Friday, March 9, 2012

"You Can Tell Me To Just Put a Sock In It'!

Blair needed to bring Starr something to snuggle, not flowers! LOL... although they were gorgeous! Love Green gladiolas.

OMG, Fastest arraignment EVER ...god SONNY just got charged in an instant. GEESH. 

Olivia needs to kill Maggie like Helena did Cassandra!! Just DO IT! Hate her. 

Loved how Sonny mispronounced Corinthos...CORENinthos....When Sonny was talking about the gun,  Kate gave him a sideways glance. KATE wouldn't do that, she doesn't know, CONNIE does. That's why this story isn't working for me. 
Sonny's on the SUN! The SUN is Todd Manning's newspaper in Llanview-- it's kinda like the GLOBE or STAR.

Carly and Todd are chemical spilling all over my place! 

They should have called today "iPad" day on GH... everyone had one!

Tawd and SONNY! Eeeeeeeeeee. 

Robin died 2 weeks ago our time... 

Ok, I am admitting today was too much OLTL day and not enough anything else day. I give it a C. And for a Friday? that sucks! 


  1. Those were green gladiolas? I wondered what they were. They ere beautiful.

    Liked the way Olivia tore into Maggie. Wished she had slapped her. :-)

    I took Kate's looks about the gun more like a "did I do this during my blackout" look.

    Can't wait for the showdown with Todd and Sonny on Monday.

    Karen I agree there was too much OLTL stuff today.

  2. I agree, there needs to be a little more balance between the OLTL characters coming on and our regular GH cast.... too much of one just throws off the episode

  3. Check it out! Katie Couric and her producer want GH as their lead-in at 2 p.m., not "The Revolution."

  4. Todd and Carly: LOVE THEIR SCENES!!! :) Oh their first fight ROFL!

    Starr and Blair: WOAH SONNY IS ON THE SUN MAGAZINE YAY! :) Starr is angry and in a dark place!! It's not like her to talk the way she was talking! Poor Starr. :(

    Starr and Michael: Oh oh Starr finds out Sonny is Michael's son and is upset! She is taking her grief out on him!

    Courtroom: Sonny is out on bail! Wow we haven't had a courtroom scene in ages. Alexis believes Sonny didn't shoot those tires. Did Connie shoot those tires? :) She calls Ewen!!! Sonny is alone and in walks Todd!!!! :) OH BOY OH BOY! :)

    Blair and Carly: OH OH OH! Can they be new BFF's?!!?! :)

    Mulva and Lulu: Lulu is accusing Mulva of deleting those photos!!! :) CATFIGHT please?! :) Oh shoot Dante had to quiet them down!!! Rats.

    Olivia, Steve, and Maggie: Oh for crying out loud Steve! Just tell Olivia what is really going on!!!! Oh he finally does!! Good. :)

    Karen! When you said Carly and Todd are chemical spilling all over my place, do you mean they have a lot of chemistry? :) Cus hell yeah they sure do!!!!! :)

  5. Definitely agree too much OLTL and not enough GH. More balance is needed ASAP and more time should have been spent on Robin's death this week. From what I've read and been told GH will deal with Robin's death Wednesday thru Friday of NEXT WEEK. They should have capitalized on the emotional impact of Robin's death with fans THIS WEEK and made the other storylines background.

    Moving on....can we just be DONE with the Maggie/Steve thing? It is so lame and nobody cares.

    Looking forward to Todd/Sonny stuff. It'll be nice to see Sonny going up against someone as nuts as he is! LOL!

    Actually looking forward to the Lulu/police station storyline. Looks like this could be really interesting especially if it involves her getting rid of Mulva!

    Very much looking forward to next week because I'm missing Liz, Patrick, Emma, and Anna so much. Time to get back to grieving for Robin.

  6. 2 days in a row of no Robin talk? I can't take this!

    I think it will help Katie to talk GH up. I think she knows if she gets on the GH fans good side, she will get some viewers that would watch in appreciation.

  7. Has anyone noticed that out of all past & presents actors that have been on opening credits this week, the only person who I haven't seen is Maxie. (Old) Did I miss it, or am I right? Krissy was shown today.

    Where is Aunt Dorian the Senator with her niece going thru such trauma?? Calling Aunt Dorian & Uncle David.

    Too much OLTL?? WHO CARES! Its working people! CORENinthos! LMAO!
    Ohh Todd you are priceless.

    Alexis...few words, but her intertwine with Sonny Gotti is priceless. (sarcastic)

    Mouthy Magget Maggie...can't she get stuck in an elevator and KABOO..she is gone??

    Robin?? That is what the show is lacking. CLosure to the storyling before new stuff brought on. Right?

    Carly, Sonny, Blair & Todd.
    How much better does it get??

    I give today a b+

  8. For those on Twitter did you just catch Tristan Rogers tweet today about GH?

    Here it is:

    "From what I've read many people upset over Scorpio's departure. I think they'll be upset over lots of things in the next few months."

