Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Saw Max!!

Yes I did!! 
OMG Sam's stomach is HUGE...I was gone Mon/Tuesday and It's grown about 4 months. LOL I am so falling for McBam. My last 'couple' lust was Jolivia and that seems forever ago. I haven't had a super-couple type love in a LONG time. These two just..eek. *sigh* It's the zexy voices! The looks!! I hope they do a gothic story where they were past lovers in old lives or whatever. OH Liz saw Sam/McBain talking!! hmmmmmmmm.

Maggie was ON THE SCREEN! Dead Character walking!!! I hope she goes really gruesome!

Max and Milo..did they read my blog?? LOL..McBain offers Max a mint! Sonny and McBain. EYECANDY for me!! GREAT SCENE with those two today!!

I really like it that Kristen (Starr) is on GH because she makes me like Michael. I like the bad-dads angle they use and he's not such a douche with her. I like their chem-- and he seems like a real "youth" with her unlike he was with Abby.

Jason and Spinelli were just filler--I wish they'd speed that Maxie sheeze along.  Is she getting Crimson out from behind bars? 

ConKate--I think Connie went and spray tanned Kate LOL she looked yellow/orange today.


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  1. Oh man Karen you just lost some cool points with me. You like Sonny?!

  2. Oh, I love my Liz. Please don't go making her a nosy tattletale. Why would it even matter to Liz why Sam is talking to McBain? At least I get to see my girl on, I guess. When is she going to get a good storyline? Obviously Ewan is set to fail and Matt is all about Maxie right now. There is a great character in Liz and many fans have invested in her and they hardly use her. If you have so many of her fans calling in and and showing so much emotion when she got fired (and got rehired because of it), why don't the writers realize that there are many of us out there that want to see her have a good storyline...And this wasn't to spark debate. I know there are followers out there that don't like Liz and I respect that. I personally want to see more of her!

  3. Do I LIKE Carrie, come on. LOL I liked the SCENE today. Sonny, as a character has become the biggest bore in daytime. I just loved he and "McBain" ...finally some passion that didn't seem forced!

  4. Liz and Ewen: Zzzzzzzzz. Nothing exciting there.

    Sonny's house: MAX AND MILO YAY!!! They aren't happy seeing McBain. Mcbain tells Max to get a mint ROFL! That cracked me up! :) Kate wakes up and sees a note from Connie!!! Sonny and Kate scene zzzzzzzzzzz. Kate gets dressed and it looks like she got some hair extensions.

    Starr and Michael: Poor Starr! :( I'm glad Michael is there for her. :(

    Jasam home: Come on Jason can't you tell Sam is lying to you?!!?! Jason wants to go to Sam's appointment for their baby! But she doesn't have an appointment! She is going to see Mcbain!!! Oh but Spinny went to see Jason to talk about Kate!!! Good timing! Now Sam can go see Mcbain!

    McBain and Sam: McBain is talking to Natalie. His girlfriend. He says I love you too sweetheart. UGH! BLECH! Mcbain gave Sam Franco's DNA! Liz is watching them and looks suspicious, not sure why she is suspicious. Oh a little Jason and Liz scene. :)

    Maggie and Steve: Zzzzzzzzzz. They talk about his mother. They never talked about his mother before, so she assumed his mother was dead. DOH!

    Kate and Ewen: She is whining and crying to him zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. One quick thought. Has anyone thought that maybe Kate is faking her DID? The quick turnarounds and something about it, makes me think she is faking it so she can use it as a defense. Using "Connie" to really try to put an end to things?

  6. Andrea--I have been thinking that since the start!! If you know any OLTL history, then you know Todd faked DID (and rather well and realistically) to get out of a murder charge. It was a surprise even to the viewers that he was faking, as DID ran in his family and he experienced extreme abuse as a child.

    I keep waiting for ConKate to take the insanity plea when they find out she shot Anthony's tires, and then for Todd to bust her in front of everyone, since he of all people would be able to tell she was faking!

  7. Karen I was dreading having McBain join the show. But like you I am falling hard for the character. He's the highlight of the show for me. Was he this good on OLTL? I hated him on Port Charles.

  8. Kate seems distraught about this, and genuinely scared and surprised even when she is ALONE, so faking is not likely.

  9. I'm one of the people who have never liked Sam but I will admit I like McBam. Those two have much more chemistry than Sam and Jason, and their interactions are much more realistic. I'm glad McBain has come over.

