Friday, March 2, 2012

It's a Crossover MIRACLE!!

Oh for us OLTL lovers and GH watchers today was HEAVEN. HE-AV-EN!! :) YEAHHHHH! Having Blair on was so wonderful. Llandview is still alive!!

Anna and Luke--at Kelly's-- and hugging and I just was in '80's heaven ahh!! I was crying.

Carly and Johnny and Carly and Johnny I could have lived without though. AZ walks in, a sweatball. LOL.

BLAIR with Michael!! Kassie brought it today "You have no idea how brave my little girl is".... 

Tracy is on more!! WOOT! she was good with Dante. I in her Caftan! ACK! Edward was all happy!! noooooooo. OMG..that was so sad. "You're with the angels now my sweet little Robin...and my Lilah" :sobbing:

Sam and Carly--heh. They've got some teeth to their scenes now. Carly stomps her foot "I'M TELLIN' HIM WHEN HE WAKES UP"!! They are TEA AND BLAIR now!! I swear!! LOL

I missed yesterday!!! I have it on my DVR, I heard it was awesome!! Can't wait to see it.... There are so many great scenes this week!! Some one also said Paddy told Emma...sniff.

WHO SAW DANTE'S "John McBain face" when he found  Kate's  wedding dress? LOL

There are so many things to talk about it's going to be a hard job today and Sunday. All I can say is, I'm liking the writing, the direction-- and just about everything. I all wore out! 



  1. Is it bad that I actually agreed with Carly today?? Finding out that everyone kept Robin's death from him might kill him!

  2. So upset yesterday that Holly said she lied to Helena. I had jumped up and down and yelled 'YES!' when she told the group that Luke was NOT Ethan's father. That was a wrong that SO needed rectifying. But maybe, when Helena's DNA testing is done...
    Some people say it doesn't matter, but to any devoted Luke and Laura fan, that was a hideous mistake. One of Luke's most appealing qualities as a leading man was that he was a one-woman-man and Guza tried over and over to destroy that.

    Can't wait to see today with Blaire! We had such bad weather, tornadoes and storms today, that I doubt they didn't break in to GH every few minutes, so I'll have to wait to catch it on Soapnet.
    Thanks so much for doing this forum, Karen. I look forward to it every day.

  3. Loved seeing Luke and Anna talking re: Robert, but thought it was a little off that these two knew each other THAT well (and you say they hugged (I missed the 1st ten minutes)? and Anna had Luke's cell number too?)
    AFAIK, these two first met in 06 when Robert first came back and they really didn't hang out enough to get chummy on that hastily done island adventure storyline.
    Then, I think they had a scene together in the Haunted Star when Anna found out that she was going to be a grandmother? I dunno, don't get me wrong I loved the scenes of them together, just wondered why they appeared like old friends?
    Thumbs up to Blair's stuff today, thumbs up to Sam and Carly's hellcatting around, I liked Tracey and Edward too.

    And the last scene with Luke and Robert on the bridge - yeah man! I will be tuning in Monday for sure.

  4. YES we are having horrible weather here, and I was late to GH. I didn't get to see Anna tell Luke about Robin.

    Karen I LOVE LOVE your excitment!

    Am I the only one who wanted Carly to STOMP on that douche' bag today?

    For me, the saddest moment was when Edward looked up, spoke of Lila & Robin being angels, when in fact, he, in real life just lost his wife. Of course when this was taped she was still alive....death, watching death approach, its all soo hard.
    (My mom has been very sick for months)

    Kate!!!! OMG! Dante found the gun!
    Will he connect you to it, or Papa Gotti??

    Stay safe all those in the line of this horrific storm.

  5. I thought Anna/Luke was more of an implied in off screen and all those times we never saw them hang out lol. But he was around awhile when they were together (Asian quarter) right?
    The whole spencer/scorpio thing is like is Nikolas Stefan's or Stavvy's! In the end, no one will care.
    I think it won't matter because Luke and Holly slept together regarless.

  6. I am loving the show so much. I never watch TV live because I hate commercials. I always wait 20 minutes after a show starts to watch my DVR. I have not watched live TV for 10 years. But, today I watched GH live and the commercials. I think that this says a lot for what is happening on GH right now. I am not loving the Kate/Connie story. But, that is just one storyline. Everything else is holding my attention.

  7. Karen, you're really right. Whether or not Ethan is Luke's, we all know Luke cheated on Laura that one time, which is all thanks to sad-sac Guza writing. That said, since it was written that way and can't really be reversed, I, for one, like Ethan as Luke's son. They have great chemistry, and it would be pointless to make him Robert's now that Robin is gone. It would have been cool for Ethan and Robin to have a relationship....except it probably would have been as poorly explored as Ethan's relations to Lulu and Lucky.

