Thursday, March 8, 2012

Out of Wubber Office...

That means I depend on you all to write it up! Let me know how the show is today please....I was so happy these three at least got a scene together. I wish Maxie was there too. I can't ask for INSTANT family interactions lol. I think we are getting there. Rebuilding the shell takes awhile. 

It's gloomy here after a gorgeous sunny day yesterday-- my sinus' are in full bloom. The new job is going great but racing home to see GH is killin' me! LOL. I manage to do it 4 days a week so far. Not too bad. At least I WANT to get home to watch, right? 

Have a good one. I am off to update the scoops this morning! Check out the WUBS NET later for all the news.


  1. IMO you missed nothing today. Nothing exciting happened. IMO.

    Holly left with Robert to look for Ethan. Strange storyline. Glad to see Holly leave though.

    I can't wait for future scenes with Carly & Todd, and Blair. However for now, Carly needs to stop and go home and care for her children. STOP going to Johnny's.
    Or trying to sneak in to see Jason! Carly, once Jason finds out about douchebag' keeping this from him, she will be in her own hell. Be patient.

    Ewan is still on the show. Useless as ever.

    Stsrr forgave Todd more or less.
    He swears revenge on Sonny Gotti.
    Though Todd stated today he doesn't remember killing Victor, he mentioned nothing about Tomas and what he did to him.

    No Blair, Patrick, Emma, Anna, Mac, Maxie, Alexis. More Kate. Dante went to talk to her about the gun. She is a nut case.

    Delores is up to hiding evidence.
    Apparently she knows her hubby is a pyscho and she is trying to lose evidence.

    Why is that portrait still hanging of LIW. Can't someone burn it?

  2. The show was just o.k. for me today. I was disappointed again in seeing more of starr and Todd than a legacy character's husband ( Patrick P). I do get that RC is trying to weave the OLTL characters into GH as they are staying ( no big surprise his favorites are signing contracts ) and they are setting up the Sonny takedown ( possibly ) but I still feel Robin's story is slighted. Robert going off to chase Ethan at this time is ridiculous regardless of whether this gave him the will to live. I sense that in the end Holly lied to Luke and he is really Robert's son. Even if that's the case , I find that I don't care about the paternity. I also find Dante and Delores story dull. her story never interested me about who killed her sister and I wish she would follow the lady in white and depart permanently.
    Johnny o.k and kate Ewan snooze.

  3. thanks for the update! I heard Epiphany gave Carly a smack down! LOL

  4. The power went off and I missed the last 15 minutes today but Epiphany was terrific. lol

    I'm still not really liking Todd. He seems to be a very bland character. I also thought bringing up how sweet Hope was etc. was just a little bit creepy. Starr definitely isn't at the stage of grief where she'd want to walk down memory lane and have a smile about her dead child. IMHO

    And no, I'm not disliking him because he's from the other show. I never watched it. I'm just treating him like any new character.

  5. Was a boring day in Port Chuck. It would have gotten a heck of a lot more interesting if Epiphany would have body slammed Carly out the window of GH. I'd pay to see that! As was said, Carly, please just go home! All Johnny is doing in this storyline with Carly (which is a disservice to him) is being Carly's go to guy, simply because her normal go to guy (Jason) is out of comission now. Shawn was her go to guy in Jason's place for a while, but he's gone kind of AWOL at present.

    Kate/Connie is giving me a headache! Hair is up...she is Kate. Hair is down...she is Connie. Dr. Sixpacks has his work cut out with this one! Does he know his former patient was shot and killed?

    PCPD stuff...while it was nice to see Lulu out of the friggin house and out of her jammies, she's so out of place at the PCPD! Of course it is evident that Delores erased the pics!

    I guess Holly and Robert are gone chasing after Ethan now? Anything to get them out of that place and out of the catacombs! I just pray the writers are not so insensitive that they don't have Tristan come back again as Robert for Robin's funeral.

    It seems like they are putting Robin's story on pause right now as they are introducing the OLTL folks little by little. I hope that all gets balanced out. I am treating them like new characters as well because I don't know their full stories, other than what I've read up on.

    How is Molly doing after the animal house party? Where is Patrick? How is Emma coping with her mother's death? Where is Jason? It is actually odd to see Jason get a break like this...I am not really complaining. (Nothing against SB when I say that, it is just that Jason's one of those characters that rarely gets shelved for a few days.)

    Will Todd and Sonny have their showdown on Friday...the one we keep seeing previews for?

  6. Yes Epiphany gave Carly a smack down but Carly was also in rare form by stripping down to her underware and giving the scrubs back right in the middle of the hospital even Epiphany had to grin at that!

    I'm not gonna be mad at Carly not seeing Joss because hey that's just the way they are writting it. Let's face it in the recent years GH haven't done a good job when it comes to writting for mothers and their kids! Only Alexis is written in decent light.

  7. I LOVE Carly when she is written as Carly. This past year has done her no good. Sniffing after Shawn, and being everywhere except with her son Morgan & Josie. I mean, didn't her desire for Josie almost get Jax killed?
    Yea, Carly stripped down when Piffy told her to get out of them scrubs and get out.
    Johnny is falling for Carly. Clearly.

    I like Kate. This split personality is giving me whiplash. Not liking it.

    And mostly, still no Robin story.

    GH wasn't at their finest today.
    But yet, not at their worse either.

  8. Just a note... It is so nice to see Michael w/ red hair again. The red hair was such a trademark of young Michael. It's nice that they took the time to bring back this small but key thing to the character.

