Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anna and John had the same outfits on! lol.."What about Natalie and Liam"?? Yeah...what about them!?

Jason needs to STFU when it comes to this. Sam thinks she was raped...he should be consoling her NOT YELLING at her!!

Starr gets Sonny's FULL history from Johnny!! Hey, Johnny could play the piano and Starr could sing!! Johnny knows Rick Powers the porn guy!! It so figures...
Natalie WHO?
 Anna tells John to go home--but he can't because of the gothic pull from the moors! heh! She says he has 8 weeks to tie his investigation up.  John is going home to tell Nat he's staying in PC for awhile. 
I saw a rumor that has Nat and Liam go into hiding because of an AZ threat.

LOVED Epiphany on Paddy's couch. She gives him one last night to "fall apart" AWWW

Spin and Matt on that damn boat.  Ugh. Hate that story still. I know they have to save Maxie but it's stupid. 

YOU HAVE TO READ TV Watercooler's Soap Memes--ahahhaha. GO to the bottom of the page (skip over NuKrissy's boobalations) you won't be sorry!!

MONTAGE today ! I like the Song Starr sang, sue me. Sam had to BEG JASON to hold her? WTH was that!?


  1. I don't like Sam but even I wanted her to slap Jason.....I mean really dude?

    Why is there still a who killed Lisa story? Does this means Matt will go to jail?

    Liked the Epiphany/Patrick scenes!

  2. Jasam home: Jasam angst!!! Come on you guys I think Heather switched the DNA results, and Jason you are the father!!! Go on Maurey Povitch! :) Come on Jason! The baby is an innocent baby!!!! Time to break up and then Sam can be with McBain!! MCBAM TIME!!! :)

    McBain and Anna: Anna convinces McBain to go home and talk to Natalie and tell her everything. McBain calls Natalie! YUCK HATE THEM AS A COUPLE! HATE! With a passion!!! Oh no Karen! A picture of Mcbain and Natalie! ACK!

    Michael and Sonny: Sonny invites Michael to his party that Connie is putting together. :) Oh I can't wait for this party ROFL! Sonny leaves and Michael plays Starr's cd. :) She has a pretty voice. :) I always thought that.

    Starr and Johnny: I will call them StarrJohn. :) They talk about Sonny of course!!! :) Johnny knows Rick Powers!!! ROFL! Rick Powers is scum but a hot scum. :) Johnny helps her with her singing contract!! :)Awww! :) Johnny you are awesome. :) Oh but your beard is growing rather quickly. :) They shake hands. :)

    Piffy and Patrick: GREAT SCENE!!! I love PittPatt. :)

    Spinny and Matt: They are on that evil boat where Lisa died!!! SpinMatt-Spatt argue over Patrick. Spinny thinks Patrick did it and doesn't remember. Matt says anybody could have done it, and he was drunk and was passed out all night. Which after Matt walks away, Spinny wonders if Matt is the one who killed Lisa!!! DOH!

    They did it again!! They went back and forth in a scene again! This time, it was with Starr and Johnny, and Michael and Sonny! UGH!

  3. Everything LaTanya said....DITTO! :)

  4. I didn't watch today. Will catch it online but the show doesn't sound good today, again.

  5. Based on the Watercooler's Soap Memes picture the nuKristina looks a lot more like her older sister. I wonder if leather and flashdance shirts will be awaiting her in wardrobe?

  6. Sam's real motive for not telling Jason about the test was revealed. She asked him if he could raise the baby? Imagine, after being raped and becoming pregnant, asking your husband if he could stay to raise the baby! Deep down, she has always been afraid of losing Jason and felt that he would leave her if he found out the baby is not his. She is very insecure. He is her husband , for better or worse, and she should not have to ask this question. She should feel worthy of his love and demand that he be worthy of hers.In other words, this is the hand we've been dealt and we must deal with it together. While Jason, is handling it wrong, he is right to point out that she couldn't come to him. I can't stand this couple and think they are dull but this story illuminates what has always been wrong with them. Sam has always chased Jason begging for his love and throwing herself into his life without an identity of her own. She has never felt worthy of Jason and is insecure. You teach people how you want to be treated and if you always act unworthy , he will treat you that way.

  7. Forgot , Patrick and Epiphany scenes were fantastic. He makes me feel the weight of his grief.

  8. It will suck if Matt is the killer and JC leaves the show.

    I don't understand why fans want their girl paired with Jason. He's garbage.

  9. Hahaha MCbam! That's funny. Jason needs a strong woman, Sam has become so whiney, drives me nuts.
    Hate the Lisa killer story line...let's just say I DID, cause I did about a million times in my head! There story over. Where the hell is Robin? We see her being nothing? I hope Natalie does not follow John, we do NOT need anymore whiners!

  10. You won't see Robin Scorpio again until GH is nearing the end. With the stay of execution it got, at least for the next 9 months, it'll be awhile before you see her.


  11. Forget Sam asking Jason if she could raise the baby, could she? They aren't even touching on the anguish she must be going through knowing she's carrying the baby of the man who raped her. I know it's an innocent child, but the poor thing would be brought into the world with so much hate and regret surrounding its birth that it scares me to think of the upbringing it would have. Imagine parents who might cringe when they hug you.

    And I love pitta patta too. More please.

  12. Looks like with the new Kristina, they went from class to trash. Loved seeing Epiphany visit Patrick. If Matt killed Lisa it could have been drunken self defense - anything to keep Jason C. from leaving. Very fond of Matt now. Jason forgets that it was because of him that Sam was raped. Sam needs to stop lying, though. Sonny and Michael = too boring.

  13. Sonya..this is soaps. After Sam & Jason break up, of course the baby will get sick and it will discover Jason baby daddy!!

    Sonya..Got your email...I HATE Jawn & Gnat too, if he thinks she is sitting and waiting on him....he don't know Gnat!!
    And that photo of them out front. (Sorry Karen) BELCH!!!

    OldSchoolfan.....The end? The end of what?

    Like Sam or not, her intentions made sense. Nice to see nobody on here ripping on her. Obviously her & Jason will break up, yet, find their way back to one another in time. Isn't that how soaps are made?

    Trying not to read Spoilers, however read the comment about Liz 'learning something'. In other words, they are not rewriting her character, they are going to continue to use her as an 'instigater' into others lives. Sad for her fans.

    Sonny's party should be a HOOT! Connie coming or Kate?? Friday cliffie!!!!!!

  14. One more thing......what did I miss? What EXACTLY will Starr be doing for Johnny?



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