Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Rhinoplasty

Oy. To the Vey. 

Oh I had to put that shot up because...well, you know me and the old KATE/CONNIE story--it just makes me laugh in all sorts of ways. AND the fact that idiot Sonny hasn't caught on yet? Um..duh. 
Oh well, the make up will keep me howling at least.  Keep reading for my wubbly insights!

This week-- well, what did you think?  Liason got together for a "Jake leaf tossing" Luke made restitution for Jake's death (in a small way)..we got the Floating Rib and McBain set his nostrils on Big Alice. All in all pretty dang good.
Now get MY KRISSY back damn it!!
The writing continues to try and straighten out some of the mess that exists from the Wolfing we were subjected to. Maxie's wigging out and the Lisa Niles murder might end up being interesting. McBain has given the PCPD a nice little spice--and his scene with Tracy and Alice was so good. Loved the "City" reference. "I can use the internet lady" LOL.. Didn't Monica throw Tracy out? Hmm. Guess not. Having Anthony turn himself in was brilliant. 

Anna and Patrick played so well-- both the roof and the house scenes. Noah's return was ok, but I wasn't as moved as I was with Finola and Jason. Finola blew me away every scene. So... instead of a 'scene' of the week, for the first time I'm giving Performer of the Week.  

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: Finola Hughes. In every one of her scenes she was just on point. With Patrick on the roof, at the house, with Coleman and especially with Luke, there was a genius there. One that made me feel like she wasn't acting. God, she's been missed! 

Floating Rib?  Shut UP!

 GIRL GIDDINESS: McBam!! Now, I'm not taking a thing away from JaSam with this--it's just that hotter than hey chem these two had on Port Charles that rings through. Put their two sex-laced voices together and BAM!!

TOO MANY BLONDES: Poor Johnny--look at his face here. Heh.. I did love Carly finding crazy ass'd Kate outside his door! LOL.

All in all a B week...although not as exciting as it has been, GH has a good flow and direction going. Starr will be back to make Michael tolerable again. We'll move on with the Jason baby mystery and see Heather. 
I am wondering if Helena's back with that DNA test yet. LOL

THANK YOU for keeping to the 2 comment might actually help. I missed your comments, it was WEIRD having them off! LOL. 

NEW SPOILERS are UP! Get them while they are hot. I guess Steven Lars (Dr. Steve) and Jason may be related? Weird--because um..what does that mean with Liz?? I guess they'd have different Daddy's-- and mom's so in name only. BUT OY! LOL.. at least I want to see this played out. I'm interested to see McBain and Anna!! (PS I call him McBain because there's John/Johnny too confusin')! GOOD STUFF is coming that blends history and some neat twists-- should be AWESOME TV!

Who gets the Rhinoplasty reference since I talked about it all week?


  1. The day of Robin's funeral Monica told Tracy she could stay for the time being because she had to go to the hospital and they weren't going to leave Edward alone. So I guess she never got around to kicking her out again.

  2. Yay! Thank you for bringing back the comments Karen, I've missed hearing from some of my friends on here :)

    Overall this was a good week on GH for me. The Anna scenes were just brilliant. I love having her back in Port Charles and I've been enjoying her scenes with Luke. Not sure I want to see them as a couple, but there's a nice flirtiness to them that's kind of cute.

    I'm still torn about the name change of Jake's to The Floating Rib. I love the nod to history but Jake's is Jake's. It would've made more sense to rename the Haunted Star the Floating Rib seeing that it, well....floats?? lol!

    I usually try to stay spoiler free to a certain extent, but I had to peek. Heather is on her way! Very excited for the Webber's to have a storyline. If there were different baby mommas/daddies there would be no blood relationship to Liz but WOW, talk about soapy goodness, this is going to be terrifically messy!! LOL!

    Loved McBain/Tracy/Alice scenes! Fantastic! I was waiting for McBain to recognize Alice as being "The Dominator" - that'd would've been hilarious!

    Robin's ashes arrive. Wonder where they'll be scattered? The bridge? The land where they were going to build their dream home? The hospital rooftop? Africa or Paris? Or all the vacation destinations they had planned together? Or not scattered at all? Hmmm...

