Friday, March 23, 2012

Jake Spencer Fund

 Nice...and I loved that scene--and the one after with Tony and Finola! They'd better just make them friends!! HEED MY CALL !! No romance there--thank you.

OH, they mention a Sonny crime! Money Laundering!! Yeah!! hee hee...  Stolen Tide? Hah--get it? on my last nerve. Kinda like Michael used to be.

I think Tracy knows DORIAN ergo, knows Llandview. You can't make me think she doesn't. McBain brings up Soleto!! wowza ahahah...LOVED it when McBain flattered Alice.

OMG, Giant SaSon scene--with tears in their eyes! LOL.. sorry but they were just sooooo SaSon like!! Even touched each other. heh. Of course Jason believes him! Sonny makes Jason go do a job the DAY he's out of the hospital LOL.

Anthony in the BIG HOUSE!! He's going to turn himself in!!

Tracy sees Anna and Luke!!

IT ends with.........McBam!!


  1. I'm turning on comments again and I'm asking people to PLEASE try and limit your comments to TWO per post. Maybe that way we can stop the madness. Thank you.

  2. So, is this the anniversary of Jake's death the day that Sonny had Jason do a job too? The days run together for me on the show.
    I know that Sonny did a lot for Jason when he was going through some shit, but I think Jason has paid him back two fold and can now go do his own thing...PLEASE!
    Thank you Karen, for turning the comments back on. I enjoy everyones take on the days show.

  3. Is there a way I can comment on past shows because when they had Sam and jason all lovey dovey and kissing and wanting to go upstairs and do it before Spinelli interrupted...on the anniversary of Jake's death...another kick to my non existant nuts. And them talking about their family, while Jason rubbed Sam's belly. Maybe bring up Jake then. Tell that fetus about his/her brother that they will never get to meet....
    That is my two comments, so thanks to anyone that agrees with me and oh well for anyone that doesn't.

  4. Thought Liz's scene with Luke was touching. However, when he told her that he had changed the bar's name to floating rib you could see a moment of sadness mixed with hurt that he had done that.Then Luke said Jake should be remembered by the fund and not by the bar's name, and Liz accepted, thanked him again and then left. She is thankful for what Luke did but I think she found the name change of the bar a little insensitive although she didnt say so. Good scene. The rest still just o.k. for me but story is moving.
    Love Finola on screen as she is so real!
    Sonny /jason not thrilled. I guess after almost a year of these 2 being apart with jason in/out of hospital , it was their reunion to go up against THE BIG BAD MCBAIN.

    Lastly, I LOVE ALICE! Wish they could show her wrestle again. Thought she was going to body slam MCBAIN, LOL!!!

  5. Hi Karen,

    Just wanted to say I completely understand why you turned the comments off, however, I appreciate you turning them back on. I don't comment much, but when I do it's mostly to ask questions (since I missed a few years of GH and looks like the new team is revisiting stuff). Your posters are always helpful and kind when answering questions... especially you of course! I don't go to any other boards or spoiler sites so you're my only source of GH history (other than the woefully incomplete wikis).

    So, that said, quick question: Is Noah (squeeee!) also Matt's dad? If so, why is his relationship with Matt so different than with Patrick? Thanks in advance!

  6. Thanks kdmask for turning back on the comments. I have missed the insights! :) I will do my best to honor the 2 comments per post rule. It makes sense!

    I have to give kudos to Tony and Fin especially today. They have instant chemistry and there's so much nuance to their scenes - they are great and look good on screen together too. I am a fan of the Robert/Anna romantic pairing, but Luke and Anna should get a ton of screentime together if there is any justice.
    Also love McBain in the Q mansion. Good stuff - would love to see him and Anna team up on Sonny to take him down.

  7. Karen, What happened, what was the problem, why did you turn off the comments?

    Please help us understand, what was the "madness?" If there has been a problem all along, I wasn't aware of it. . .

