Monday, April 16, 2012

Geary and Benard Dish GH!


"For the last year or two we've been living on death row hoping for a reprieve, so this feels great," says GH icon Anthony Geary (Luke). "We're all breathing a sigh of relief, although we don't really know what this all means."

"For all we know, we've only bought ourselves six months," notes GH star Maurice Benard (Sonny). But that's not stopping the celebration on the set. "It's a beautiful day in Port Charles!" Benard says. "Everyone's excited and we're determined to work hard and keep this thing going. Our goal now is to boost our ratings and be the No. 1 soap. Then they can't cancel us!"
Both Geary and Benard applaud the behind-the-scenes shakeup at the soap, which is now headed by exec producer, Frank Valentini, and head writer, Ron Carlivati, from ABC's recently cancelled One Life to Live. "Frank is a force of nature who is bringing great energy to the set," says Geary. "He loves this show and is fully prepared to go down with the ship, standing on the bow screaming at the top of his lungs. I can only admire that. It has made me and most of us want to work harder. Some people don't like it because they got complacent, and I'm not just talking about actors but people throughout the production. Those who don't want to work harder will not stay."

Read it all on TV! Pretty Good stuff. 


  1. I'm glad they can admit the complacency. General Hospital didn't get to the precipice over night and as a long time viewer it was pretty damn well unwatchable for about a year. I'm hopeful Valentini and Carlivati can turn things around but they really need to git to gittin.

    If at the very least they can finish General Hospital on a creative high as they did One Life to Live, where EVERY episode towards the end was Must Watch, I'll be a satisfied viewer and fan.

  2. AG or MB have no clue what the future of GH brings. They only know what their plan is.


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