  3. thank you for the explanation GH Fan, I missed that--with work, I miss little things! LOL

  4. AntJoan said...
    My2Cents, thanks for trying to explain to me what happened w/the blog comments, I guess something happened, maybe involving Facebook?, I don't know, I guess I'll never find out exactly what happened.
    lol-there is nothing to know really. War of words, that were uncalled for by fellow bloggers.
    They were rude, unprofessional, disrespectful and Karen needed to shut the blog down. I applaud her decision. The person who started the problem, though they said they won't be back, is most certainly LURKING this blog. ENOUGH said! xo

    If Steve is Heathers son and Jason is Susans son, then that would make them first cousins! However, imo, and I am NEVER right, Franco was the fraternal brother of Jason given away at birth. Thus his 'obsession' with Jason. Heather is carrying the secret??

    I learned this week that Anna didn't even know Luke until 2005. And I have been watching this show since 1968!! Dimentia!

    Luke could never make restitution for Jakes death in my eyes. Can Luke be redeemed? Time will tell. He is gone so much..I know I don't want to see him with Anna as a love interst. I like their friendship.

    I never watched PC with Sam & McNostrils, but I DO like them together on GH the few scenes they have had. McNostrils, with his hands in his pockets, nostrils flaring, well lets just say there is a new 'Sherriff in town'!

    I read somewhere, gh2 maybe, that Lexi has NOT been asked back. Maybe alot is on hold until the show gets renewed?
    Though the show is getting better, why aren't the ratings showing it??

    Good bye Shawn, TJ, Delores. Your days are numbered imo. Maggie is done already.
    And Ewan I do not want to see hook up with Liz. Something about him creeps me out. Maybe that shower scene?? LMAO

  5. I thought Steven Lars and Jason would only be related because Heather and Susan Moore were first cousins?
    So the fact that Elizabeth and Steven are siblings has nothing to do with that since they have 2 different moms but share the same father, Jeff Webber? Thus no kinship between Elizabeth and Jason

    Am I wrong? Thought that was the connection?

    I'm glad to see the comments back, were missed!!
    Thank you Karen. I felt bad for you, because who wants to police adults that cannot play nice in the sandbox? Just be civil.

    As for the show, I've liked the improvements. Slow and steady, but hopefully it will win the race against time!!

    Like that Jason was written true to his character. However, I do feel he forgave Sam far too easily. Since, Lucky wasn't around, it would have been nice had they had Liason spend the day remembering Jake together. Instead of having him and Sam run up the stairs for a little nookie.

    Quick question, were they not supposed to show Jason on the bridge and have a vision of Robin and Jake together? Did they cut those scenes?

    Like others, I find it a bit of a cop out by the writers having Elizabeth being less angry with Luke because he set up a fund in Jake's name. I kinda feel that he's buying forgiveness. And, to top it off, changing the name of Jake's kinda leaves a bitter taste all because he cannot deal with seeing it since it reminds him of killing Jake. You could see the look in Elizabeth's eyes when he told her about that.

    I like the addition of John McBain. Great scene with Alice and Tracy.

    FH and JT have been phenomenal since this storyline began. By far the best thing about GH right now.

    One thing I would like to see is Jason pass along his condolences to Mac, Anna & Patrick.
    I think it would go a long way and show some growth on his part by reaching out to them. I for one am most excited to see how the Mac Jason scene would play out.
    It would be safe to say the Patrick would rip into him. Anna, would probably thank him for being there for Robin over the years.

  6. Comments are back, yeah!! I missed them though I did understand why Karen took them down.

    Watchintele, your right. Steve and Jason are cousins through their mothers, Susan and Heather. Liz had a different mother so her and Jason are not related.

    I agree that Jason needs to offer condolences to Mac, Anna & Patrick but he may get a fist to the face right now.

    I don't see it as Luke trying to buy forgiveness. I see it as in Luke trying to do something to help him be able to live with himself. I don't think Luke believes he deserves to be forgiven.

    This week has been sooo good. I'm home sick so I've been able to watch live, and every day I'm surprised when the hour is over. I'm loving the addition of McNostrils, love the name.

    For those who didn't see Port Charles, Sam and McNostrils almost made my TV melt a time or two. They were hot. It would be nice to see a triangle with Jason/Sam/McBain. Let Jason fight for Sam instead of it being the other way around.

  7. both ME and KeMo have sexalicious voices that's for dang sure

  8. Sad to see the ratings look so dismal. I think that maybe OLTL fans have given up soaps completely regardless of having some favorites on GH now. There really is major improvement. I agree that Finola is the performer of the week. I've always liked her but her acting is so outstanding now - more so than I remember. And what a treat to see Alice. I'm ready to forgive Luke because Guza trashed his character and he is still a beloved character to me and always will be, mainly because Tony is so great. Actually looking forward to GH this week.

