Thursday, April 12, 2012

A BLT At Kelly's!

Oh Heather mentions Dr. Jeff and his fave BLT sammaches!! Oh loved Heathe's line "He prefers blondes"!! Heh...RUBY MENTION, Rose Mention..and Heather WACKS the milkshake all over Anna.  OMG!! TOO FUNNY!

Olivia goes in for Heather but Ewan thinks she's talking about ConKate! LOL

OH Johnny looked all suave--shaved, suited up! Me likey.

Michael is groping Starr in front of Sonny...

The Trial: Tracy saying "Not that I wouldn't have minded" (Sonny killing AZ) heh. Starr on the stand was interesting. Now, her testimony about Anthony saying Sonny shot out his tires is total hearsay isn't it?? Half the questions asked couldn't be asked in real life LOL.

Dr. Kelly was too fun..she knew Sam was up to something! Stupid Jason didn't though. And BTW, the whole "Sam is lying"?? Well, THAT'S WHAT SOAP CHARACTERS DO...they LIE! LIE LIE! Ultrasounds are so much more graphic now.  

CAN'T WAIT FOR Crazy to come out on the stand!! WOOT! 


  1. Don't you think Sonny should have at least shaved before going to court? The man must love the gangsta look - slicked back hair and stubble. Johnny on the other hand looked great. And Michael actually looked like a clean cut uni student. (I really hope they're turning his character around.)

    I laughed out loud at Luke's face when he saw Heather in Kelly's. That woman is such a nut case. lol

    Now how would Heather know Sam?

  2. Remember Sam went to meet Heather in the looney bin to get information about Jason! Only saw half of todays show. I think the whole thing with Kate on the stand is a cop out. She said her name is Connie Falk(sp?) because that was her real name before she changed it. I don't think Connie is gonna show up just yet even though I hope she does!

  3. Rumors are that Kate will turn out to be a very bad/evil person and not have real DID. Her past will come out, perhaps not on the stand.
    I watched today but didn't find it interesting but everyday can't be good. I do find kate's story dull and it makes me want to skip the show. At least , today didn't focus only on her.
    As for jasam, word is that they just want to make them weather the storm. Endgame is jasam. Wow, Kelly Monaco must have some great contract with GH. Sorry, KM/McBain fans.
    Rebecca Herbst told SID that she feels more encouraged about Liz's storyline than she has in a long time. She didn't reveal what's coming up but I hope it is real romance and intrigue for her and not the bashing of 3 yrs. Considering she was fired and then her character written into the ground, and now she is on contract, here's hoping she is treated better on the show.

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  5. Thanks LaTanya. I was thinking past connection and missed the obvious. lol

  6. You know, it occurs to me that this version of Connie is a bit contradictory. It was established long ago that Connie was a 'good' girl in high school and she and Sonny dated but did not have sex back then. He had sex with Olivia, but not Connie.

    So why is she practically a nympho now? Now we have this woman who comes on to every man, who talks sex, who is ready to do it in a restaurant? Where did THAT Connie come from?

    Ah well, no matter. The really fun interesting stuff on the show is Luke and Anna. Love then together! They make each other laugh. I think something could gradually develop there that would be lovely. It has been years since I actually enjoyed Luke. It seemed Guza was trashing him all the time or thinking up stupid diamond heists to get him out of town for TG's vacations. That was NOT the real Luke. The real Luke is this not quite so sure of himself, witty, concerned guy, being decent to his best friend's wife. (ex-wife?) Yes, Luke could con with the best of them, but usually for self-protection or protection of family. When he got money, he usually blew it. He was a bit of an inverted snob, like when he stood up for Ruby and her 'business enterprises', when Heather was trying to 'expose' her.
    He never lost his Elm Street pride, but could move in the best circles as well.

    What we need now is a bit of Bobbie to conspire with him over this Heather problem!

  7. Am I the only one having fun with Connie these days??
    Karen...why do I see Connie/Kate pulling a 'Karen Wolek' on the stand??

    LOVING the show.
    No problem with Liz & Ewan now that I know he has a Jax connection!

    As far as KeMo being a fav of the show, GO FIGURE!! She has a great body, other than that, I fail to see all the excitment with her as well.

    LOVED GH on Thursday, can't wait for today, and the next year!

  8. I bet new Dr Jeff is on the horizon!!!!!!!!

  9. Between Kelly Monocos eye rolls and Steve Burtons blinking, I get dizzy/headaches.

  10. I think connie DID have sex with sonny and got pregnant and then scared - which is why she left sonny and ran away to school - had a baby - which TREVOR delivered - remember Trevor? and Trevor told her the baby died - which traumatized her - bringing about a complete split... Trevor gave the baby to a woman to raise -- and that baby IS: Spinelli! Tah Dah!!

    I know - Ill keep my day job.

  11. soaplover said...So why is she practically a nympho now? Now we have this woman who comes on to every man, who talks sex, who is ready to do it in a restaurant? Where did THAT Connie come from?
    I have NO idea where this Connie came from, but I don't care! ROFL! I love Connie! :) Kate is boring, but Connie is so much fun! I want more Connie! :)

    2Cents says No problem with Liz & Ewan now that I know he has a Jax connection!
    Well, we really don't know if Ewen has a Jax connection yet! :)


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