    Also, who is Nik's dad? Did we ever find out? I missed a few years so I honestly don't know, and now that you brought it up, I realize I do kind of care. Haha.

  8. Cary N. Stavros is Nikolas' father.

    I am honestly not trying to be negative, but did anybody else catch that Luke had been held hostage in the tunnels for all that time, yet when Anna called he still had his cell phone on him? I just thought it was funny!

    I don't mind Carly and Johnny- I actually enjoyed some of their scenes. Still ff'd through everything Kate- I can't stand Kelly Sullivan. And I also completely agreed with Carly today...

    Karen, while I understand why you would compare Carly/Sam to Blair/Tea, I don't agree with the comparison. Blair and Tea were always very evenly matched. Let's face it, in a throw down between Carly and Sam, the match would be anything but even!

    Can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait for Monday!

  9. When is Brenda being told about Robin? They were best friends (for a long time)

  10. Good show today. Everything except the Sonny/Kate stuff. Just can't deal with it.

    It was so nice seeing Blair!! I've watched #OLTL for years and found it very comforting to see her there today. Good scenes with Epiphany and Michael.

    The Carly/Sam throw-down was awesome. Loved everything about it's soapy goodness. Nice to see Sam getting her bitch self back after all the years of having to Jason prop. I could see both sides of the situation, but dare I say it.....Carly made sense today! LOL!

    Great having Anna/Luke scenes. I agree with Karen that their friendship is mostly implied due to their off screen shenanigans although they did have scenes on screen as well.

    Fantastic to see Luke finding Robert on the bridge at the end.

    Looking forward to Monday!!! :)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I enjoyed today. Luke and Anna did have some scenes back when Robin was pregnant. I believe they got drunk on the Haunted was a fun scene. I am looking forward to Monday as well. I did miss Patrick today, but JT needed a day off he's been crying for weeks.

  13. Chrissie,
    It really is weird to find yourself siding with Carly isn't it? I usually can't stand her.
    Regardless of the Luke/Anna relationship today was the first time I've liked Luke in ages (and he was once one of my favorite characters).
    I really like the way each person to whom Robin was important is being told one by one.

  14. I actually sided with carly today! I loved when Carly told Sam , "Do you even know your husband?!" She is so right. Jason will be very upset that she didn't tell him. Sam is foolish. Sam sickens me when she throws up in everybody's face that she is his wife! So insecure , she still is. Carly said jason would not forgive her and that could be the case if the writers dare to write his character that we know, but then again, he forgave her watching his son get kidknapped and hiding the truth so he may not care.

    John Ingle was superb and yes , my heart broke for him knowing his real wife passed away recently.

    Loved Anna's scenes!

    Kate/sonny are dull.

  15. Edward and Tracy: Edward is in such a good mood!!! :) Until Tracy tells him that Robin died. :( Edward is upset. He says that Robin is with the angels and his Lila. :'(

    Grandpapa Z and Johnny: Oh!! Grandpapa Z is staying with Johnny!!!! :) Can Johnny forgive him? :)

    Kate and Sonny: After they have sex, Sonny wants to get back together. After Sonny leaves, Connie shows up and says

    Connie: Can't let you do this Kate.

    DOH! :) Connie is putting on lipstick! :) I love this!!! :)

    Carly and Sam: Carly vs Sam LOVE IT!!!! Sam won't let Carly in Jason's room! She doesn't want Carly to tell Jason that Robin is dead!!!

    Blair: YAY!!!!!!!!!!! :) Piffy called her yesterday and now Blair is here!! She wants all the info from Michael and now Starr is awake.

    Piffy and Carly: Carly is BANNED from Jason! ROFL!

    Carly and Sonny: Awww they hug.

    Luke and Anna: Great scene!! Anna is worried about Robert with that message. Luke knows where to find him.

    Luke and Robert: YAY!!!! :) Luke shows up and it looks like Robert is going to jump!

  16. 2cents says Kate!!!! OMG! Dante found the gun!
    WOAH! Is THAT what it was? I was wondering what that was!!! :)

  17. The show is finally showing signs of life.

    I hated how Sonny used Robin's death to get into Kate's pants.

    I totally agree that Sam doesn't know Jason at all and needs to stop walking around like her shit smells like roses, that she owns Jason and knows him better than anyone else. Stop using the baby as your excuse for everything.
    Tired of it. It's old.

    With all honesty, if they don't have Jason attend Robin's funeral, I will be extremely disappointed.
    Why do they need to have some drama surrounding a funeral?
    Isn't that efficient?
    For once, I would just like to see a funeral attended by all the loved ones, friends, etc without the drama.

