Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spoilers Are Up, Get 'em While They're HOT!

Yep...Carly blabs!

Get on over to the WUBS Net!! Look what's happening in Port Chuck. Blackmail, A Trial... Starr and Michael,  Tracy and Luke. Plus Anna's sticking around!
I won't be here for today's show, can you believe it? Dang it--so post away. I will DVR because I know today will be awesome. 
Have a good one!


  1. Thanks Karen..reading them, it comes as no surprise that Felicia returns due to Maxie. However believeable that would be. She has been gone her whole life! Why now? And for how long? A month?

    Happy to hear that Jason gets a private good bye to Robin. BTYCH Sam, I hope he never forgives you for keeping it from him as long as you did. I understand before the surgery, but not now.

    McBain doesn't need to be on GH. I would so much rather watch Mac as head of the robo cops. John, Sonny, Anna I assume all have a background together. jmo

    Not liking Starr. Not at all.

    Ewan thinks Connie is worse than he imagines?? HOLY SHYT!

    Of course Jason & Liz meet up 'accidentally' on Jakes 1 year death anniversary. How queer.

    I will say, I LOVE Luke trying to get back with Tracey. Though Luke has never been a fav of mine, with Tracey THEY work!!

    Sounds like Spinelli is sticking around after all. Which is fine. As long as he behaves as a nerd and not a freak I can handle it.

    Just read an article written by Iger (prez of disney) depressing imo. He wants GH gone. Sounds like the only hope of GH living on is if someone picks it up.
    Maybe I will call Oprah.

  2. Tissues everywhere. That's the kind of episode today was.

    Patrick saying he's nothing without Robin, Emma drawing a picture for Mommy to take to heaven with her, Liz saying Robin is irreplaceable and the best mommy she ever knew, Sonny saying there was something special about Robin, there was a light inside her and Mac telling Emma what he used to tell Robin all the time, "We're family, we're Scorpios and there's nothing we can't get thru together." Wow. So heartbreaking. So beautifully acted today.

    Patrick lashing out at Sonny saying he shouldn't be there and Anna rolling her eyes at Sonny when he came to her to offer condolences...another wow.

    The Mac/Anna convo about Emma and how much she's understanding about the service, worrying if she's scared of the casket and what later plans are before she's taken to be cremated (Anna's shaky emotional voice) Mac saying to Anna, "It's not Robin in that casket it's just her shell"...oh so sad and so well done.

    Poor grieving Maxie. Still not at the funeral. Spin trying to comfort her.

    The montages, the Stone mentions, so many scenes I remember watching years and years ago. Wonderful.

    My only complaint about today was the lack of people in the church. They should have had the Q's there, hospital staff, even Carly...hell even Coleman, where was Coleman? Pay some extras to fill the church.

    Jasam - Sam is still sticking to her guns (get it, about not telling Jason even though a doctor said Jason is fine. Loved when Carly the janitor walked in Jason's room to spill the beans.

    Tomorrow will be another box of tissue day, looking forward to the hospital rooftop memorial Liz planned. Very fitting.

  3. Oh yeah...and did everyone hear the news (via Daytime Confidential)

    Jack Wagner turned down GH.

    No plans to have Kin Shriner on GH.

    Katie Couric's new show begins on September 10th.

  4. Maxie and Spinny: POOR MAXIE! :'( She made me cry! Spinny wants her to go to the funeral! :( She can't go! She feels so guilty!!

    Carly: She is trying her damndest to get to Jason! ROFL! She flirts with this hot guy so that she can talk to Jason ROFL! The hot guy needs a shave. :) Carly is even dressed as a janitor! ROFL!

    Sam and Jason: UGH! I had enough of this!!!! Come on Sam! Jason is fine!!! Monica even said so!!! Tell him the freakin truth Sam!!!

    Carly and Jason: HAHAHA! She did it!!! Her planned worked! YAY!!!! :)

    The funeral: WOAH THEY SHOWED ROBIN'S FUNERAL! It was so sad. :( There were flashbacks! YAY! The little actress to play Emma looked bored ROFL!

  5. MatchboxGinny said... Oh yeah...and did everyone hear the news (via Daytime Confidential)
    No I haven't!

    Jack Wagner turned down GH.
    That's not surprising. He is on dancing with the stars. :)

    No plans to have Kin Shriner on GH.
    Oh crap! :(

    Katie Couric's new show begins on September 10th.
    So then GH will be over by September? In 6 months!

