Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Happened While I was Away?!

Soooooooo what's the skivvy? Someone on FB said Today's GH was really fun. I got home too late to watch. I have to get back into the game tomorrow big time!! 



  1. Today was a fun/goofy episode, I liked it!

    Heather walking around with her release papers from Ferncliff, meeting Anna, Luke thinking Heather was going to pull a gun on them...LOL! What fantastic scenes with them! Anthony Geary is back as Luke. You can tell he's enjoying the writing.

    Kate/Carly having a full-on bitchfest in the middle of the Metro Court restaurant w/Sonny & Johnny watching was fantastic! "I'll kick your ass.." HAHAHA! Good stuff!!

    Spin/Matt/Dr.Abs - Silliness, pure silliness. There was a moment when Dr. Abs (NB) looked like he was really laughing when Spin was trying to jump at him...again, good stuff!

    On a negative note...well for me at least, was finding out there will be a cameo appearance by Alexis who is on one of the Real HoWives shows. I am livid. This is so unnecessary in my opinion. What next, a walk-on by a Kardashian? Very disappointing.

    Also, another fave soap of mine Days, is going thru a firing bloodbath and it's breaking my heart, and from what I've heard there are more firings to come. Clearly, the new people in charge and soaps in general have absolutely no idea what it is the fans want and need from their soaps. Very sad for soap fans who are tired of getting jerked around by TPTB.

  2. matchbox ginny
    exactly wht I was thinking about TG - Luke is back as opposed to that sorry excuse we were stuck with for the last few years. He really looks as though he's having fun.

  3. Steven LARS and Olivia: They are thinking of who Heather would visit! Steven LARS brings up Scotty Baldwin and Edward. Steven LARS realizes that Heather could be with Luke!

    Anna, Luke, and Heather: BAHAHAHAHAHA! Great scene!!! The look on Luke's face when he sees Heather! ROFL! He is scared. She wrote him a letter. She hates Anna! Luke thought Heather has a gun so he throws his body over Anna on the couch to protect her ROFL! Skye and Laura was brought up. Steven LARS shows up and Heather says, Steven LARS! Steve. ROFL!

    Heather: She tells Steven LARS that she isn't going to ruin Luke and Anna. But when she is alone, she says she wouldn't dream of it. For now! DOH! :)

    Spin and Matt: Awww SpinMatt hugged!! :) They are suspicious of Ewen! Spinny has an argument with a plant! ROFL! I call them SpinMatt, but someone on another board, calls them Spatt. :) I like it so I wanna call them SpinMatt-Spatt. :) Matt distracts Ewen so Spinny can break into Ewen's office, to find something about Maxie. He finds something alright but it has nothing to do with Maxie. Spinny finds a piece of paper that will have someone committed who works at Crimson. But it's not Maxie. It's Kate!!

    SpinMatt-Spatt and Ewen: Spinny confronts Ewen with the paper! Ewen says it's not Maxie it's a patient of his. Great scene! SpinMatt-Spatt argue!! Spinny realizes it was Kate that is going to be committed! Spinny calls Stone cold and leaves a message about Kate!

    Sonny, Johnny, Kate, and Carly: GREAT SCENE!!!! Kate vs Carly! CAT FIGHT!!! :) Come on I wanted slapping and hair pulling! But no. :( Sonny and Johnny had words hahaha!

    Carly and Johnny: HOT HOT HOT! :) They had hot sex! :)

    Kate and Sonny: Kate has a headache! ROFL! Take something for it Kate! They make love. Come on Connie come out!

    Connie and Johnny: After Kate and Sonny, and Carly and Johnny had sex they are all sleeping. Connie comes out and calls Johnny! ROFL!

  4. Yes today was funny but I have to comment on yesterday with these three words.....SON OF SKITTLES!!! That's the name of the pony that Luke gave Tracey for her birthday and i just love it.

    I think Johnny and Carly was hot! I was on GH's FB page during the show and not too many people like them together some even called Carly ugly and a troll. I reminded them that when talking about looks their talking about the actor not the character and Laura Wright is far from ugly.

  5. Good stuff today! Fin/Tony/Robin looked like they were having a blast. Lots of nostalgia worked in with Heather back (Scotty Baldwin! Laura!)

    Spin/Matt = the new Robert and Luke. Bromance fun!

    Hell, I even enjoyed the catfight/mob crap in the Metro court.

    This show is a lot more watchable than it was this time 2 years ago. More people need to tune in!

  6. My favorite moment is when Heather insists she just wants Luke to get to know her better, and Luke has this look on his face as he says 'Oh, I know you better (gulp) already.' That little swallow between 'better' and 'already' was priceless! It is marvelous to have Luke back. He and Anna are so good together. They seem real, natural, as he and Tracy never could for me. Actually, I'm kind of enjoying AZ and Tracy as a couple! If only they hadn't made AZ so evil and a multiple murderer when Guza was doing the show.

    That whole thing when Heather shows up and then discovers Anna's jacket and Anna comes out to see what is going on and says she lives there (with Luke), oh, that was GOOD.

    And Kate trying so hard to stay in control at Metro Court but getting more and more loud and nasty with Carly. My Heavens, Carly could barely get in a word!

    Steve is being an idiot and you can see Olivia is getting irritated with his blind 'mother' spot.

    And Spin behind that fake tree and getting caught in it--then snatching on the papers--all of it good. I miss Spin's old way of talking though.

    Enjoyable episode all around and more people working. Sonny is on but with less focus on him and less time to be annoying. Again, with him it is all about Sonny, believing Carly is only with Johnny to irritate him, Sonny.

  7. Heather and Luke alone were pretty hilarious!

  8. Carly needs to 'butt' out and go home and be a mother. At that point I may gain respect for her. Other than that, she looked gorgeous in that suit she has been wearing and her and Kate, or Connie and anyone bytch fighting is always a pleasure to watch. Carly is good at it, yet Connie/Kate came close. I especially liked what she said about Carly's kids.
    Sorry, but I will be outvoted when I say the kids belong with their fathers. Sonny/Jax.

    Spin/Matt-too silly. FF.

    Heather is marvelous this time around, I am putting my seat belt on and enjoying every minute of her. What does she have planned for Olivia??

    The trial starts today. BIG DEAL.

    Jason..you may want to leave the country now. Though I love looking at you daily, Sam is gone for sure to McNostrils. If you want to save your marriage and screw Sonny at the same time, hit the road. Sonny dont deserve you as a friend or an employee!!

    Don't watch Days but I hear its not fairing well. Oh well, GH is here to stay while there are soaps to watch daytime!



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