Monday, March 26, 2012

Late To the Flour BOMB!

Late today, had to get a crown fixed! Saw Paddy with the URN that was about it...What say you WUBS? Worth the watch?

GIANT CASTING BOMB TODAY! Not telling yet End of Show


  1. The last 5 minutes were the best. I won't try to recap, Sonya does it best, but Ewen told LIz he saved her and Anthony was trying to convince Dante that he saw Sonny shoot his tires out.

  2. YES!!! A few slow parts but it's worth it in the end so definately watch.

    I know it might be annoying some but I do like how they have John McBain showing up all over the!

    Loved the Emma & Patrick and Emma & Liz scenes!

    I'm sorry but the PCPD needs more police because there's no way in hell Dante should be involved in any case that Sonny is apart of.

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  4. I am enjoying Lt. McBane on GH more than I ever enjoyed him on OLTL. There is a twinkling about his eyes that he never had before.

    and the ending today? wtf?!?

  5. I am enjoying Lt. McBane on GH more than I ever enjoyed him on OLTL. There is a twinkling about his eyes that he never had before.

    and the ending today? wtf?!?

  6. Ok Sonya, if your usage of the !!!!!!!!!!!!!! is to get us all excited about the episode, it worked!! ;)
    I want to leave work now and go watch it!
    Do they send ashes through the mail?
    I second that Dante should NEVER try any of his dad's cases. Always promises Mac that he is a cop first. BS. Quit making the PCPD look so incapable of doing their jobs!

    Well, tell me the ending?!? I can't wait an hour and a half to get home before I find out!!

  7. Oh Batgary that's sweet thank you. :)

    GREAT SHOW TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYBODY WHO HASN'T SEEN IT, WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Johnny and Sonny: Great scene!!!!!!!!!! Johnny telling Sonny about Kate wanting to sleep with him hahahhaha! Come on let's have a good old fashioned dog fight! :) They are really good with those. :)

    Carly and Kate: Great scene!!! Come on Connie come out and rip Carly's hair out!!! :) Carly told Kate that she told Sonny about Kate being at Johnny's! Kate has no idea what Carly is talking about ROFL! Later Kate calls Ewen to whine and then she rushes out to see him. Carly is still there and breaks into Kate's office! That's my girl! :)

    Kate and Ewen: Oh come on Kate! Stop whining and bring out Connie!!! She is the life of the party! :) Ewen gives her hypnosis and out comes Connie! YAY!!!!! :) I think she finds him attractive. :)

    Liz and Ewen: Ewen tells her that he was the one who saved her that faithful day from drowning. Very anti climatic.

    Patrick and Emma: Patrick gets a box from the postal guy. The box is Robin's ashes. But Patrick asks the guy if she is in the box. I doubt that was supposed to be funny. but it made me laugh. And then Emma wants to know about the box. :( Great scene!!!!

    Mcbain, Sam, and Jason: McBain saying he wasn't in the neighborhood hahahaha! McBain has got great one liners. :)

    Mcbain and Carly: She is trying to open Kate's desk and has problems doing so, so Mcbain shows up and says you have to stick it in and jiggle it a little ROFL! Come on writers. Let's have them rip each others clothes off! :)

    Papa Z and Dante: Great scene!!! :) Papa Z actually says that he saw Sonny shoot the tires!! ROFL!

    Patrick: He went to the place where the new home is being made, and he took Robin's ashes with him. He is going to spread her ashes there. :( Great scene!

    Liz and Emma: Great scene!!!! They are eating ice cream together and talking about Robin.

    McBain: He is on the phone with Natalie! UGH!

    For people who haven't seen the show today, YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THE END OF THE EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE RIGHT NOW! LIKE AT THIS MOMENT!!! THIS SECOND!!!! :)

    For Brender, Hell no!!!! You have to watch the show yourself! :)

  8. Yes, they do send them thru the mail ...or Fed Ex!
    I have MANY interesting takes on the ending today-- I have to get my thoughts together. Not sure how I feel about it all.

  9. Today's epi was pretty good.

    Great non-surprising ending. I know I wasn't the only one not surprised. What I was surprised about was how EARLY they played their hand on it. Hope that's not foretelling the end of GH (even though I think it is)....just read the announcement will be made by April 8th if they stay on the air or not.

    Fantastic scenes with Patrick, Emma and Liz. Patrick signing for the ashes and Emma overhearing him talking about Robin in the box...oh dear, such a heartbreaking moment. Damn you Jason Thompson. Always making me cry!

    Love that Patrick called Liz ("I need you") for help on what to do and say to Emma. Such a sweet scene w/Liz and Em having ice-cream, playing tea party talking about Robin. Becky is amazing.

    Carly breaking into Kate's office to get dirt on her was such a classic Carly move. Love when McBain caught her trying to get into a drawer - "It's better if you stick it in, then jiggle" LOL!