    I'm still not sold on Starr. I can't understand how people who say they hate new Maxie's voice can say they love Starr's when she starts getting emotional. It's so shrill. My son has been visiting for a few days and has quietly sat through my soap for the last few days with very few comments. He did mention Anna at one point, saying "Gee, is she still on the show? I remember her." Then nothing till the Starr/Michael exchange today. He then left the room saying how bad her acting was.

    When I saw Maggie today i smiled, hoping she'll be gone soon, and good riddance.

  10. I thought today's show was really BORING and Kristin Alderson was the worst part.She is the WROST actress on daytime and should be fired from GH for her BAD acting. I might actually like Starr if they recast her with someone who can act.It makes me sick to see a BAD actress like her being given a big s/l when a good actress like Julie Berman gets stuck on the back burner with CRAPPY s/l.

  11. We will be seeing more of Lulu because people are mad shes on the backburner. To me there is too much Skate and Starr and not enough Dante and Lulu for me.

  12. I also cannot stand Starr. She along with the multiple DID disorders of Vicki and Jess had me abandoning OLTL.

  13. I have to say, I never cared for Dante & Lulu. They are just a little boring for me and Lulu seems to be phoning in her performances lately. The recent stuff at the police station isn't so bad, but the old stuff where they were just walking around that apartment talking about the same stuff over and over made me want to poke my eyes out. Just my opinion.

  14. @Di, totally agree with you, I'm loving' McBain and his chemistry with Sam also I'm happy he's in Sonny's face, I was kind of hoping he'd hit Max and Milo for grabbing him. I also am not too impressed with Starr and what appears to be some major fake tears, is she even crying at all? I understand she grew up on OLTL similar to Robin on GH but, her acting doesn't come close to Kimberly McCullough. And in my case it was my husband who passed comment on her terrible acting today as well. I hope her acting is not normally this bad because I want to like her with Michael.

  15. JPink said...The recent stuff at the police station isn't so bad, but the old stuff where they were just walking around that apartment talking about the same stuff over and over made me want to poke my eyes out. Just my opinion.
    Yeah!!!! Dante and Lulu kept recapping things over and over! It was so annoying!!! Glad that is over!

  16. Loved Wednesday's epi, especially when McBain and Sonny were going at it. So full of soapy goodness!

    I'm with most of you about Kristen Alderson/Starr. She is a terrible actress. I was never a fan of hers when she was on OLTL. I'm surprised they're giving her so much air time w/emotional lines. I actually feel bad for her. It's hard watching her try to pull off those scenes. A positive about the Starr/Michael scenes is at least Michael isn't being a punky brat...actually making me like him. Hmmm...

    McBam!! I'm with you Karen. I love having a "couple" I can feel excited about again! I hope Ron goes full tilt with this pairing!

    Max and Milo - hahaha!! I have missed the humor they bring to the show. Fabulous! More M&M!!

    Any day is a great day when Liz is on! That's right Lizzie, nothing wrong with you telling Jason that Sam is talking to some guy. You go girl! Loved my 5 seconds of Liason. Steven and Becky always look like they genuinely enjoy being in scenes together. Miss their natural chemistry ♥

  17. I can't wait to see McBain each day - he is such a great addition to the cast. On the other hand I agree - Starr is a horrible actress and has no appeal whatsoever. She doesn't belong with such a stellar cast and needs to go. She is even worse than Maggie. Great to see M & M and of course, Liz.

  18. I LOVED watching McNostrils get thrown out of Sonny's house by Max & Milo!! LMAO!!!! I couldn't help giggling for an hour afterwards. Really, talking to Nat on the phone? Do we really think John miss's her and she is coming to Pt Chuckles??

    I see the writers are doing NOTHING to change my mind of Liz. Still in places she shouldn't be, eves dropping. Then 'innocently' tattling. I ff thru all Liz stuff. the site of her is too much, however, I was really hopeing with all the changes going on, there would be a redemtion for her. I was wrong.
    The only thing that intrigues about Ewan, is his connection to Jax's. LOVE them Jax's!

    Bouncy all teeth mouthy Maggie. I hope she falls down a flight of steps soon.

    I am guessing only, but something tells me Blair will be signed on next. jmo.

    Congrats to Ron & Frank mainly. They have alot of work ahead of them and someone besides me believes in them!

  19. Dante and Lulu weren't the only ones repeating things during that year.


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