    Well that's reassuring. Oh boy. Fasten your seat belts friends.

  9. I LOVED Lulu giving Mulva the bitch face the entire time. JMB might be giving Becky Herbst some competition in the bitch face making department. Lulu knows what's up. Can't handle Mulva's "outrage". She needs to use her inside voice.

  10. Thanks for the info Matchbox since I don't twitter. Tweet.

    Doesn't sound like Robert left a happy camper, nor does it sound like this excitement over the show is going to last.

    Keep up posted. Thanks again.

  11. Didn't Carly look HOTT today!
    Her & Todd...STEAMY!!!!!!

  12. MatchboxGinny said... For those on Twitter did you just catch Tristan Rogers tweet today about GH?

    Here it is:

    "From what I've read many people upset over Scorpio's departure. I think they'll be upset over lots of things in the next few months."
    Oh no! :( Didn't he say that things were going to get better?

  13. Tristan sounds pissed and I don't blame him. After past writters were getting Robert's character right on Night Shift 2 and Robin's wedding, the new crew has freaking betrayed the integrity of the character and any plausibility in the storyline by shipping Robert(and with Holly no less) off right after Robin's death. This is stunningly, jaw-droppingly WRONG.
    Nothing against Tristan - he still has the chops and the chemistry with the other actors to do the job right BUT the way that they brought him back and then sent him off again was stupid, useless, and a waste of time.
    If this is the way things are going to go, cancel GH please. I cannot take this level of butchering for Noah, Heather, and Felica too.

  14. Though I have enjoyed the new energy and writing infused into the show, I have become increasingly annoyed with the lack of story we have been getting for Robin and her loved ones.

    Too much emphasis has been paid to the introduction of Starr and her loss. The subsequent introductions of her parents Todd & Blair to help her cope with her loss.
    All this at the expense of what the loss of a legacy character such as Robin means to the rest of the canvas and long time viewers of GH.

    It's been nice and all for OLTL fans getting a second chance to see their beloved characters, however I cannot but feel aggrieved that this is happening when GH fans should be going through an emotional roll coaster that comes with a death of character that has been on the show as long as Robin.

    The momentum and rawness of grief seems to have come and gone. What is up with having Robert come and leave as quickly?
    Just poorly handled. Long time GH fans have been slighted with this story and the fallout.

    It's just plain sad. No words, but sad.

    Lastly, why does every introduction of new characters on this show have to be tied to Carly and Sonny some how?
    For once, can we not have this show be about these two?
    Worst thing that happened to this show was making the characters of Sonny and Carly the forefront.
    What made them so good was you got them in small doses. They've lost their appeal. Tired of their constant back & forth, tit for tat, adolescent behaviour.
    Get over yourselves. Both are idiots.

  15. I have nothing against the OLTL characters but I think their fans have to look at it from the point of view of long time viewers like myself who have never seen the other show.

    To me they're just some new characters they're bringing in. They have no history with me or this show. And they seem to be taking up a lot of screen time at a time when one of the main stars of GH has just died; a major "General Hospital" character who has been a mainstay of the show for years.

    But there's no focus on that. It's all about this unknown character and her loss.

    Quite frankly my dear...

  16. I wasn't impressed by today either and ratings are still not great. I think focus has shifted to OLTL because they have signed on and mob will still be front and center with Carly/Sonny leading the way. The battle is setting up Mannigs vs Corinthos clan with a little Romeo&Juliet ( Michael and Starr ) mixed in. On twitter the standard answer from Ron is keep watching and they will show more GH vets for Robin's funeral. I'm not encouraged by Tristan Rogers' tweet.

  17. Did anyone catch when Todd was talking to Carly about Sonny he said something like his name is Sunny? With a "u"? I really did LOL at that!

  18. Is that for Tristian Rogers? He will not be there at Robin's funeral? Please tell me that is not gonna happen like that!

    I am sorry,I used to watch OLTL years ago when Starr was just a little kid,and I loved Roger Howarth but I am hating them on GH! It was bad enough that GH centers around Sonny,Jason,carly,and Sam but now it will focus way to much on the OLTL crew!

    This was not how I was hoping that GH would send Robin off and pay tribute to her!
    Not a happy GH fan right now!

  19. There is only one Tawd. Glad to see him on GH. Love his chemistry with Carly. LOVE LOVE

    However, that being said, lets remember this is GH, NOT OLTL. We have unfinished business that needs immediate attention. One being the conclusion of Robin's funeral. Patrick. Anna.
    Why do I see Patrick leaving soon?

