against JOHN McBAIN! LOL Oh! Sam goes to the lakehouse to see Alexis. Alexis had to leave..awww. Poor Sam. McBAIN shows up and oh no!! LOL.. She's going to give in to the McBAM  and tell him?? Really?
Heather is  A BEAUTY to behold heh...she's just ruthless. That's how the baddies were in the old days. No whitewashing, no flip flopping, no "Character" development. Just crazy as hell. LOL No apologies! LOVED Her talking to Steven Lars.  hee hee.

Anna and Olivia meet!  I love it...and Olivia totally outs Connie in a blink of an eye. heh

Lulu gives Spin a folder without even THINKING about it... she's such a Spencer. NOW she wants to pose as a stripper. PLEASE!!

Damn it... Heather has to call Steven Lars "Steve" now. He's STEVEN LARS FOREVER!!

NEW Spoilers UP!


  1. Steve and Olivia: Are they having lunch or dinner? Heather calls Steve!!! YAY!!!

    Steve and Heather: YAY! GREAT SCENE!!! :)Yeah heather no more Steven Lars!!! But yes Karen! Steven Lars forever! :)

    Mcbain and Anna: Team McAnna!!! :) They are talking about Kate and the gun! :) Wondering if the gun is hers. :) Great stuff! :)

    Jason and Connie: LOVE THAT OLTL BOOK! I didn't even know there WAS a book!!! :) Yes Karen great shot! Jason and Connie scene BAHAHAHAHAHA! First he was talking to Kate Zzzzzzzz. And then Connie comes out and tells Jason off!! BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

    Sam and Alexis: She was going to tell Alexis what she learned but Alexis had to go. Sam is alone and starts boohooing. Oh there is a knock on the door! I was thinking it is Ric? Wait no it's not! It's McBain!!! :) I felt the chemistry! :)

    Police station: Oh Shawn shows up with that stripper lady he had a date with before. She was beaten up!! Oh Mulva is talking to her hubby! He didn't come home last night. Lulu and Dante are there. Hey does Lulu have different hair extensions? Very cute. Better than the other hair extensions.

  2. I personally think that the stripper looks like Sareena Williams.....I love Sareena but have always believed that her muscles make her look manly!

    I could personally watch an entire episode of Heather alone....luv her!

    So Dante just hands over key evidence in a case to a file clerk.....haven't he ever heard of chain of evidence?

    Jason's face when Connie came out was just priceless! I have no words for Sam because I believe if she was a real mob wife she would have been wacked a long time ago because she doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut!

    *sidenote* I read on Soaptown USA that Tuc Watkins (David Vickers) will be coming to Port Charles. Apparently he and Dorian had a falling out because of and affair with an inter and his movie career has taken a hit. So he shows up in PC to try and get his own tv show....because we all know that's where you go to get famous in movies! {eyeroll} RC is even listed as saying that he's gonna have David interact with Sonny, Jason and Carly and that it's gonna be funny. I take this with a grain of salt until it's announced but we'll see!

  3. LaTanya said..Apparently he and Dorian had a falling out because of and affair with an inter
    What?!?!?! Dorian had an affair with an intern? That is ridiculous!!! I would never buy that!!!

    I take this with a grain of salt until it's announced but we'll see!
    I would throw that salt out!!! :)

  4. Heather in her prison togs reminded me of the great Aussie soap, Prisoner: Cell Block H.

  5. The opening shot of Kate reading the Viki/Niki Jess/Tess book made my day!! Thank you RC for throwing such a fun and happy bone to those of us who miss OLTL.

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  7. Heather getting Steven Lars, Steven, Steve to "free her"....who is the crazy one? lol!

    Enjoyed Cuckoo Connie especially when she was telling Jason off and that she is #1 with Sonny not him! Hahahaha!! Funny stuff indeed!

    McBam...can't wait till tomorrow, absolutely love them :))

    Sonya...LOL! Team McAnna!!Fabulous!

  8. Is anyone else thinking it could get really interesting if Heather finds out that Johnny is messing with her 'Stephen Lars'? I think she might make him rue the day. ( Hopefully she won't kill Jonny. I like him.) I think she will be our new resident crazy. I'm not feeling Kate/Connie in that role. But Heather looks like she could pull it off big time.

    And Sam talking to McNostrils again...about private business too. I'm thinking she ends up being a relative. Are we sure his sister is dead?

  9. Loved "Connie" giving Jason the what-for and tossing him out of her office.

    Go Connie!

  10. mentioned "Prisoner: Cell Block H".

    I *loved* that show!

  11. sonya said...
    LaTanya said..Apparently he and Dorian had a falling out because of and affair with an inter
    What?!?!?! Dorian had an affair with an intern? That is ridiculous!!! I would never buy that!!!
    Your kidding right hon?? Yea I believe it. More than anything, I hope this is true. I am really loving GH right now.
    For years I have been waiting for history to repeat itself, and it is with Heather, Susan Moore, Jason, Steve, Anna, and hopefully Dr Jeff.
    Been waiting I am happy. Add David Vickors to that?? OMG! This show IS NOT being cancelled.

    McNostrils..go home to your family.

    Karen, I will have to replay the beginning, I missed the book part.

  12. Will we find out who Liz's mother is this year?? Now that is a storyline I would like to explore.

  13. Can Tuc Watson bring David Vickers the dog with him?

  14. All I have to say is that yesterday's show was excellent!! I loved everything about it, especially no Carly. If they keep this up we have a real winner here. McBain is really sexy!

  15. Oh no1!! I don't want Sam to be McBain's sister...they have sexy chemistry!! I'd love to see her with a "good" guy...her role is sooooo tired! This would totally liven her up!


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