  6. BRILLIANT. That was how todays show was written.
    Did I see photos of Robin as a young girl, Uncle Mac 'back in the day', and look, FINALLY Dr Steve Hardy's photo?? The 'core' of GH.
    There are no words for Patricks betrayal of a man RAW with emotion. Even Luke, the way he looked at Anna. That is frienship. That is love.
    Appropriate for a little girl to draw a picture.
    I say KUDOS to whomever wrote the show today. NO I don't believe St. Liz did either. WTF a memorial on a roof top of the hospital? St Liz thought of it and put it together?
    Aww just the thought of something so ridiculous.
    I agree, the church was empty. Where were people from the hospital? Other friends. That surprised me.

    THE UGLY: Sam McCall-douche'bag.
    Monica get your nose out of Sam's ass.
    Tomorrow's show...Jason finds out.
    NOT surprised Wagner turned down GH. I thought Scott had already signed? How disapointing on that level.

  7. I hope tomorrow's show will solely focus on Robin's funeral.

    Appreciated the nice touch of flashbacks they did, with each eulogist. Though I thought they would have showed Sonny walking into the room after Stone died and Robin laying next to him. In my opinion that would have been fitting for their history.

    However, I was surprised that Sonny was even allowed to speak after Patrick gave him a dressing down and Anna gave him the cold shoulder.

    It would be nice if they do a long montage showing all of Robin's major moments on GH and with all those that had a significant impact on her life.

    It was just sad to see how empty the church was. This should have been one funeral that didn't need any day players!! Loved ones and friends should have filled the church. This goes to show how much damage the last regime has truly done to this show.
    No Q's. Edward, Tracy, Monica, Ned and Lois. (Emily, AJ, Justus, Lila, and Alan - esp. missed Alan). No Tony Jones (another senseless death). No Jax. No Nikolas. No Lucky. No Laura. No Bobbie. No Brenda. No Tiffany and Sean. No Lucy and Kevin. No Felicia and Frisco. No Michael (She helped raise you man, and you know how important she was to your father Sonny and Uncle Jason). No Maxie. No Georgie. No Holly. NO ROBERT!!!!

    Would have been nice to see all these old faces back to pay homage to her life.
    A wonderful opportunity to organically introduce them back into the fold.

    This just made me depressed.
    I'm sorry, but having staff from the hospital not there is plain dumb. Look how busy Emily's funeral was. Nothing for Robin?

    Found it far too empty.

    Sam you really need to get over yourself and trying to mark your territory. We get it, you're his wife. Stop telling the world.
    Just tell him the truth.

  8. Great show today. Jason Thompson again was the star of the show (John York, a close second) and Emma, I just teared up at her drawing to send with her mommy in heaven. I could have done without some other things, but the focus was mainly about Robin, as it should have been. I thought when I looked at Sonny and Luke together, how ironic that last year at this time, Luke was accused of causing a child's death, and this year, it's Sonny, who allegedly caused Hope and Cole's death, who is being accused of the same kind of thing!

    When I see Jen Liley as Maxie, I keep wondering if Kirsten Storms would have played it differently. Sure, Maxie can be a biotch. She is selfish, arrogant and full of herself. She makes ridiculous choices and is impulsive. What Kirsten always brought that I am not seeing with Jen is a bit of humanity where we kind of love to hate her and can forgive her just a bit for the crap she pulls. Jen's performance, just in my humble opinion, has been a bit over the top.

    Small group of mourners. I realize the hospital cannot shut down because a staff member died, but really, Monica could not have been there to represent the hospital? Edward not being there was silly. He had the episode he had because he didn't take his meds. Dante could not have been there with his wife and daddy? How about Kelly, Lainey and some of the other hospital staff folks Robin worked with? How about Coleman, since Robin used to patronize his place frequently? I imagine things like budget cuts work in to how many cast members could be at the funeral.

    Carly, when I watched her hospital hijinks today, I kept thinking, "I feel like I am watching an episode of "I Love Lucy" where Lucy is doing all sorts of stupid things to crash Ricky's nightclub so she can be in the show!" I guess she was supposed to be today's comic relief.