    We also have to kill Maggie & Ewan & Delores off. Preferrably next week. LMAO

    Still the show has improved. I won't take that from them. Anthing is better than 6 months ago.
    But I as a long time fan need closure to Robin.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. My2Cents2 said... There is only one Tawd.
    Hahaha why do you call him Tawd? :) I love him and glad he is on GH! Love him and Carly together! :)

  22. I don't find the actress playing Star to be very affected by the horrible loss she ahs suffered. And bringing her flowers? Major choke there. And what is with Todd's earlobes? Not an attractive man but he is spooky. The other Todd was more attractive, IMO

    If even Karen notices there is too much OLTL, you know somethings wrong thanks for the honesty, Karen! You are respected. Dare I say this but they haven't showed Sam or Jason. All of a sudden Kate/Connie whoever she is happens to be front and center. I don't like the actress whatsoever.

  23. Todd and Blair are a great addition to GH! Anyone beats boring Jason and Sam! I wish they would get rid of Kate=she sucks!! Robert needs to come back for Robin's funeral. Robert and Anna are so great together!!

  24. I watched GH last night and I must say I do agree with Karen's original comment that there was just a bit too much OLTL going on for my liking. Yes, I realize they are introducing these characters and establishing them into the canvas, but for heaven sake, a major GH player who was on this show since she was a child just died and if you missed about a week or so of this show, you'd never know it! I am sad for Starr's loss of her fiance and child, but yet, I don't know her well enough to deeply care. It's like watching CNN and seeing that a famous person died. You have an idea of who they are, and you may be sad for the family's loss, but the care really doesn't run that deep because you don't know them. The new GH staff has to keep in mind that not all of us watched OLTL.

    Tristan's comments make me uneasy. I was never really willing to drink the "all is well and GH will be saved" kool-aid in the first place, so comments like his make me wonder what's going on. Are his claims that the viewers aren't going to be happy about a lot of things born out of someone who didn't like how his return was handled (I wouldn't have was absolutely ridiculous to send the man out on a wild goose chase for Ethan, a kid he was told was his and he never knew or met.) or is he preparing the viewers for what's to come in future with GH? I guess we will find out.

    The Sonny and Todd reindeer games have begun! Wow...I was not expecting Sonny to already get tossed into court, but if they move this along more quickly than the Claudia trial, that's fine with me.

    I'm having to again suspend my disbelief about the way certain things are handled. Would a real court of law allow Alexis to defend Sonny? She's the mother of one of his kids. How about Dante providing evidence in the case, considering this is his father being tried? Conflict of interest? In the PCPD scenes, would Lulu really be sharing evidence with Michael? I don't think she'd be allowed to do that, even if the case involves someone Michael cared about. I suppose I should not expect attention to details like this!

    Two characters I could do without...Maggie and Delores. I wished Olivia would have opened up a case of Bensonhurst whoopa$$ on Maggie yesterday. Delores, she's just boring as heck. I like that Lulu may be given something to do though with the storyline about the destroyed evidence. Thing is, it may turn out to be more angst for Dante and Lulu, if he sides with his police partner over his wife. I guess the catfights could be interesting. I just am bored with Maggie and Mulva and want them gone!

    The line of the day for me...when Todd asked Carly if she ever lied to get what she wanted. I said aloud..."HAS CARLY EVER LIED TO GET WHAT SHE WANTED?" Todd, how much time to do have for an adequate answer to that? :-)

    I would expect the ratings have increased a bit. Robin's death, the promise of old GH vets like Anna, Robert and Holly, and the introduction of OLTL folks like Starr, Blair, Todd and later John, will get viewers curious. The issue is though, will the ratings maintain once all of that is said and done?

    Happy Weekend!

  25. Rita Pita said...
    I don't find the actress playing Star to be very affected by the horrible loss she ahs suffered.
    What do you mean? She has been upset, angry, crying, and wanting revenge. What else do you want to see from her? :)

  26. Melodybluez said...Tristan's comments make me uneasy. I was never really willing to drink the "all is well and GH will be saved" kool-aid in the first place
    Yea, I have to agree with you on that statement. Something isn't right.

    Rita Pita says......I kinda agree with you. Starr isn't as emotional as I would be losing a child.
    Wait and see how fast she gets 'over her' as well. That is why it was a dumb move to kill the kid off. People's lives STOP when there children are killed. Starr will go on. Soon. Very soon.

    My comment about "filler' actors, are actors who fill in on scenes when the major characters are off doing something else.
    Tracey & Monica have been with the show too longe. They BOTH need to be front and center..NO 'fill in' crap. jmo

  27. Tristan should have stayed around longer - hate that he is gone already. I hope Anna won't be pushed to the side. Not thrilled with Starr - she sure doesn't resemble either of her parents and the way she is being shot in scenes with Blair, her head looks huge next to Blair's. She doesn't look old enough to have had a child either. I find it hard to believe Todd was a romantic lead. Laura W. has sure perked up in her scenes with him and she looked really good yesterday. Too much OLTL overshadowing Robin's death. Loved Lulu confronting Mulva and Olivia ready to beat up Maggie.


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