  9. From what I can remember last year, Elizabeth never blamed Luke for Jake's death. She blamed herself. I clearly remember a scene where she visited him at the Haunted Star and said it wasn't his fault, it was hers for being distracted by something else (the paternity test results) and not paying enough attention to her kids. I -fully- admit to not watching every day back then so maybe I missed a turnaround. So her going to see him to thank him seemed right to me. She's not the kind of girl to throw that back in his face, and, in my opinion, she doesn't feel she has to forgive him, she only has to forgive herself.

    Luke and Lucky are the only ones really blaming Luke...and well, Jason one day when he pulled a gun on Luke, then seemed to forget about the whole thing--but that's another issue entirely!

  10. Karen I so agree about Finola. As I've said before she was my all-time favorite GH actress. I know that's a minority opinion but I thought her departure was a huge loss to the show. I really hope she stays on the show and I certainly don't want to see her romantically linked to Tony.
    I don't go back as far as a lot of people so I'm confused about the "revelation" that Steve and Jason are related. They knew that their mothers were cousins so wouldn't they always have known that they were related? Jason always knew Monica wasn't his biological mother so what is the revelation here? Does anyone know?

  11. LSV422 said:'I agree that Finola is the performer of the week. I've always liked her but her acting is so outstanding now - more so than I remember. And what a treat to see Alice'
    I agree, I don't remember her back in the day as great of an actress that she has turned into. She is an added asset to the show. As is anything Q which includes Alice!!

    Whether Luke is to blame for Jakes death or not, let's not forget Luke is an alcoholic. He drives drunk. IMO there should be no forgiveness. Whether he was drunk that night or not is mute, he drank and drove as a rule.

  12. Karen
    Is there any talk of Helena, Robert, Holly or Ethan returning? There seems to be some major loose ends that need to be tied up there re: Ethan's paternity.

  13. Karen
    Is there any talk of Helena, Robert, Holly or Ethan returning? There seems to be some major loose ends that need to be tied up there re: Ethan's paternity.

  14. It took Fin a few years to get a good feel for the genre and the character, but by the time she had left GH she had won a lead actress emmy (91) and was subsequently nominated for them several times since then for her work on AMC. I have always loved the way that her character is not all goody-goody; she has darkness and angst in her past and in some of the choices she has made in her life and in her men. However, with that comes a woman with a lot of strength, physically, mentally, and maternally. So happy that we are able to enjoy her performances again on GH!

    A quick family tree:
    Susan Moore and Alan Q are Jason's parents.
    Susan and Heather Webber are first cousins.
    Heather and Jeff Webber are Steve's parents.
    Jeff and ??? (not Heather or Susan) are Elizabeth's parents.
    So, Jason and Steve are 2nd cousins through their mother's. Liz is not related to Jason at all though.


  15. I was very disappointed the way Noah's return was handled. They gave him a couple lines and less then a minute screen time. Noah Drake has a long history with the show and should not have been treated as a 'walk-on'.


  16. Shawn has been M.I.A for 2-3 weeks now, even though its been 2-3 days on the show. It is odd for him, since the actor is on contract. Forget Jeff and Jason's relationship, Dante and Lulu's take the cake. Dante's half-brothers are Michael and Morgan, who are sons of Carly, who is the cousin of Lulu! I feel like GH needs to improve a bit better.

  17. I feel bad for Ravenbeauty's cancer experiance.:(

  18. Is Raven getting worse? I thought she was in remission....The best to her.

  19. Raven is terminal - very sad. Such a lovely person. And Matthew, contracts mean absolutely nothing in this business. An actor can go on contract and be gone in a few months. Look at the actress who plays Starr - three year contract when GH is probably not going to be around much longer.

  20. Hi Linda...i knew she was fighting cancer, I didn't realize she wasn't winning the fight.
    Sad. Very sad. I believe she is a young women? I read an article about 6 months ago she wrote right after her surgery and it was so uplifting yet sad at the same time I never went back to her blog. Very upsetting to hear what she was going thru. I just assumed I would 'hear' thru the blogs. Well I guess I heard. :(

    Thanks Linda...i will get in trouble because I did more than 2 posts and I will be reported. I don't care. The one's that are watching me are the one's who said they wouldn't be back. And they are!!


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