    Cannot deny their bond, so why bother? Have him attend, pay his respects. Let that be it.

    Still pissed that they didn't allow Jason attend Emily's funeral in the capacity that he should have. If Emily had to be killed (dumb idea), he should have been there. Not sneaking around to pay his respects to his own sister.
    For the life of me, they had Sam attend Emily's funeral which was wrong on so many levels.

    I think we can all agree, that if Emily were alive she would tell Jason knowing what Robin meant to him. Had they kept Alan alive, he would have definitely told him. If Ned, Lois and Brenda were still around they would have said something. Justice would have said something.
    For f*ck sakes, AJ would have told Jason.

    There is a spoiler that Tracy and Monica quarrel. Hope it's Tracy telling her that Jason needs to hear about Robin. Smack some sense into Monica, esp. coming from Tracy when she doesn't even like Jason.

    I hope Jason goes, and tells Sam to stick it where it don't shine and tells her not to come to the funeral.
    If they have Sam there and not Jason, I will be even more disappointed with the writing team.

    If you need drama, if Sam goes, have Patrick rip her a new one and tells her to leave, have Maxie tell her to go.
    Then have Jason show up and tell her to get out because she doesn't deserve to be there.

    But please save us all from this side show and just do what is right. Let Robin's funeral be what it is. Paying homage to who she was. Whether you like Jason or not, he needs to be there without Sam attached to his hip. He needs to be there without Sam's presence.

  18. Jason does need to be there but guys- Sam is his wife and wives attend funereal's with their husbands. And yes Sam needs to tell Jason but not right after he wakes up. Traumatic brain injury - possibility of stress killing him, they just don't know. Give him a minute.

    The show was great today except for Sonny/Kate/Connie He used Robin again to try and get laid and if nothing else she promised they'd be together. By the end of the scene she was apologizing to him for upsetting him after everything was so nice. I think I threw up in my mouth a little. At least KrazyKate knows better then to let her get caught up in that hot mess. I'm getting tired of that wedding dress
    "Hey Johnny Boy" Gotta dig that red lipstick!

  19. seeing Kate show up at Johnny's had me almost laughing. Connie is a little slut, but then maybe Sonny doesn't satisfy Connie. lol

    Personally, I have always liked Carly (well maybe not always--the last few years have been painful) and I have pretty much always hated Sam (it says something about a character when she immediately jumps into bed with a man who has taken you more or less hostage and who was at the time married). Carly has a plethora of reasons to hate Sam and Jason is the least of them. I really think that if Jason was with a woman he really loved and that was good for him Carly would be happy for him (if not happy for herself). Neither Sam nor Liz were really right for Jason (and I say this as a huge Liason fan). I do think that Sam has a point in not telling Jason about Robin's death, but Carly is right about the fact that Jason would want to know if he wasn't currently unconscious. I really hope that if Jason wakes up on Monday that someone tells him about Robin and the fact that Sam knew before the surgery and didn't tell him about it. You don't know how much I want Sam to get the boot (KeMo as well--don't change the character get rid of her all together--i hated her on PC as well).

    Poor Robert. He is feeling really guilty about not being there for Robin when she was growing up. I think that if he had been there he wouldn't have felt this badly about her death. (Not that he wouldn't be upset about it because if he wasn't i'd be worried about him.) We know that what he saw in the morgue was not Ghost Robin because she would never have said those things to him. It was his guilt that made him see that.

  20. In a way, I do understand Sam's concerns about Jason's health and finding out Robin died. However, the way Sam has been walking around like she is the new queen on the block, is sickening. Well she is the new queen, queen of DOUCHE'BAGS!!
    Though I agree somewhat with her, Carly still should have brought out the trailer trash in her and stomped out Sam! Bring ol' Carly back!!!!! (do you even KNOW your husband??)

    Kate & Sonny stuff is funny if you think about it. Every soap had to have a personality disorder, and I think Ms Prim & Proper is playing out her roles awesome. Who better to have a split personaility than someone who has been in love with Sonny her entire life? She snapped, poppled & cracked.
    And once again, I beg to differ about the 'love' of Sonny's life.
    That honor goes to Sonny, and Sonny alone.

    When Tracey told Edward about Robin, didn't you find it strange that he didn't ask first if it were Monica who was killed?? I would have thought that. Either way, Mr Edward, you played the scene brilliantly, not knowing that your real life wife was about to join the other angels.
    (was that corny?)

    Anyone know where I can check out the ratings?

  21. My2Cents, got to
    That website has the most current ratings for Feb20-24 posted. GH is still last but did gain in viewers that week. Compared to last year , they are down more thatn 500 000 viewers. It is an improvement considering the week before they were at a new low. I think the addition of Anna helped. Hopefully if writing improve and they add more vets and likeable characters , it will go up.