    I am not applauding Sam. I think her behavior is inexcusable at this point and I wonder why in heck Alexis didn't tell her that? The whole timeline thing with Jason and his surgery/recovery has me completely confused. He just "woke up" after brain surgery? If so, why is he walking around in street clothes, no bandages on his head, no tubes in him anywhere, well enough to make phone calls and completely healed? I guess it is that magic GH healing juice again. Sam, you are going to have some 'splaining to do once Carly opens her big mouth on Friday, and I bet she will! I will actually enjoy watching Sam get a major whatfor with all this. She's coming off as a control freak here.

    The writers are overdoing it with Maxie's grief and guilt and the "Let's not tell Jason about Robin or he'll have a brain setback" thing. I feel Maxie's pain, I honestly do, but enough already, with both issues.

    I know I am always uneasy about GH's future and I still am. I don't even believe Katie Couric is remotely interested in saving GH. She's making it look that way so that when/if it does hit the chopping block, she can say, "Well, folks, I'm sorry, but I did make a pitch to save it by saying I would have preferred GH to lead in to my show in September." She's out to save her own hide and right now, I bet she's practically sweating bullets that if they ax GH, she's going to get a lot of flack and her show will sink like a lead balloon out of the shoot! Oprah...nice thought that she could maybe save the soaps and put them on OWN (which isn't doing too well in the ratings department, except for the Whitney Houston family interview that just had ratings through the roof), but Ms. Winfrey already made her infamous, "I cannot save the soaps" speech, so I doubt she is interested. The Disney folks? I think they still want GH outta there. I am trying to keep a "the glass is half full and not half empty" approach with GH's future, but every week, it seems to get more difficult!

  9. Yes the church was empty as hell....what's up with that?

    Loved todays show...the flashbacks, Mac's speech, Emma and her picture for mommy. Anna asked Liz to help plan Robin's funeral and being a close friend and co worker I can see Liz planning something at the hospital.

    Sam is on my nerves! A doctor and Monica said it was safe for Jason to know yet she is being controlling by saying no. I'm so glad Carly is pulling her 00Carly rutine and made it to Jason.

  10. IMO the writers aren't over doing it with Maxie's grief.. My goodness, she is responsible!

    I don't know who i am more disturbed with. Monica or Sam.
    Monica going along with something when she knows it is wrong. I expected better from a strong women.

  11. Of all the missing grievers at Robin's funeral, I did notice Kelly and Lainey weren't there. Surely to the ABC gods they could've had them on for ONE EPISODE. But no. Oh well.

    And for those upset Robert isn't there...I say, hang on...the funeral isn't over yet.

  12. Some good moments - again Fin and Jason T just crush their scenes and are a tour de force in acting. I am also liking Luke more in the last couple of weeks than I have for awhile as well.
    But, the church was dang empty and WTH are the letting Sonny speak for? As husband, Patrick would have final say about who gets up to talk. Judging from their conversation beforehand, I am not thinking that they would put Sonny on the docket. Ridiculous!
    The absence of Felicia, Frisco, Buzz Striker, and Sean Donnelly hurt the authenticity of the scene as well. Are you telling me that the actors that played Buzz and Sean were so busy that they couldn't come back for a couple of episodes? And Brenda? And JAGGER? and Bobbi?
    Ok I am getting myself worked up now. GHOLDSCHOOL out!

  13. Oldschoolghfan says The absence of Buzz Striker hurt the authenticity of the scene as well. Are you telling me that the actor that played Buzz were so busy that they couldn't come back for a couple of episodes?
    Buzz couldn't show up at the funeral!!! Buzz is dead!

  14. I was SHOCKED too that Sonny spoke. Real SHOCKED.

    Is someone hinting that Robert will show back up?
    Ohhh I hope so!

  15. Oh geez, I totally forgot Buzz died! Just remembered that he was a good friend of Anna and a godfather of Robin. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  16. Why didn't Casey the Alien show up?!?! ;)

  17. I loved Patrick, Emma, Anna, MAC, Liz and Matt! Loved Liz saying Robin cannot be replaced. I loved the pics of robin on the tv screen in the back. Church should have been full of people but, I guess budget doesn't permit it.
    Sam is a fool and , as usual, I want her off my screen.