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  9. My last post for the day! :)

    I have been dogging the writers for getting the Anna/Luke history wrong. I noticed today that perhaps that is being corrected...Luke brought up the Anna on the Haunted Star scene after she found out she was going to be a grandmother. Good stuff and 100% jibes with GH history - thanks Ron!

  10. McBain is hot! So much hotter than Jason. I really hope they resolve whatever his relationship situation is (back in Lanview) so he can be free to hook up with Liz or Sam.

  11. It was nice of Luke to start a fund with the money he stole from Jake's inheritance. There is no redeeming this man in my opinion.

  12. I think Anthony is trying to protect Maxie, I think he has a little soft spot for her.. It's cute..

    McBam is McH-O-T!!

  13. Here's a difference between Guza and RC: RC dropped the Franco package (snicker) mystery for a month while he focused on everything else. Anytime Guza started a story, then dropped it for a month, you could bet that story would never be mentioned again. Like Stan's death, or the Russian mobster Olivia saw Sonny murder, or Helena and the birth certificate, or a dozen more, I'm sure. RC has a plan and isn't just flinging crap against a wall to see what sticks.

    I missed the excitement around here this week as well. I even missed the day you mentioned Blue Velvet because of Maxie. But I went back and read everything, and you rock, Sheriff Karen. Two comments per post is a great idea. It might make a few regular commenters' heads explode, like in Scanners, but that might be a side benefit.

  14. @Mel I agree, McBain is hot and I'm loving his chem with Sam.
    I have a question to whomever can answer. If it turns out that Franco and Jason are fraternal twins, could the paternity test Sam took to see if Jason was the baby's father be mistaken? Since Franco and Jason would have the same DNA makeup. I'm still thinking that baby is Franco's.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. CareyN, Matt is Noah's son as well, but he did not grow up with Noah and Patrick because Noah had never publicly acknowledged him as his son. This is why Matt and Patrick were always at odds when Matt first came on the show (Matt viewed Patrick as the wanted child while he was unwanted).

    Avalonn, being someone's fraternal twin wouldn't invalidate the DNA test because unlike an identical twin, fraternal twins do not share the exact DNA. (In identical twins, the babies come from the same egg, but in fraternal twins it is 2 separate eggs that were fertilized at relatively the same time.) The only difference between a fraternal twin and a regular sibling is that the fraternal twins shared a womb.

    I really like the way the show has been going since RC and FV have taken over. Things seem to flow nicely with them at the helm (except for the fact that it still seems to be February in PC), and you can tell that the actors are more into things now. If you follow any of them on twitter, you find that many are actually watching the show now, which I think is really really cool.

    There has not been a day that I have missed watching GH since the new regime has taken over. It seems to me that characters are reverting back to their ... well, characters. Jason is more feeling. Sam is an insecure bitch. Carly is conniving, but with good intentions. Liz isn't conniving her way into Jason's (not that she ever really did that with Jason), Lucky's, or anything with a dick's pants. Luke isn't out running over his grandkids (not that I have EVER been a fan of his). Alexis is doing more than making jokes about being menopausal. Mac is actually on screen and involved in a storyline (however tangentially).

    Before any Sam fans start attacking me (not that there are many on this site), I do want to say that I used to like her (for a very short period of time). When she was with Lucky and friends with Maxie she was actually an interesting character, but the moment they stuck her back with Jason she became scenery at best. I honestly, think that the reason she had no qualms about banning Carly from seeing Jason when he was in the hospital was because she has no life outside of Jason. She has no friends, and while she has family with Alexis and Molly she is rarely seen with them. It is not healthy for Jason to be her entire life, and that baby is going to suffer because of it. (Can you imagine a leather-clad tyke riding a tricycle in the park with Max and Milo guarding him/her? Or a teenager being told to cut off all friendships for a bf/gf? I shudder.) Sam needs serious mental help--maybe Dr. Ewan could use a new patient.