    McBam/Jason scenes were so great! Love that McBain does not give a crap who Jason is. Loving McBain's confidence. Loving him way more on GH than OLTL.

    Karen!!! Dr. Ewan actually used a real office (well, treatment room) at the hospital today with Kate so he could hypnotize her to get to Connie.

    Sonny & Johnny fighting in the sandbox. Again.

    Oh yeah...and Dr. Ewan finally told Liz he was the one who rescued her and Dante was questioning AZ. AZ playing his games again. And what the heck is Dante doing on this case? Conflict of interest much? LOL!

  10. Karen, you and I were BOTH at the dentist during GH!

    Sure wish I had stayed off Twitter!

  11. Great googly-moogly! The ending today... I think pats on the back are deserved for the GH folks for successfully keeping it a secret. Is today actually Friday and nobody told me? 'Cause that was a Friday ending, not a Monday!

    Karen, did you have any inkling?

  12. OLTL fans,
    Were they this good at keeping surprises on that show ? I never saw today's ending spoiled on any site. Impressed that they kept it quiet.

    I am really liking Mc Bain. To those who wonder why people find him attractive remember the old saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That kind of thing is so individualistic. I know most people think Maurice is really attractive but for me he's completely unattractive and always has been. Back in the 80's I had a friend who could not understand what anybody saw in Richard Gere. The odd thing is I didn't find Easton attractvie at all on Port Charles.

  13. WHAAAAAT!FANTASTIC! More shows like this and ratings will improve!
    Nice surprise ending with ROBIN!
    Patrick , Emma , Liz scenes were great! About time Ewan told the truth to Liz!

  14. My post didn't come through!!

    Ahhh!!! I come here everyday to check out scoops and eppie recaps, so I know what to look forward to when I get home. But it seems ya'll are gonna make me wait till I get home aren't you??!! AHHH!! Curses!

    And Karen, when you said Casting bomb, not telling ending of show. Did that mean a casting bomb about the end of the show? Or bomb about TODAY'S end of the show? Wahhh!!! Things I need to know now! Ha!

  15. Wha?! The ending...that.... OMG! I was expecting it eventually but good lord not that soon!

  16. Without a doubt, Emma is the STAR along with Grandma Anna of this show. I LOVE the questions, I LOVE how much she loves Jason (Patrick) she naturally goes to his lips for a kiss. Great answer Patrick gave to Emma about the box.

    NOT liking John McNostrils at GH at all. Who comes to someone else's district/state and starts taking over?? Its almost like SUPERMAN has arrived! BLAH!
    Reading comments, I am alone with not liking McNostrils on GH. I didn't care for him on OLTL though either.

    Sonya..Johnny certainly isn't afraid of Sonny, is he? Johnny knows how to get Sonny under the belt and visa versa.

    Carly has more nerve!!! Why isn't she home with Josie? Or Morgan? Its Easter break!!

    The end. Caren said it best. We were expecting it, but not this soon.
    Now we all were aware she was on set taping a few weeks ago. So we knew she wasn't done.
    I thought she was on set wrapping up the end of the show, or, I am thinking JT is leaving the show and she is wrapping up with him!

    I was surprised, but not really.

  17. I think April will tell us a lot about GH's future. Quite a good show today. Good twisty ending as soapy as they should come with Robin. The only thing I can think that is if she is indeed alive and we're not being led on, maybe the new protocol stopped working and this was her way of retreating from her family? Just a thought. Don't know what to think. The scene reminded me of when people thought Babe was dead from the Satin Slayer on AMC and she was being kept safe in a room.

    Love Patrick and Emma (not sure if anyone would get ashes in the mail) and I do love Mr. McBain...he's a hoot! Jasam is a bore (Geeze, is the lying issue going to be a constant thing here?), Johnny and Sonny round 1,000,000 and Crazy Katie and Dr. Sixpacks were just ok. At least Lizzie knows he pulled her out of the water and she isn't nuts now. Her scene with Emma was very sweet.

    Heather's coming next! Ok...I think I said it all as briefly as a writer can! :-)

  18. To dar...yes, RC surprised us alot with not a word leaking---and he didn't really care if it was Friday-- we got cliff hangers all week!
    This is why we were so devoted to OLTL--you didn't dare miss a moment and the surprises often just delighted you yet were not what you expected!

    RC really can write soapy and that's a GOOD thing.

    As for McBain...I liked him a lot on OLTL, but much better here somehow. I think he didn't have all the expressions there, maybe been there so long. And he always walked around with his hands in his pockets there, too. And popped up unexpectedly to investigate something. I think my problem with McBain was not him, but him being paired with Natalie who was not exciting as a lover for him.

  19. YES OLTL was AWESOME at surprises!! big time...they must close set tape. AND not distribute scripts only to the parties directly involved. :)


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