Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Spoilers are UP!

Does LULU wanna be a copper too? NEW Spoilers are up.. and it looks like my first spoiler about Ronnie was correct! Hit a sponsor for the good of WUBS.  Thanks. BTW, Flo Lozano is in the house and filming next week. Soon, RH will be back as well.


  1. Alright. So, Tea is coming. She should either A.) Be as big as a house B.) Have a teeny baby in toe or C.) Have had a miscarriage (which better not be the case). I'm anxious to see how the writers handle this. Please, let's not forget that she had a little Victor Jr. in her tummy when OLTL ended!!

  2. YES I see Connie coming out in the courtroom. Karen Wolek scene.

    Tea is coming!! Why?? Does Alexis need a new partner?? OMG how awesome the 2 of them would be in a law practice?? Please lets not see Tea get involved with Sonny when Kate is carried to the looney bin.

    Still want Blair back. Maybe even as a visitor. Why isn't she with Starr at the courthouse??

    McNostrils is going to be a daddy to Franco's baby?? Poor Jason.

  3. There's a link after the spoile about Starr packing her bags but I can't bring it up. Is anyone else having trouble?

    I'll actually be happy if Ronnie is the killer. He's such a sanctimonious jerk.

    I'm also wondering if poor Matt killed Lisa while he was so drunk. Maybe he saw her accousting Robin, or throwing Elizabeth overboard and it will be self defence. I'm thinking that all this drama with Maxie might bring on some flashbacks.

    I'll just be happy when they finally finish tying up all these loose ends.

  4. can someone give me the back story on TEA

  5. Not a spoile, but just a guess....Ewen is Jerry Jax's son.

  6. Theresa, Tea is a lawyer who married Todd for I believe $5 million to help him get custody of Starr from Blair when she was little. She has a daughter, Danielle, with Todd. In the past couple of years she married Victor Lord, Jr, who everyone, including him, thought was Todd. He is Todd's identical twin brother. Their mother, Irene, had Victor brainwashed into thinking he was Todd and then had plastic surgery done on his face. She was also holding Todd prisoner. Tea stayed with Victor once the switch came out and after his "murder" found out she was expecting.

    Tea's heritage is Puerto Rican and she is fiery, compassionate and a loyal friend . She reminds me of a female McBain. She helped McBain put Todd away for the "murder" of Victor. I put murder in quotes because on the last episode of OLTL we saw Victor alive being held prisoner.

    Her brother is Tomas who is dating Blair. He was played by the same actor who played Alcazar (I know not spelled right :-)) Todd had him kidnapped and forced him to send Blair a Skype admitting killing Victor to get Blair back. That is why she slapped him when he showed up in PC.

    Hope this helps

  7. Thank you for the TIA 411

  8. I think Jax is his father too.
    Which is good. Maybe Jax will come home!

  9. Jerry Jax is his father...not Jasper Jax (Carly's husband).

  10. Chris...where did you read that?
    Sounds more plausible.


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