Friday, April 13, 2012

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants*

Oh Crazy ConKate  is on the stand..and I don't get the DA asking if it's KATE'S gun...doesn't he want it to be Sonny's? Or am I missing something!? 

Jason looked smashing in his black suit!! and I loved Spin and Jason's little ultrasound exchange. heh
 HAHAHA, Look what NLG tweeted me about Jason's tshirt lol:

he's wearing it under his suit. It's super glued to his skin so it goes everywhere he goes

Sam and Heather! Sam, uh, she's crazy watch the hell out. Heather grabs the DNA test!! WOOT! Sam is trying to double blackmail her! And yes, Heather WAS married to Edward for a nano-second.

AZ shows up to testify! And he lies like a dog...woof! BUT Alexis goes after him!! He says he can see well because he "eats a lot of carrots"! She goes after him with his eye sight. That trial was pretty lame -- where's crazy ConKate?! Hurry up!

Of course, Anna, Tracy and Luke were awesome today. SIGH..loved them!! SO GLAD Luke knows Tracy's truth!!

Josslyn was on with her POOH in her mouth!  OMG she's so cute...  Johnny reads her a nice story. Awwww. Josslyn has been MIA so long I hardly recognized her. 

The only part of M&M I liked was Spinelli fell through the door. Maxie needs to wear Erin Walton's sack cloth dress. (from the fire, remember!?)  

BRAD AND ANGELINA are engaged!! Just passing that along! Not that I care but it IS NEWS!

* that's a Woody Allen quote and Luke used it today


  1. Of course when he's guilty the trial takes forever but when he's actually innocent the trial is over in a blink of an eye! smh

    I loved crazy Heather messing with Sam. Girl you don't want no part of that crazy go back and sit on your couch! Something tells me Heather is going to switch the results to say the baby is Franco's when it's really Jason's.

    Did you see the way Jason was looking at Kate almost like he was waiting for the Hulk to come out! lol

    *No comment on Brand and Angelina because well.....just no comment* lol

  2. Courthouse: Oh shoot I thought Connie was coming out! Come on out Connie! Show yourself! :) Papa Z says he eats his carrots so he has good eyesight ROFL!

    Kelly's: Tracy shows up and she tells Luke all about Papa Z and why she is married to him and why she can't get out of the marriage. Papa Z shows up and wants Tracy to do her wifely duties ROFL! The look on Tracy's face ROFL! He wants steak and wants Tracy to cook it since cook has the day off. He says Venus! Venus! Papa wants more than just steak! ROFL ROFL! I forgot the actual quote but it's funnier. Someone get the actual quote!!! :)

    The hospital: Heather and Sam scene! Awesome!!! Heather blackmails her and Sam blackmails right back!! The last thing Heather says is, she hopes Franco is the father!!! DOH!

    Police station: Well well well! Matt finally tells Maxie he is in love with her. Spinny overhears. He falls to the ground and Maxie wonders if he is okay. Matt and Spinny are alone. SpinMatt-Spatt have an argument awwww. Spinny wants to get their heads together and find Lisa's REAL killer!

    Jossie, Carly, and Johnny: Awww sweet scene! Oh they are using the other little actress. The one who puts the stuffed animal in her mouth! :) Sweet scene, but I wish Jax was there. :(

    Bradgelina are engaged?!!! Awesome. :)

  3. So if they are trying to set up a Matt - Maxie - Spinelli triangle I am rooting for a Spinelli and Matt pairing, lol. It is great to see Spinelli interact with Matt...glad to see Spin with someone other than Jason or Maxie.

    I find it odd that McBain is not at the Sonny trial. He seemed to so relish the thought of Sonny going to court I figured he would be front row and centre. And, while I did not watch OLTL isn't McBain somewhat of a father figure to the Courtney-look-alike that is being hooked up with Michael?

    I am liking the Luke and Anna friendship (please no romance, just friendship) but geez, time to show them interacting with other people. When is the last time we saw Anna with Mac, Patrick or is like she has forgotten they exist and is glued to Luke or McBain. Why not have Anna go visit Maxie?