  9. I must admit, I am hot and cold on characters depending how how they are written and what they are doing. I have my favorites, like everyone else does, but even they sometimes disappoint. Carly's a good example in the past year or two. Yeah, she's a troublemaker. She's a liar (she keeps reminding us how good she is at that), and she's not beyond using something (her kids and even herself sexually) to get what she wants...nothing new there. For me, my like for Carly started to turn when she showed up at Sonny's trial with Josslyn in her arms looking like Mother Theresa. Please! I also didn't like how she was trying to manipulate Spinelli into teaching Dante and Lulu a lesson when she was mad at Dante for outing Michael in court...note how that storyline went into the circular file! Not that I didn't think Carly had a right to be mad at Dante. Sure she did. His "do the right thing" bit ended when he took a dive for his daddy. He then became a crooked cop, in the same vein as the rest of the PC Keystone Cops. That ruined Dante for me. I thought going after Lulu though, when Carly's supposed to think of her as a sister, was ridiculous...especially since Carly's had her own bouts of male worship which has blinded her (Sonny worship, for example) to the point where she doesn't hesitate to throw thoughts for others under the bus...Jax, for example. That turned me off of her and I have not felt the same about her since.

    Whenever I see Johnny in scenes with Carly, (or other women, for that matter) for some reason, my mind flashes back to a part in the film Twilight, where Bella's friend Mike is balking at Edward being with Bella and he says to her, "He always looks at you like you're something to eat." That is the way Johnny looks at Carly in scenes. I doubt this is "true love" but just having a fling with each other for a while and the bonus is that it'll irritate Sonny. The writers seem to think Johnny is a cougar catch for some reason. Or since he's habitually self destructive, they pair him off with someone else who is...was the same way with Maxie as well. I guess I am not into those kinds of relationships. It tends to help with balance when one person is a rational voice of reason. Two mice in charge of the cheese is disasterous, but fun to watch. :-)

  10. First this is a soap..
    Carly cannot be around her kids all the time on this show..
    I thought Carly was great today in soapy goodness stripping at the hospital. That is fun...That would never have happened a few months back..I loved it..I like that Johnny is falling for Carly..

    Todd is wonderful..I could sing a ballad all about Todd and Roger...I am so happy that he was given a contract...OLTL was not my # 1 soap ever...but I always loved Roger and Kassie..I would love for both of them to end up on GH..
    TO those of you who want to whine about the OLTL actors at GH..Just realize that they have a huge fan base and GH needs those viewers..So if you want GH to have a fighting chance to replace the Revolution next fall just accept the OLTL cast being integrated into the GH stories...

    I think that Jason will not be abgry with Sam. He will understand why she is being protective..HIs dopamine levels cannot raise or he will die..Sam will tell him the truth when Monica says it is safe..I am not a Sam fan at all.. I never have been..But, she is being sensible for her family and new baby.

    I want the Delores story to be over..immediately..It is boring and the only good part is seeing Lulu.....Please Ron..write something good for Lulu..Make her get pregnant or something...okay maybe not pregnant..but let her have some life..

  11. I think they should have send Joss to live with Jax because of danger or something..then she can come back in a few years if GH is on, SORA'd. I hate when they don't make mention of or use the kids they have.

  12. The opening music is the longer version of the music they play at the halfway mark. I don't think it's from the old Port Charles.

  13. I agree, find Jax & send Jos to him. She sent Morgan to 'boot camp' and hasn't seen him since.
    So please, send the girl to live with someone who wants to spend time with her. Soap or not, Carly would rather be anywhere but home with her child. LW is a terrific actress, however, mother of the year she is not, nor never will be.

    Carly is being written lately true to character. When Wolfie came aboard, he took that from us. Glad to see her returning. As far as Johnny being a 'cougar', I happen to think Johnny is deep down a good guy. So he sleeps with older women. He isn't marrying them. He is simply a man having fun. He is a looker, and a great actor. Would rather see him in a one on one relationship than sleeping around, but he is a great actor and easy on the eyes, so I will take him anyway they write him! I even love his scenes with Papa.

    Am I the only person not getting notifications when somemone posts on a blog I am subscribed to?
    Karen...what is up with that?

  14. My2Cents, I think the portrait is of Laura, not Cassandra, and since she is Nik's mother it make sense that it is there. The best part yesterday was Epiphany putting Carly in her place. Dante is an idiot - he should have arrested Kate. Isn't that usually the case when the murder weapon is found with someone? Can't believe the actor who plays Shawn has a prenom. for an Emmy.

  15. Shawn? He still around?? He is what you call put on 'back burner'.

  16. Piffy and Carly: Hahaha great scene!! Piffy catches her on the phone cus Johnny calls Carly! Piffy wants the scrubs back and Carly takes them off right in the middle of the hospital hahahaha! Carly is just in her bra and panties! ROFL!

    Starr and Todd: Starr tells Todd about who shot out Papa Z's tires! Sonny Corinthos!!! Todd wants revenge!! :)

    Grandpapa Z and Johnny: Listen to your grandpappy Johnny!!! Sleep with Connie!!!! :) DO IT! :)

    Dante and Lulu: Dante uploaded pictures of footprints! Someone deleted them!!! Mulva is watching them talk! Mulva did you delete the pictures?!!?!

    Wyndemere: Robert and Holly hug! Awwww! :) Oh Holly is going to go with Robert while he looks for his son UGH! I realy don't like these scenes. Can we just get on with this? Robert should really be at Robin's funeral!

  17. I want to see NUMBERS! Stats!!

    Where can I find them?

  18. Melody says I guess Holly and Robert are gone chasing after Ethan now? Anything to get them out of that place and out of the catacombs!
    That isn't the catacombs! That's Wyndemere! :)


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