Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Starr and John" Answer Questions About GH Move

I can't believe how much Kristen has grown up. Wow..she just seems like such a great young lady! I know some of you are sick of the OLTL Love but this is a really good interview.


  1. Cute interview..I hope that John and Sam end up working together. He could use her as a private eye.
    Sam needs to do more than just bat her eyes at Jason and be snarky with Carly.

    Starr and Micheal will end up together someday if GH stays on the air. I think. At least Micheal mas chemistry with Starr unlike the forced pairing with Abby.

  2. So who do we think John has a positive history with? I'm hoping it's Anna. Maybe she assisted on an FBI case while in the WSB and taught John some of his super-sluething skills. Lots of people are speculating it's Mac--but I don't buy it. He was a bit of a conman and then a nightclub owner before being commish so I doubt he and John would have met and been buddies. Also, if it were Mac, you'd think John wouldn't be surprised to see him since he's commish of a relatively nearby town. I hope it's Anna since think this would give Finola something fun to play, get her to her back spy roots, and would put these two powerhouse actors together.

  3. It was Anna and they will work together.

  4. We know John (NOSTRILS) has a history with Sonny. Doesn't everyone?
    I believe the person will be Anna.


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