  22. Sorry for typos, having issues today.

  23. Love2chat...Don't apologize for typo's-ever. I want to read what you have to say, not nit pick.

    GH is up 192,000 from last week.
    However, that is from the week before.
    Wait until THIS weeks ratings come out...Anna, Robert, Starr & Blair all were introduced and shown air time. Its only going to get better!

  24. I cannot wait for Monday
    Luke & Robert the original Bromance
    He's gotta be there for Robert when he needs him.

  25. Happy weekend!

    I didn't get to watch until late last night, and it was a good show. The OLTL folks are arriving now! Now, it looks like Carly will have someone else to play with now that Blair's in town. I am not extremely familiar with Blair, but it seems to me Carly and Blair would be more evenly matched!

    Carly and Sam...typical catfight fare. Sam's been annoying me all week with how she's treated the situation with Patrick, and yeah, maybe she should have told Jason about Robin, but honestly, if someone is in a situation where stress could kill them, is it really a good idea to give them terrible news like that? No, probably not. Imagine how he would have felt, knowing Robin was in that lab creating a protocol for him to save his life and that resulted in her death. At the end of the day, whether Carly likes it or not, Sam is Jason's wife, like it or not. The fact that, like Sonny, Carly takes a literal wiz over every man she's ever known like a dog marks its territory, really doesn't give her the right to make this call for Jason. Of course Jason has a right to know about Robin, but to tell him before the surgery wasn't good timing. Carly (Ms. "Why didn't you tell me!") is the queen of disliking when things are kept from her. So, naturally, she has a problem with Sam's choice on this. But, the choice was Sam's in this aren't the wife, Carly. Sam should indeed tell Jason ASAP when his health is given the green light. I certainly don't want him finding out after Robin is dead and buried.

    Loved Luke and Anna and also love that we're getting Robert and Luke back together! 80's throwback time and the chemistry is still there with these actors!

    Edward finding out about Robin was very touching. Even more touching to think the man just lost his wife in real life. Those scenes were probably filmed before that happened.

    Kate and Sonny...Just cannot take this crappola. I see Krazy Katie ended up at Johnny's door...or was that Connie? She developed that Bensonhurst accent. I guess that's how we tell which personality she is! Will Johnny make her an offer she can't refuse? Bagging two of Sonny's ladies, if that happens, doesn't bode well for Johnnyboy! I just wish she'd throw that blood stained dress out. It's disgusting! I see Dante found the gun...oops!

    I read about Felicia coming back. Maxie could use some support, so that makes sense. I don't think Kristina and Jack get on well (not a happy divorce situation) so unless they've mended fences, I cannot see them sharing a screen together. They didn't bring Frisco back when Georgie died.

    Robin had better have a proper funeral on this show. To give her the kind of send off some departed characters have recently had would be an insult to her and the fans, so they'd better do something befitting her!

    I am glad to see the ratings are least we know the new staff is doing their job! Will it save the show ultimately? I still do not trust that's their goal, but with how the viewers have felt lied to by ABC and company, I think it is difficult not to mistrust the situation. All we can do is hang in and see what they do.

  26. I just can't get into the Kate story, maybe if Megan Ward was still doing it or maybe if the story would have come before the "Brenda" nonsense. It just seems so off. Glad the LIW is done although they never explained how she was "Hell's" kid. Like that liz brought it down to a level that Emma can understand even though some thought it was wrong to compare Robin to a fish but they need to look at it from a childs perspective. Lots of tears and memories.

  27. I'm not disagreeing with Sam not telling Jason prior to the surgery, that was the correct move on her part. However, she needs to tell him once he wakes up. I'm not a big fan of Carly, but she's right, Jason doesn't like to be told what he can and cannot handle.
    If Sam thinks that Jason will only be a little pissed off, she doesn't know him as well as she thinks she does.
    That being said, it's not Carly's place to tell Jason about Robin either. Considering the history and more importantly Sam being his wife. Tell him and then give him his space to grieve.

    Wherewolfmom, wives do, but in this case she shouldn't. And, not because of her withholding Robin's death from Jason, but from her incensitive behaviour towards Patrick. Give the man a break and stay away.

    Jason should go on his own without Sam being attached to his hip. This is about his loss and his relationship with Robin. Has nothing to do with Sam. If he asks to attend alone, she should respect that and not use her baby as weapon to get what she wants (have a feeling she will).
    For once, just allow him to do something without it being about Jasam.
    This is about Robin and what they (Jason and Robin) meant to one another and not about Jason and Sam.
    Sam can console him after all she wants. Just give him space to pay his respect by not attending and coddling him as she did at AJ's funeral.


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