    The writers are throwing some humourous lines in like Spin saying he saw "spikey hair" from the ultrasound picture. Did Spin also look at the picture and then say it was time to repaint the pink room...does this mean he say proof the baby is a boy?

    I do not like the news of even more OLTL imports and newbies.
    FIRST options should always be to give current under utilized GH characters (Monica, Tracy, Alexis, Mac, etc.) some decent storylines.
    SECOND place option should be to bring back GH characters (Lucy, Ned, Dillon, Skye).
    THIRD place option could be bring on OLTL least the characters have a history and it is not made up as they go like most newbies.
    LAST PLACE OPTION - create new characters (Delores hubby).

  4. Rumour that Katie Couric is going to be on GH as either Q's cook or as a reporter that helps solve a hospital based scandal?!

  5. BRad and Angelina engaged , Yay , love them!
    The show was o.k. Best for me was Heather blackmailing Sam. Sam of course , thinks she has the upper hand but she is foolish. She has no idea just how diabolical Heather is.

  6. Did anyone see what Alexis had written on her legal pad when she was testing Anthony's eyesight? I watched on my little laptop and couldn't get a clear view. I'm worried that Ron or even NLG tossed a funny moment in there and I missed it. Karen--Maybe NLG will tweet you back if you ask???

  7. CareyN- I believe it said Merry Christmas but I could be wrong.

    The best laugh of this epsiode for me was at Kelly's when Anna started eating a sandwich off the table when Luke and Tracy were going at it. Her face was priceless!!

    It must be because I didn't watch when Heather was on but she bugs me! Hopefully it will stop when I get used to her.

  8. I am loving the Luke and Anna scenes. They have such lovely give and take and they make each other laugh!

    I wouldn't mind a romance there, but only if TPTB cannot get Tristan or Genie back.

    Wouldn't it be great if someone organized the nurses ball to honor Robin? But who could MC it? Lucy was always marvelous!

  9. The note said something like


  10. Loved the Heather/Sam scenes. The writing for this seems a bit too obvious for me, especially with Sam walking around with a neon yellow paper showing she's having a DNA test done, or when McBam was standing in the hospital with a tube that looks like a magic! I'd rather have a little more suspense. Regardless, Heather is wreaking havoc with everyone and I love it!

    Heather/Anna/Luke/Tracy - then AZ! Great scenes. I'll take a full episode of them please!

    Johnny and Joss. Too cute. Now get Jax back to take Joss away, and I'll be one happy girl!

    I love Matt and Spin. Maxie in jail has just become annoying to me.

    The court scenes. LOL. And LaTanya, you are so right about how Jason was looking at Kate! hahaha!!

    Where is Patrick? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  11. friscogh said...Rumour that Katie Couric is going to be on GH as either Q's cook or as a reporter that helps solve a hospital based scandal?!
    I rather have Katie be a reporter!!

    friscogh also said...So if they are trying to set up a Matt - Maxie - Spinelli triangle I am rooting for a Spinelli and Matt pairing, lol.
    YES!!! I am rooting for SpinMatt-Spatt (Spinny and Matt) :) They are a great couple!!! :)

  12. LOVE Heather messing with Sam!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This should be fun material.

    Jason knows something is OFF with Kate/Connie. Now to prove it to the 'almighty' Sonny.
    Sonya-I thought Connie was going to come out to play at the courthouse too!

    Get rid of the character Spinnelli if you can't be useful to him!!
    This silliness has gone on for 5 years aleady.

    LOVE Anna, Luke, Heather, Dr Steve, and yes I even liked Carly today.

    Is it just me, or is Michael's hair red now?? Nobody seems to be mentioning it, so I don't know, maybe my TV is messing with me.

    WAIT. Heather is going to start messing with Olivia too. Where does Olivia get off telling Steve advise about his mother? That is the part I don't like about Olivia.

    I will take Jason anyway I can. Surely we are seeing the beginning of a destruction of them. From the sounds of it, looks like Sam & McNostrils will soon be a couple.

    Angelina & Brad?? Who are they??


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