  17. Matt really didn't know Noah like Patrick did. When Guza brought him on, it was hurried-- as usual. Then Noah came on and then Matt was "dropped" as a front character forever. Like a year!! Remember, he was hardly ever on.

    Thanks for being civil!! :)

  18. Comments! Yay! Let's hope people act with common sense!

    No comment on the show since i'm watching it now.. but I haven't been FFD'd through much of it for a while now...

  19. Hi AntJoan, there was a problem with only a few....Apparently they don't like what I post. Because of that they decided to bring the issues to the blog instead of 1) ignorning my posts. 2) Respecting the rights of others to have a different opinion than some. 3) disrupt the blog that night, then took it to FB.
    The reason I am addressing this to you, is because you were brave enough to ask what happened. I received private emails, telling me to keep doing what I am doing, that they look forward to my comments. So all I can say is, I don't read every comment on this board. If I don't like the first 2 sentences of a post, I skip it. I guess others, though they complain, really do enjoy my posts. They keep on reading them. They just don't agree. ;)

    I understand why Karen turned off the blog, and hopefully people will learn to show respect to others on here. Don't like a post, or an author SKIP over them!

    Love2chat...Honestly, I don't know if I could have gone to Luke like Liz did. Someone, though an accident killed my baby, I just couldn't forgive. My confusion is: If Jakes last name was Spencer and not Webber, why doesn't Luke refer to him as his grandson? Genetics are mute imo when your son adopts a child. He is still your grandchild.

    Brender...I agree with you about Jason forgiving Sam so fast and going up the steps until Spinelli showed up. Like I have posted many times, Jake was never a part of Jason's life. (his choice) He couldn't possibly be mourning like Liz is. jmo Also, when has Sonny ever thought about Jason first, and his needs and wants second?
    I do like those Sonny & Jason scenes though. They have great chemistry together. Maybe Jason should be the love of Sonny's life once him and Sam break up!

    Why does McNostril always have his hands in his pockets??
    Why do all the women think he is HOTT??? My girlfriend only starting watching GH again after all these years because he was coming to GH. Again, what am I missing??

  20. Yeah I don't understand why everyone is patting Luke on the back for setting up a fund in Jakes name. It was rightfully Jake's money anyway because Allen left it to all of Jason's children and for now until Sam lays the golden egg that was Jake. So Luke erases his name off of the building (I know he wasn't named after Jake's it just happened to be the same name) then he donates Jake's own money in his name and all is well.......SMH!

    I did like Alice and McBain little back and forth with each other.

    I didn't expect Jason to be mad at Sam forever but wow a person can get whiplash at how fast his emotions changed. I guess all it takes is one rub of the golden belly and all is well {shurugs}.

  21. I'd like to know what the fund is about. Kids victim of drunk driver??

    I don't think Luke changed the name of the bar to honor Jake's memory, but because of his guilty conscience. It was a big flashy neon reminder of the kid he killed.

  22. oldschoolghfan....this I asked elsewhere, and this is the response I got.Makes sense....

    'Anna did not meet Luke in the 80’s since Anna did not come on the show until 1985 and Luke was already gone from the show with Laura. Luke returned as Bill Eckart in 1992 , when Gloria Monty created the horrible Eckarts (who ruined the show and got Monty fired)
    Anna had left in 1991 when Gloria Monty fired her. Monty also fired Stephanie Williams (Simone) and the original Dominique. Wendy Riche was then hired and bought Luke and Laura back. Anna (Finola Hughes) returned later on All My Children. So therefore her and Luke could have not have met until the 2000’s.'

    So ol Ronnie & Frankie had me fooled as well..thanks!

  23. lol Lulu has been on my last nerve for a long time.

    I'm getting really curious about this Sam/McBain connection. She made a comment about his eyes being famiiar. I guess there's no way he could be her father but maybe it is some kind of personal connection. ( They may be trying to link these new characters with our regulars.)