  18. I 100% agree about Sam. Getting more and more irritated. She is making me FF'd through all scenes with her, which make me miss scenes with Alexis, because Alexis is agreeing with her. ugh.
    he funeral, so far, is going well. Flashbacks. YEAH! Tributes. Yeah! No word from her good friend Brenda? No way. There are alot of people missing and there should be something said why they are not there. Robin touched a LOT of lives.
    I'm hoping the tribute that Liz set up at the Hospital will have a lot more people there, especially her colleagues, who all seemed to be working with Epiphany and Monica instead of at Robin's funeral....

  19. The last 2 episodes of Robin's funeral have been so sad but so well done. Patrick's visions of Robin are heartbreaking. I liked everyone's tribute. I wish there were more hospital folks in the church. Very kind of Liz to plan a memorial on the hospital rooftop.

  20. Another sad, depressing, well acted show filled with characters with HISTORY and connections that actually made you truly feel something.

    Oh how I wish they'd show the old episodes where the clips came from. Hell, show every episode. If only there were a network for something like that..

  21. Melodybluez said...

    When I see Jen Liley as Maxie, I keep wondering if Kirsten Storms would have played it differently. Sure, Maxie can be a biotch. She is selfish, arrogant and full of herself. She makes ridiculous choices and is impulsive. What Kirsten always brought that I am not seeing with Jen is a bit of humanity where we kind of love to hate her and can forgive her just a bit for the crap she pulls. Jen's performance, just in my humble opinion, has been a bit over the top.


    Exact opposite reaction. Jen Lilley is such a VAST improvement over one note Storms. You actually feel sorry for her. With KS you always felt like people now feel about Kelly Monaco- get her OFF the screen.

  22. I have wanted Sam off my screen for a lot longer than recently.

    Empty church made no sense. Monica couldn't stop sniffing up Sam's Ass long enough to go to the funeral, in representative of GH her being COS?? Lainey or Dr Kelly having lunch out they couldn't make it?

    I agree with the earlier post, these flashbacks of the past GH are timeless. Enjoying them.

    Still can't believe they cut Robert lose like they did.

  23. I agree with Cosmoteica..JL is much better in the role. I never once ever felt sorry for the Maxie portrayed by KS. JL gives her a vulnerability that Maxie never had before.

  24. Oldschoolghfan said... Oh geez, I totally forgot Buzz died! Just remembered that he was a good friend of Anna and a godfather of Robin. Thanks for the heads up! :)
    You're welcome!! :) Buzz also had feelings for Anna! :) Hey you should sign up as oldschoolghfan instead of being anon! :)

    rillaotvalley said... Why didn't Casey the Alien show up?!?! ;)
    Hahaha yeah he should!!! :) He loved Robin and she loved him! He had great scenes with Tiffany Hill. :) He was so HOTT! :)

  25. Sorry, but this Maxie isn't doing anything for me but annoying me with her overacting. She reminds me of a clown sometimes. KS was more subtle, and I find the writing for Maxie has changed quite a bit since JL took over. The non-mention of Brenda, Robin's best friend is a glaring ommission. The acting otherwise has been superb, especially Fin, JT of course, BH and TG. Wonderful touch when Patrick and Emma had that little kiss. Jason T. posted a short video on Twitter humbly thanking all the fans for their praise, which I'm sure he had tons of. I always said he was underrated. The past two days have been GH at its best. Too bad it took a tragedy.

  26. Also, Robin was the former chief of staff and the room should have been filled to the brim. Shame shame.

  27. Linda said.....Also, Robin was the former chief of staff and the room should have been filled to the brim. Shame shame.

    How tacky to have a party afterwards on a rooftop where more people will be 'fill ins'.

  28. Speaking of Brenda, Vanessa was on the set yesterday. Kelly S. Tweeted a pic of them together. Maybe TPTB will remember that she was part of Robin's history.

  29. If she was on the set yesterday, that would mean another 6 weeks before air time.
    That is scary. She comes back, its to leave the show with Sonny. jm0

  30. Wishful thinking, My2Cents, LOL. She might have just been visiting. Also, is it just me or was that really sick of Carly to try to use her sex appeal with a total stranger, who might have raped her, to get to Jason. That was really damgerous. She was a little too close for comfort.

  31. I don't think it's tacky to have a hospital memorial for Robin.


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