Saturday, March 31, 2012

General Hospital Did NOT DVR!!

I heard of this happening..but now it's happened to ME!! I went to look for it this am and nothing.  No one's been on the TV so I know it's not erased--its' just not there. I DOUBLE checked when I left Friday morning. 

Who's F'in with the ratings? I thought at first when I saw people upset on twitter that it was a glitch, now I'm not so sure.

In any event, I missed Friday's show. 

Boo On Me.

Looks like I missed a Hella Stupid Dress on ConKate. AHAHAHAHHHAAA. SMH


  1. You can watch it on youtube!!!! It has the episode right now! I just checked. :)

  2. Yes, it happened to me once, I just watched ir on the Hulu link on your site, I don't know why it happened, either, as the other shows (I also DVR the news)taped.

    And, yes, I also noticed Kate/Connie's fugly dress.

  3. ANT JOAN I'm an IDIOT! I totally forgot I had HULU on my OWN site!! hee hee

  4. Blogger kdmask said.. ANT JOAN I'm an IDIOT! I totally forgot I had HULU on my OWN site!! hee hee
    Hahahahaha well, you are only human. :)

  5. That's strange... mine DVRed as usual.

  6. It's happened to me too! And I do believe someone's messing with the ratings! I YouTube when something happens but, I don't think that counts towards ratings. Do the higher ups pay attention to YouTube, does anyone know?
    Also, on a different note regarding Fridays episode, Ewan said the stripper killer probably had military background. I started thinking Shawn....

  7. I liked Kate's dress, you didn't miss much, Friday's show was a snooze.

  8. I have heard of GH not recording as well. It has not happened to me...yet...although oddly, what has happened is that my dvr started recording the SoapNet repeats from years ago. I find this quite strange because when I first read that SN was going off, I started recording on ABC and CBS (y and r) just to get used to doing so. All of a sudden...zap...I get the repeats recorded on SN. Believe me, no one else here set that even by accident. 15, 18 yo sons and a hubby who would not be setting GH for me, even as a favor.

  9. I just checked and my didn't record on friday either! WTH?

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