  24. OK I just realized that the money could have came from when Luke sold the information to Sonny about Johnny.......still don't like it though!

  25. The money came from Sonny. Luke got free room and board at the metro court from Carly and then went to Sonny to give him info on Johnny's real mom.Sonny paid him big money.Luke told Anna that he wanted to change the name of Jake's as it is a reminder of what happened to jake.He then lied to Liz and said it was about memorializing jake the right way. I think Liz knows it was to ease his guilt and she decided to cut him some slack and accept the good deed. Dante even said to Lulu that she isn't dwelling on where the money came from. I liked the gesture of the fund on what is horrible day. I recognize RC is trying to redeem Luke.

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  27. I missed the comments- so glad they're back. Thank you Karen!

  28. I am so happy the new team is making a start on redeeming Luke. Now if they would just keep to him NOT being Ethan's dad and not reuniting with Tracy...

    He looked wonderful in that beautiful blue shirt. Tony is a better looking older man than he was when young. I don't see why they couldn't team him with Alexis--only Guza made her such a nervous nellie in many ways. Actually, I'd just like to see him start a new club, hang out with his kids (kid?) and slowly be accepted again. He can keep his edge and his cynicism, but not be a drunk or a cad.

    All in all, I am loving the show now.

  29. soaplover yes! Luke/Tony looks great in blue!!! I was going to mention that but I forgot.

  30. My2Cents, thanks for trying to explain to me what happened w/the blog comments, I guess something happened, maybe involving Facebook?, I don't know, I guess I'll never find out exactly what happened.

    ITA that McNostrils is NOT HOT!! And, OK, OK, we get that he and Sam were on PC together, how many times is she going to ask him if she knows him from somewhere? We get it!

    Remember when we were calling Ethan "Teethan"? Someone said that that was unkind, and it stopped. Now, he really was hot, he is GORGEOUS, I still don't know why he left, now we have McNostrils instead.

  31. I stopped watching Port Charles in large part because of Micahel Easton and was not looking forward to him on GH. I am shocked to say I am really enjoying him as McBain. I thought the scenes with him, Tracy and Alice were entertaining.

  32. @dar, i think Michael Easton has grown as an actor since he was on PC. I liked him as Caleb, but i think that he is much better as McBain.

  33. My second and final comment out of respect of the rules set forth by Karen.
    @Elizabeth, thanks for the explanation, makes perfect sense. Also, ITA with you about the new writer and producer regarding the characters. I too noticed that the characters seem to be true to who they were and not what they had become in recent years and for that I am thankful and enjoying GH again. I want JaSam done because I like the character of Sam without Jason. She is more fun and independent without him. I can't stand how needy and clingy she becomes when she is with him. I was so happy to hear about Michael Easton coming to the show because I was hoping he'd be paired with Kelly Monaco. Regarding his hotness or lack thereof, to each his own. I personally think he has a sensual thing going. He's always reminded me of the Baldwins. He totally looks like he could be Alec or Billy Baldwins brother.
    Thanks to Karen for putting comments back, I've been reading this for years now and only recently started commenting. I'm new but, old.

  34. I like McBAM...a LOT! JaSAM has been kind of boring for me, this past year. The chemistry between KM and ME is freakin' palpable. I'm very interested to see where the writers may go with this.

    I also agree that Anna and Luke need to stay friends...WAY too much history between their families for that...although, it may be a way to get Tracy and Luke back together, where they belong (cuz she is JEALOUS)!

  35. 2nd comment ;)

    Anna and Coleman = Caliente!

  36. Having never watched McBain before, I do find him very sexy - not necessarily for his looks but his voice and his actions. The Starr scene this week was dreadful, especially compared to the other great acting going on. Finola is just plain fabulous! Love seeing her with Luke.
    Thanks for bringing back the comments, Karen.

  37. Carly gave Luke the money. Sonny gave money to Luke in his account.


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