Thursday, April 26, 2012

OUT of OFFICE Today!

Sorry but I'm outta here for today-- Let me know what happens!! I think I had my fill of ConKate anyway. Maybe it's good to take a day off... heh.
Thanks for your support and have a WUBBY day !


  1. Cosmo-thank you for agreeing with me!! I think in the past I have mentioned we are the same age and have been watching this show the same # of years. Perhaps that is why we agree on much?? I have to add that JJ, Fiola, Luke, LW, MB are all excellent actors. We just don't need to see them daily!!!
    (YES I think MB is a terrific actor)

    I am FFing thru Jason & Sam.
    However, Roger is coming to G/H. If Jax isnt coming back, could Carly be his next conquest? Could they be the new SUPERCouple of daytime?? I could see it!!!

    Kate/Connie was nothing short of 'brilliant' in this role!!
    KUDOS to Kate!!

  2. Kate and Ewen: Ewen finds her at Johnny's! He takes her to Shadeybrooke! :) Ewen tries to call Sonny. He leaves a message to Sonny, when Connie hits him over the head! YES! Now Connie go wreak havoc on Port Chuckles!!! :)

    Sonny and Carly: Oh they were about to have sex!!! They were going to his bed!!!! But then Sonny changed his mind. Awww nuts! Carly don't call it making love!!! Call it sex! Sonny knows something is wrong. Go with your instincts Sonny!!! There is MORE to the story!!!

    Jasam: Jason isn't happy to hear that Sam talks to McBain a lot!!!! He left her AGAIN!!!! The one good thing about the scene, is that the camera got a close up shot of his eyes. :) *passes out*

    Anna and Luke's place: McBain shows up looking for Anna, and Luke says McBain reminds him of a vampire! ROFL! McBain says garlic doesn't work on vampires ROFL! Again an inside joke because of Port Charles with the vampires. :) McAnna talk about loss and about Sam. Oh and about Natalie.

    Tracy and Papa Z: Tracy tried to trick him into signing the divorce papers! Papa Z needed his glasses but where are they? Papa Z tells her nice try! He knows it's divorce papers and Tracy hid his glasses in her sleeve! ROFL!

    Luke and Tracy: Tracy thinks Papa Z will live to be 150 years old! ROFL! Hey Tracy your father is 150 years old! :) Tracy wants Luke to kill Papa Z!!!!!! :O Tracy NO!!!!

    Papa Z and Johnny: Grandpapa Z is salivating that Johnny slept with Connie! ROFL! Johnny isn't happy with what he did. He feels bad.

  3. Loved Luke and John scenes!
    Literally had me laughing out loud!
    I haven't seen a single character on GH that doesn't have great scenes with John.
    I always knew this character would be fabulous in Port Chuck, and I was right. Loving it!

    Loved Luke and Tracy today too.
    Of course, I always love Luke and Tracy.

  4. My2cents: find some Youtube channels that post storylines from the 70s and 80s. The writing was so superior. Things developed more naturally. There was humor and angst. The Prometheus Disk story was excellent. Grant Andrews and Dr. Gerrold- where non-contract actors actually got meaty roles.

  5. Cosmo-I did watch back then. You are talking Gloria Monty. Those days will never be back. She was one in a million. Where and what she did with GH at that time, can it ever get that back? I doubt it.

    Didn't care for show today. Nice Carly didn't sleep with Sonny, but what is with the vampires?? I didn't understand that part.

    Sonya..NO Jason isn't happy with Sam. Still, at least there was some good monolgue between them.

    In the previews, who was in the hospital bed?

  6. Ewen is in the hospital bed.

  7. Completely on the fence with today's episode. As much as I liked it, I didn't like it.

    The Luke/McBain scenes were just absolutely priceless with the vampire references.

    I know Karen has blogged at length about this but for those who may have missed it please youtube "Port Charles" for the history on Caleb aka McBain.

    The Jasam scenes. Wow. Jason was once again an insensitive (bleep) and Sam needs to punch him, steal his bike and run him over with it. At least that's what the Sam I used to know would've done. Obviously the writers want us to feel sympathetic towards her. We get it. The writing seems to be a bit overly obvious if you ask me.

    The DID stuff. Been there done that to death with Ron on OLTL but he loves it. They don't call him Re-Ron for nothing. It needs to end but doesn't look like it's going to. Poor Dr. Ewen knocked out cold. So much for him. lol!

    Five minutes of Tracy/Luke/Anthony. This show is seriously lacking in character integration/balance. Where the hell is Patrick? Anna we see in spurts. How about Lulu and Dante? Lulu left the police station with Ronnie following her a couple days ago.

    Ron and Frank need to get the balance under control. Backburning other actors/storylines for days and weeks at a time is not the way you keep a soap on the air.

  8. Too much Sonny, Carly, Sam, Jason, and Kate not enough Dante, Lulu, Tracey, and Luke, Liz, for me. I hope they get rid of the Zaccharas soon too.

  9. GH was really good again today. Man Jason looks good in that blue shirt! And I know it's very wrong and heartless of me, but I'm so entertained by the Jasam blowup. I've never like Sam though.

    Even my mom, who has watched GH since the early 70's is watching again! She is totally not computer savy and reads no spoilers or opinions at all and she enjoys the show so much. Maybe that's the way to go for me in the future!

  10. glennash3 said...
    Does anyone realize they are painting Sam as betraying Jason in order to setup a Liason reunion?

    I believe this. Only to set Sam get with McNostrils. There is chemistry there, and Jason is portraying an azzhole, otherwise Sam would never look at another man.
    As far as Liz goes, would the writers do that to her?? Allow her to re-connect to someone who kicked her to the curb time and time again?? Who denied their child? Liz knows Sam is the love of his life. Would the writers write her ready to 'settle'?
    I hope not. Liz needs to move on.

  11. While I liked Liason for the short time they were together I don't think they are going to put them back together. I believe JaSam is the end game and John and Liz will be thrown in the mix just to add suspense. Plus we all know that the baby will turn out to be Jason's! I wish they would give Liz her own story that doesn't involve JaSam. As far as John I do believe he and Sam have chemistry but I still don't see them breaking up JaSam.

    I like the core actors MB, LW, and SB but I believe their characters need to be back burned for awhile and to ease up on the mob stuff. Let John take down Sonny's operation where he has to fall back and lay low. Jason and Sam can start to build their family while Carly can take Joss to visit Morgan or Lady Jane. They don't have to get rid of them just not have them on and front and center every day!

  12. I know that I am very much in the minority here, but I completely understand why Jason is acting the way he is. Yes, Sam was raped and found out Franco fathered the baby. It is not her fault that she was raped (although how it was handled was completely wrong), and she is right that her baby should not be punished due to who it's father is. BUT, Jason is a year out from Jake's death, he just found out this baby isn't his, and Sam was wrong in how she handled it. Jason is grieving the loss of another child. Yes, he can still raise this baby and love this baby as his own. But right now he is feeling the loss. He has to be given some time to adjust to it all. Was it right for him to spill everything to Liz? Probably not. But Sam spilled everything to McBain before she even told Jason and at least Liz and Jason have a past friendship. I'm sorry- I understand why both have acted the way they have. Jason is acting out of grief and anger and Sam is acting out of fear of losing Jason (as she always acts).

  13. I am not a Sam fan either, but I wanted her to fight back against Jason. Didn't she arrive in PC some badass girl. And now she is cowering because of one guy? Oh please!
    I can understand where Jason is coming from regarding her not being able to open up to him, but her opening up to a stranger. But, he is taking it too far and she is letting him. Yell back! Call him an A-Hole!


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