Monday, April 23, 2012

Sam, why would you tell ANYONE about Franco? Who cares....just leave him dead. 

Carly is charging her Uncle Luke for stuff? Oh, Luke's not going to like that!! Watch OUT Caroline!! It may come back to bite you! "I was hoping it was a girlish infatuation" not that YOU WERE IN LOVE WITH HIM!! LOL Then Luke says "get your head out of your shapely butt" and reminds Carly they are FAMILY.

Alberta was on set the day the ConKate Johnny scenes were filmed! 

 Sonny's party is still rollin' along. LOL.. ConKate has to have been gone for awhile now, she's at Johnny's all ready to go! What was Johnny kicking on the floor?? geesh. See that photo up there? Yep, my lobster was on SET THE DAY THIS WAS FILMED!! See Connie's pink shirt?! Yep! ConJon have sex--oooooooo.

Notice at the party what a douche Jason was being. GOD..he's such a baby. Alexis tells them Molly wants to name the baby "Apollo" !! hee hee. Jason walks off, sulking. Sulk, Sulk.  Alexis "this is more than just a deficit in his social skills" heh..yep, he's a SULKER! Sonny's party was so boring, Johnny should have sent over Strippers from Vaughn's to liven the place up!!

Ronnie and Lulu how obvious. Lulu's going to be in trouble! Seems stupid she'd be working when Dante is at the party. I'm assuming this is night time? Not a lot to file after 5pm. LOL She finds out Ronnie was off duty when every stripper was attacked.

Looks like Steve's dragged into the Organ Stealing ring! Steve's getting talked to by the Memphis police  showed up. (Heather called Olivia)

AND SONNY WALKS IN ON CONJON in bed--and Alexis tells  Jason Sam confided in  McBain. Whoops!


  1. Sonny's party: Alexis REALLY wants to eat the cake! ROFL! Sorry to have to tell you Alexis, but the cake is dead! :'( Sonny saw the dead Cake!!! It was bleeding all over the place!!! Jasam zzzzzzzzz. Come on Sam! Tell your mother what is going on!!! Alexis is so sweet to Sam and Jason. Poor Cake tho. :( TEAM CAKE FOREVER!

    Johnny's home: The scene and line of the day goes to Connie!! Connie on the phone with Sonny.

    Connie: Johnny! No!

    ROFL! The way she said it ROFL!

    Luke and Carly: Great uncle and niece scene!! The old Luke is SOOOOOO back! :) They talk about Jax. :(

    Johnny and Connie: GREAT SCENE!! They are having sex when Sonny walks in!!! WOOT WOOT!!! :)

    Police station: Lulu is looking at the duty roster of Ronnie and look Ronnie shows up! :) She has to quickly delete his name. Ronnie looks very suspicious of her!!!! Lulu left the police station to go to the party, and Ronnie is following her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh dear!!! RUN LULU RUN!!!!!

  2. I'm just not liking this Sonny/Connie/Johnny storyline at all!

    Ummm what happened to Ewan? Is he still waiting for Kate at Shadybrooke? I know some people can be a little late but she was suppose to meet him that morning after an hour or so it seems like he would have went looking for her or called the police!

  3. the whole eppie was kind of a snooze-fest.

    worst party ever, no one notices the hostess was missing that long?

    poor carly, i kinda like her with johnny.. i wish they would get jax back..

    question: on the home page is said: **Sam and Carly: the new Blair and Tea?

    what does that mean exactly?

  4. Tanya said...question: on the home page is said: **Sam and Carly: the new Blair and Tea? what does that mean exactly?
    Well on OLTL years ago, Blair and Tea had an argument, and Tea fell out of a window. More years later and they had an argument, and this time Blair fell out of a window. So, maybe Sam or Carly will fall out of a window! ROFL!

    Hey did anybody catch Sonny calling Cake a bitch?! Damn Sonny! It's not Cake's fault it died!!! Go after Connie it's her fault! She murdered Cake! :'(

  5. Looks like it is going to be an interesting week! We hope! :-)

    With the ending today, though it seems like Brandon Barash is staying, if we believe what is being said amongst the rumors, I question Johnny making it to his next birthday after today! The writers seem to be working overtime making Johnny as sleezy as they can so we stop liking him! Seems from the previews that Carly's alleged love fest with Johnny isn't going to last very long and she and Sonny will have some revenge in mind! Saw that coming!

    Lulu and the Ronnie mess...saw that coming too. She'll be in deep duty simply because she couldn't keep mum about her thoughts, as per normal. Not a good outlook for Lulu...a suspect a damsel in distress again!

    Sam and Jason (Apollo Morgan...made me do a spit take practically!) it is just getting tiring with Sam on her vow of silence (Talk to your mom, for heaven sake...that is what moms are for!) and Jason feeling like he's being lied to all the time. Not to mention that this kid has suddenly become HER baby because of his paternity. I am so glad Michael pointed out to Jason today that he managed to love him like a dad when he was little, even though he wasn't biologically his! Good point there, Michael!

    Caroline and Uncle Luke...good stuff! Luke called that one out well!'re forgetting that Luke has plenty of practice with Johnny. In fact, you sound pretty much like your cousin Lulu, declaring that he wouldn't hurt a fly and that he's a good man. Luke's heard this song before and he ain't buying it! Oh well...Lulu had to learn the hard way and so will Carly, it seems!

    I hope the poor cake gets a decent burial! :-)

  6. Yes, RIP dear cake, you with the lucious blue frosting and devil's food, Alexis would have loved to have eaten you, and so would I!

    WHY ON EARTH would Johnny's door have been unlocked? Kate assumed Sonny would come in and find them--makes no sense, as the door would have been locked. Johnny agrees to bang her so that Sonny will find them--makes no sense, as the door would have been locked. And, Sonny JUST OPENED THE DOOR, HE EXPECTED IT TO BE UNLOCKED!! Karen, you didn't comment on this, neither did anyone else, am I missing something?

  7. I am so ready for this Connie/Kate storyline to be done and see her carted away to Shadybrook. Michael has to be the dullest character on the show, maybe because he has no friends or anything going on in his life. Sick of seeing Sonny on my screen every day. Glad to see Alexis though, and Luke and Caroline scenes were good. Her hairstyle yesterday was most unbecoming. Jason has some nerve pouting when his wife was the one who was raped. Not thrilled with the possibility of BB leaving. Can't they just kill off Sonny? I am really looking forward to seeing Felicia. Maybe then I can stop grumbling, LOL.


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